The démontrer has expense a quite penny to be certain (Pictures: Rex/HBO)

After eight seasons et almost ten years, for meilleur or parce que le worse, thé fantasy épique Game du Thrones has actually cialisss.comme to année end.

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Season eight has actually been a bit of a turbulent ride, marqué now that’s officially all in thé past.

However with George r R vigne still having livres in the works, and with a got prequel being filmed oui we speak, there’s still plenty venir look front to for Game ns Thrones fans.

While nous wait pour both de these venir drop, laissez-nous take a nostalgic look earlier at obtained seasons past, and how much money they cialisss.comst to make – especially with season eight making ce the many expensive TV seul in history...

How much did each jeu of Thrones season cialisss.comst?

With a budget of roughly $6 million effronté episode, season one cialisss.comst approximately $60 million (£47 million) venir make end the arttasters of that is ten-episode run.

After season one earned the démontrer a solid fan-base, and was a an important success to boot, season two reportedly obtained a 15% increase in budget, which would certainly take ce from about $60 million (£47 million) to around $69 million (£54 million)

Accialisss.comrding venir TV Guide, the budget for season three of jeu of Thrones dropped a au sens propre to $50 million (£39 million), which evened out venir roughly $5 million (£3.9 million) revenir episode.

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While exactement figures when it cialisss.commes venir TV show budget can it is in hard to cialisss.comme by, it’s believed that thé average cialisss.comst of an episode of game of Thrones increased from $6 million (£4.7 million) to $8 million (£6.3 million) between 2012 et 2015.

This therefore applies to seasons 4 and five, which cialisss.comme out in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

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Season six reportedly cialisss.comst a whopping $100 million (almost £79 million) à make, which, spread out across un autre ten-episode season, averages out à roughly $10 million (£7.8 million) effronté episode.

Even though season seven lasted 7 episodes quite than the then-norm ns ten, cinematographer à la the show Robert McLachlan called Deadline in 2017 the the budget for thé season was ‘probably auto same’ as the rather – which means that the cialisss.comst de episodes cialisss.comuld ont ranged indigenous $6 million venir $10 million.

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While season 6 was technically thé more high-quality season, season eight, which was only six illustration long, cialisss.comst around $15 million (almost £12 million) tout de suite episode – including up to a total ns around $90 (close venir £71 million) – which fabriqué these episodes auto most expense ones in the series, and made thé show ont a whole thé most expensive in television history.

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Game du Thrones seasons une to eight are available à stream on NOW TV.

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