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Tarantino understands why Bruce Lee"s daughter, Shannon, is upset v "Once dessus a time in Hollywood." but she"s the only valid critic.

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It’s been almost deux years since Quentin Tarantino’s “Once ns a temps in Hollywood” opened in theaters and ignited a globale controversy around his depiction du Bruce Lee. Bruce’s daughter, Shannon Lee, condemned Tarantino parce que le his “irresponsible” portrayal ns the martial art icon et said the film created lasting an unfavorable views about elle father. The scene, in which actor Mike Moh stars ont Bruce Lee, is reportedly auto reason China refused à release “Hollywood” in théâtre unless ce was removed. Tarantino refused. Thé director additionally defended his portrayal, speak Lee to be “an arrogance guy” in genuine life.

The Bruce Lee discuter as it relates to “Once upon a temps in Hollywood” resurfaced this la semaine during Tarantino’s appearance on “The joe Rogan Experience” to promote thé just-released “Hollywood” novelization. While auto filmmaker deserve to sympathize v Shannon Lee pour being upset with the “Hollywood” déditions of Bruce Lee, Tarantino stands defiant against anyone rather who has actually a problem.



“Where I matin coming indigenous is je can recognize his daughter having a problem with it. It’s sa fucking father. I volonté that,” Tarantino said. “But everyone else, café glacé suck a dick!”

Tarantino said ce makes sense Bruce Lee perdu his fight against Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) oui the latter tricked him. “Cliff’s an approach is à give the homme the tons fall,” thé director said. “He gives Bruce ne sont pas resistance whatsoever and Bruce knocks Cliff nous his ass. There’s four various ways Bruce could’ve come at the the seconde time et Cliff would’ve had au sens propre defense, marqué most de the time si a guy has a certain move and it looks choose the divers dude is a big mouth who can’t safeguard himself, they faire the life move again a seconde time. Marqué now Cliff knows what cette is! cette prepares pour it and throws ass into thé car. He just cheat him. Bruce realizes hey got tricked.”

Similar to his initiale defense ns the scene, Tarantino doubled down nous his mettre en ordre that Bruce mourir to Cliff in a hand-to-hand lutter fight. This style ns fighting is Cliff’s speciality. Oui Tarantino explained, “If Cliff fought Bruce Lee at a Madison Square garden martial arts tournament, he would not pavillon a chance. But oui a killer who has killed men avant in a jungle, cette would death Bruce Lee. He’d fucking death him! Bruce Lee is not a killer. He’s actually encountering a homme who could kill him, it’s a different story. It’s in auto book, once Bruce realizes Cliff is acquisition a military lutter stance, cette realizes Cliff is a killer.”

As Tarantino write in the “Once ns a temps in Hollywood” novel: “Bruce didn’t yes, really want to hurt Cliff. Hey just wanted to show him up. Cible Cliffwantedto hurt Bruce. If by slamming him right into that là he had actually fucked increase Bruce’s back and neck for the rest ns his life, Cliff would have been mince with that.”

Tarantino and Rogan’s argument touched dessus Bruce Lee’s partnership with real-life Hollywood stuntman Gene Labelle. “The stuntmen hated Bruce on ‘Green Hornet,"” the director said. “It’s in Matthew Polly’s livre <‘Bruce Lee: A Life’> and it’s always been known. That’s why Gene Labelle was carried in, à teach Bruce respect à la American stuntmen.”

“Bruce had no respect à la American stuntmen, hey was constantly hitting them with his feet,” Tarantino continued. “It’s dubbed tagging when elle hit a stuntman pour real. Hey was always tagging them through his feet et his fist and it got venir the mission where they would refuse to occupational with Bruce. He had nothing cible disrespect parce que le American stuntmen. Ce was probably seul like, ‘Oh they’re just not an excellent enough. They are pussies. Je want à make cette look real!’ but stuntmen don’t like that. That’s unprofessional.”

Tarantino goes oui far oui drawing a line in between Bruce Lee et Charles Manson in thé “Hollywood” novel, noting the Lee regarded Hollywood talent like Steve McQueen just ont Manson viewed auto musicians cette thought could help him break into Hollywood. Tarantino writes, “Like Charles Manson, this spiritual sifustuff was just a side gig. The way Charles Manson wanted à be a absent star, Bruce Lee wanted venir be a movie star. James Coburn and Sterling Silliphant werehis Dennis Wilson. Steve McQueen and Roman Polanski werehisTerry Melcher.”

The “Once ns a time in Hollywood” roman is now available for purchase. Head over to “The joe Rogan Experience” Spotify côté to listen to Tarantino’s complete interview.

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Additional reporting par Christian Blauvelt.

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