A caméra crew complies with a serial killer/thief around as he exercises his craft. Hey expounds nous art, music, nature, society, and life oui he offs mailmen, pensioners, et random people. Slowly he begins including the camera crew in his activities, et they begin wondering si what they"re law is such a good idea, an especially when auto killer kills a rival and the rival"s brother sends a threatening letter.

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A psychic farce

I volonté the emotion through reading the est différent comments here, that many people laisser aller (or probably I am wrong about it) the mettre en ordre of this film. Tons let me alloue out that man Bites Dog is a excellent film, a tons rate production. However, it is disturbing and cruel et meanspirited. And it must be such. Cette is no a personality sketch about a serial killer, but instead and indictment ns the viewer. The henn character makes nous laugh at his gallows humor, cible then continuous throws our laughter ago in our faces. We identify with him, cible then space repulsed passant par him. At some point this cinématique is a commentary conditions météorologiques human beings et particularly your media thrust obsession through violence. That is je vous demande pardon makes this a terrific movie.This cinématique is no simply about a serial killer, cible about a cinématique crew who adheres to him approximately in bespeak to get a histoire (an indictment ns journalistic detatchment). The media is not just a passive observer, marqué an actif participant in the la criminalité of thé psychopath (this should ring bells with nous regarding auto recent spate de school shootings and Time magazine's decision to ont the Columbine enfants on auto cover). However, this is not a simplistic cinématique that simply points its finger at année easy target like auto mass media (as wake up in Scream), but is much more complex. The cinématique goes to the suivant level and indicts thé viewer himself oui perpetuating this cycle. Nous are entertained passant par the glib killer, we identify through him, he is a frais guy or at the very least a witty one. This sort of reminds ns the belles of people who went to visit homme Wayne Gacy or wrote amour letters venir Richard Ramirez, marqué these room not the seul people that this cinématique is command at, cette is command at toutes les personnes of us... All of nous who space fascinated passant par carnage, that keep corps humain counts ns mass murderers, who watch every special regarding serial killers conditions météorologiques CNBC. This film oui indictment of our obsession with these murders, and this indictment is so skillfully played the end that this film becomes great.The movie atelier hard to cause the viewer venir identify with the killer et then throws the horrors of what thé killer actually does into our faces. The murder de the kid in the house in auto suburbs, the horrifying rape step at thé end de the film. These fémur are supposed to throw nous back into our humanity, out de the roman of the romantic psychopath, et they do so brilliantly. Ns felt yes, really dirty et uncomfortable after watching this film et I believe that this is precisely comment I was supposed à feel. Ns think the the manga regarding this cinématicien arises from this contradictions, the the cinématicien sets chin up oui a comedy, but becomes miscellaneous else quite quickly; miscellaneous complex and somewhat ugly. The cinématique does not permit itself venir be easily pigeon-holed. Overall, an excellent film... A double-feature v Henry: Portrait ns a Serial Killer would be an interesting experience.

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This one Has Teeth: Perhaps the Meanest Satire nous Sensationalist Media Of all Time

I psychic renting 'Man Bites Dog' (or 'C'est venir Près aux Chez Vous' which is its d’origine title) nous a hunch in the mid-nineties, because i found the title et the cover conditions météorologiques the VHS cassette intriguing. Ns had ne sont pas idea pour what kind of ride ns was in. At life I was taken aback a bit, as I didn't intend the cinématique to it is in in black and white. And then cette simply blew je away. This mélanger of realism, pitch-black comedy et shocking (though not very graphic) leader had je on thé edge of my seat throughout, and I simply hadn't watched anything like ce before. Thé direction and the realistic puissance in 'Man Bites Dog' are merely outstanding; when je later watched it with a friend du mine cette was visibly shaken at first, because cette had thought cette had watched a real enregistrer (which is obviously thé film's intention). Quel must be mentioned above toutes les personnes else though, is auto standout tour-de-force performance par the charismatic and frequently hilarious lead: Belgian actor benoît Poelvoorde who likewise co-wrote and co-directed thé film. Hey IS auto film, and I have a hard temps imagining the story working haricot de soja well there is no his inspired, genius turn.'Man Bites Dog' is perhaps one du the best and most original satires conditions météorologiques sensationalist media since sidney Lumet's seminal movie 'Network'; it's certainly auto meanest (and not parce que le the quickly offended, entente you). In mien opinion, it's a flat-out masterpiece. Highly recommended. 10 étoiles out de 10.P.S. In caisse you don't à savoir whether to trust this review or not, seul check out auto lists below, et you'll watch exactly je vous demande pardon kinds of films I like:Favorite films: IMDb.com/list/mkjOKvqlSBs/Favorite TV-Shows reviewed: imdb.com/list/ls075552387/Lesser-Known Masterpieces: imdb.com/list/ls070242495/Favorite Low-Budget and B-Movies: imdb.com/list/ls054808375/

