50 câu trắc nghiệm từ vựng, ngữ pháp tiếng Anh hay bao gồm đáp án kèm theo, giúp những em xem thêm ôn luyện thật tốt môn giờ Anh, để đạt hiệu quả cao vào kỳ thi THPT tổ quốc 2021 chuẩn bị tới.

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Bộ câu hỏi trắc nghiệm giờ Anh này tổng hợp những bài tập trắc nghiệm về từ vựng, ngữ pháp tiếng Anh từ bỏ cơ bạn dạng tới cải thiện nhằm giúp những em củng nạm vốn từ của chính mình thật tốt. Vậy mời các em cùng về cùng tham khảo bài viết dưới phía trên của

50 câu trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp và tự vựng giờ đồng hồ Anh

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: "Just think, ______ 2 years" time, we"ll be trăng tròn both."

A. Under

B. In

C. After

D. Over

Question 2: It"s said that he has ______ friends of his age.

A. Few

B. Plenty

C. A little

D. Little

Question 3: The students ______ to lớn be at school at 3 p.m.

A. Told

B. Have told

C. Were told

D. Tell

Question 4: Hebought all the books ______ are needed for the English course.

A. That

B. Who

C. What

D. Those

Question 5: The existence of many stars in the sky ______ us lớn suspect that there may be life on another planet.

A. Have led

B. Leads

C. Lead

D. Leading

Question 6: ______, we couldn"t go out because it rained.

A. Unfortunately

B. Fortunate

C. Fortunately

D. Unfortunate

Question 7: The shirt in the window was ______ expensive for me khổng lồ buy.

A. Too

B. Such

C. Enough

D. So

Question 8: He couldn"t get back _____ his car. He had locked himself out.

A. On

B. Into

C. In

D. To

Question 9: Every thành viên in Nataly"s class admires her ______.

A. Honesty

B. Dishonest

C. Dishonesty

D. Honest

Question 10: John never comes khổng lồ class on time and ______.

A. Neither does Peter

B. So does Peter

C. So doesn"t Peter

D. Neither doesn"t Peter

Question 11: If I were in charge, I ______ things differently.

A. Will do

B. Would do

C. Would have done

D. Had done

Question 12: The population of the earth is increasing at a tremendous rate and _______ out of control.

A. Are soon going khổng lồ be

B. Soon will be

C. They have become

D. Why it will be

Question 13: Janet has left trang chủ and is ______ of her parents.

A. Dependent

B. Dependently

C. Independent

D. Depend

Question 14: When I last ______ Jane, she ______ to find a job.

A. Saw/ was trying

B. Saw/ tried

C. Have seen/ tried

D. See/ is trying

Question 15: ______ he did not attend the English class, he knew the lesson quite well.

A. In spite of

B. However

C. Although

D. Despite

Question 16: He is going lớn get married ______ the over of this month.

A. On

B. In

C. To

D. At

Question 17: The air is not as pure as it ______.

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A. Used lớn be

B. Is used khổng lồ be

C. Is used to being

D. Was used khổng lồ be

Question 18: After a meal in a restaurant, you ask the waiter for the _______.

A. Receipt

B. Cheque

C. Prescription

D. Bill

Question 19: He"s a very ______ person because he can make other workers follow his advice.

A. Creative

B. Influential

C. Deciding

D. Effective

Question 20: Increasing ______ of fruit in the diet may help lớn reduce the risk of heart disease.

A. The amount

B. An amount

C. The number

D. A number

Question 21: - "Why wasn"t your boyfriend at the buổi tiệc nhỏ last night?" - "He ______ the lecture at Shaw Hall. I know he very much wanted to lớn hear the speaker."

A. Should have attended

B. Can have attended

C. Was to attend

D. May have attended

Question 22: The doctor decided khổng lồ give her a thorough examination ______ he could identify the causes of her illness.

A. After

B. So as

C. Unless

D. So that

Question 23: My computer is not ______ of running this software.

A. Able

B. Compatible

C. Capable

D. Suitable

Question 24: The room needs ______ for the wedding.

A. Decorating

B. To decorate

C. Decorate

D. Be decorated

Question 25: That hotel is so expensive. They ______ you sixty pounds for bed & breakfast.

A. Charge

B. Fine

C. Take

D. Cost

Question 26: I am considering ______ my job. Can you recommend a good company?

A. Khổng lồ move

B. Moving

C. To lớn change

D. Changing

Question 27: I"m sure you"ll have no ______ the exam.

A. Difficulty passing

B. Difficulties khổng lồ pass

C. Difficulty khổng lồ pass

D. Difficulties of passing

Question 28: I"m afraid I"m not really ______ to comment on this matter.

A. Qualifying

B. Qualified

C. Quality

D. Qualitative

Question 29: Today, household chores have been made much easier by electrical ______.

A. Utilities

B. Applications

C. Appliances

D. Instruments

Question 30: The curtains have ______ because of the strong sunlight.

A. Faded

B. Fainted

C. Lightened

D. Weakened

Question 31: The referee ______ the coin to lớn decide which team would kick the ball first.

A. Caught

B. Threw

C. Cast

D. Tossed

Question 32: I accidentally ______ Mike when I was crossing a street downtown yesterday.

A. Caught sight of

B. Kept an eye on

C. Paid attention to

D. Lost cảm ứng with

Question 33: How long does the play ______?

A. Last

B. Extend

C. Prolong

D. Stretch

Question 34: The price of fruit has increased recently, ______ the price of vegetables has gone down.

A. Whereas

B. Whether

C. When

D. Otherwise

Question 35: It is blowing so hard. We ______ such a terrible storm.

A. Have never known

B. Have never been knowing

C. Never know

D. Had never know

Question 36: When the old school friends met, a lot of happy memories ______ back.

A. Had brought

B. Were brough

C. Brought

D. Had been brought

Question 37: I ______ this letter around for days without looking at it.

A. Am carrying

B. Will be carrying

C. Carry

D. Have been carrying

Question 38: If you are not Japanese, so what _______ are you?

A. Nationalized

B. Nation

C. Nationality

D. National

Question 39: It was not until she had arrived home ______ remembered her appointment with the doctor.