Trường Cao Đẳng Kinh Tế Kỹ Thuật Tp Hcm


lớn evaluate the results of the 2021 Volunteer Spring chiến dịch and give gifts lớn pupils and students have difficult circumstances in the New Year festival. The ceremony was organized on the morning of February 1st, 2021. Mr. Phan Van Thanh Can - Vice Rector, teachers, Youth Union"s Executive Board, Student Union Executive Committee và 146 students receiving gifts from the school attended in the ceremony

Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị Technical and Economic College awarded scholarships to tư vấn the Fund "Tiep buoc cho em den truong" in Lien Huong Town, mặc dù Phong District, Binh Thuan Province (19/04)

Implementing the Government"s policy and responding lớn the điện thoại tư vấn of the Steering Committee of Binh Thuan Province to support the Fund " Tiếp cách cho em đến trường" lớn help poor and studious students. From January 20, 2021 to January 21, 2021, Ho chi Minh City Technical và Economic College awarded a scholarship to tư vấn the Fund " Tiếp cách cho em mang đến trường " at Lien Huong Town People"s Committee, tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province.

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Meeting with Teachers from Gaston Bachelard School (France) and Representatives from IECD (22/10)

On the morning of October, 14th 2019, Teachers from Gaston Bachelard School (France), Representatives from IECD & Teachers from TDC visited & had a meeting with’s Board of Rectors & Teachers from Faculty of Electric - Telecommunication Electronic Technologies khổng lồ start The Twinning Mission Program from 14th to lớn 18th October, 2019. The meeting aimed at enhancing students’ skills in the field of Electric with capability approach method in order lớn meet the actual needs of enterprises and get the right jobs after their graduation. Book Festival In 2019 (16/05)
* Book Festival in 2019 was opened on May 13. The event lasted lớn May 15, 2019 with an aim lớn attract students, teachers and staff & honor the cultural values & tradition of reading.

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With the preparation và the sponsor of Phuong nam Publishing House, many books from different genres, including literary works, history books, science textbooks are displayed & introduced.

This activity is very meaningful not only lớn assert the importance of the book in teaching và learning, but also lớn cheer and encourage the reading habits among members.

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