Is cette real? Is ce a movie? What"s the difference?

Man Bites Dog (C'est venir près ns chez vous).To speak this movie is disturbing would be an understatement. A massive, large understatement! cible it is likewise a display de film-genius.The movie is filmed in Black and White and is presented as a "documentary" of a serial killer. The cinématique crew follows Benoit, auto killer, roughly town oui he recites poetry, musées on welfare et housing reform, ponders philosophy, and ... Well, kills. Entirely randomly.He explains to the cinématique crew auto lessons hey has learned around killing, how to stay court key, who to aller after, et what potential victims room a waste de time. à la Benoit, death is an art form, cible not one that should be undertaken frivolously.There space scenes once his lunacy are briefly pierced by humanity - hey counsels one du the cinématique crew not à kill, because oz you start ce becomes a habit. In another scene cette laments having actually killed a suburban family, due to the fact that they had nothing good to steal, as it rotate out. Cette proclaims the "there must be a regulation against" killing pour no great reason.Those who shy indigenous blood et killing - about the most graphical leader you'll ever see "documented" in a cinématique - have to shy indigenous this movie. Marqué anyone with année interest in a glimpse at thé darkest side du human la nature will appreciate this film, not necessarily à la its story or its darkness, cible for its ability à make nous think, et open ours eyes à human behaviour we don't like to admit could exist.During the arttaserse of thé movie amie become completely numb à the act of death (or maming or torture jaune rape or any sauvagement crime). Ce is no longer shocking when cette kills yet un autre victim. Ce has become commonplace. You seul sort du scratch her head et wonder - why this one? why now? why him? why her? This mental numbness is made possible de the way ce is filmed - as though cette were a documentary. Not long into auto movie amie begin à wonder si this is real, or seulement a movie. I wonder si this is the kind du numbness the soldiers experienced in guerre like WWI, entrenched and under certain fire - to where the purp around become auto norm. Ns read a book once referred to as "My battle Gone By, je Miss it So" (that's a entirety 'nother review) in which a war-writer kept returning to the front due to the fact that after experiencing violence all around him work after day after day, cette could ne sont pas longer habitent without it. In homme Bites Dog auto killing is Benoit's addiction, marqué we, as viewers end up being complacent venir it. We ont been numbed to where cette is no longer disturbing. Makes elle scratch your head et wonder: is together detachment native emotion et what's right really possible???To ajouter to thé realism, toutes les personnes the actors jouer characters through their actual names. Thé killer's mother et grandparents in the movie - space really thé actor's mother and grandparents in genuine life. Throughout most of the filming castle were not told cette was about serial killing, just that they to be in a movie v their son. Soja they just acte normal around the son they love, seul to uncover out in later scenes that auto whole cinématique is around killing. Imagine the look ns shock conditions météorologiques their affronter to discover this out - à them the story then is no plus long acting marqué real: they've seulement discovered their son/grandson made a cinématicien about cruel killings and the shock spectacles in your faces.Is ce real? Is it a movie? je vous demande pardon defines the difference?When ns told him about this movie, a friend mentioned that "society,as a whole, is currently numb to cruel killing and violence." He's right around that. Marqué this movie is haricot de soja ridiculously brutal et violent ce is much more a mockery du our society's complacence to violence, not année endorsement.