C is a procedural programming language. It was initially developed de Dennis Ritchie in thé year 1972. Ce was mainly developed ont a system programming langue to write an operating system. The henchmen features of the C langue include low-level memory access, a simple set de keywords, and a clean style, these features make C language suitable for system programmings like année operating system or compiler development.Many later languages have borrowed syntax/features directly or indirectly from the C language. Prefer syntax de Java, PHP, JavaScript, and many divers languages are greatly based nous the C language. C++ is almost a superset du C langue (Few programs pouvez compile in C, cible not in C++).

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Beginning through C programming:Structure ns a C programAfter the above discussion, conditions météorologiques can formally assess the charpente of a C program. De structure, cette is meant that any kind of program have the right to be created in this charpente only. Writing a C program in any type of other structurellement will thus lead à a éditer Error.The de construction of a C routine is as follows:
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The components ns the above structurellement are:Header courant Inclusion: the first and foremost ingredient is the l’inclusion of thé Header contour in a C program.A header la gestion is a la gestion with développer .h which includes C role declarations and macro definitions venir be shared between several la source files.Some de C Header files:stddef.h – defines several beneficial types and macros.stdint.h – Defines exact width integer types.stdio.h – specifies core input and output functionsstdlib.h – specifies numeric counter functions, pseudo-random network generator, memory allocationstring.h – specifies string dealing with functionsmath.h – Defines typical mathematical functionsMain an approach Declaration: The suivant part de a C regime is à declare the main() function. The syntax to declare the main function is:Syntax to Declare the main method:int main()Variable Declaration: The suivant part de any C program is the variable declaration. It refers to thé variables the are to be used in the function. Please note that in the C program, non variable have the right to be used without being declared. Additionally in a C program, thé variables are à be declared avant any operation in thé function.Example:int main(){ int a;..

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Body: The corps of a role in auto C program, refers à the operations that are performed in thé functions. Ce can be anything choose manipulations, searching, sorting, printing, etc.Example:int main(){ int a; printf("%d", a);..

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Return Statement: the last part of any C regimen is the return statement. The revenir statement advert to the returning of the values from a function. This revenir statement et return value depend upon thé return joli of the function. Pour example, si the return belles is void, climate there will be non return statement. In any différent case, there will be a return statement and the return value will be de the joli of thé specified return type.Example:int main() int a; printf("%d", a); return 0;Writing life program:Following is life program in C