Brassens La Non Demande En Mariage Paroles

Ninety de the best-known song of georges Brassens v videos de Brassens performing the songs and English translations - likewise textual et biographical comments

The title of this song: “The non proposal de Marriage” argues a pessimistic view of the relationship ns a homme with a woman. In fact, the song is a sincere love song, in which Brassens expresses to his lifelong fiancée, Joha Heiman, his deep appreciation pour her role in their an extremely successful and very separation, personal, instance partnership.

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Ma mie, aux grâce, ne mettons étape sous la gorge à Cupidon Sa propre flèche, tellement de d"amoureux l"ont essayé Qui, de leur bonheur, ont payé ce sacrilège... J"ai l"honneur aux Ne pas te attitrés ta main, ne gravons étape Nos noms venir bas D"un parchemin. Laissons le région libre à l’oiseau, l’on serons je connais les de toi priso- nniers d’environ parole, à diable, das maîtresses queux qui attachent les coeurs ns queues Des casseroles! J"ai l"honneur aux Ne démarche te demander ta main, née gravons démarche Nos noms au bas D"un parchemin. Vénus s’être fait âgées souvent
Elle voyou son latin avant La lèchefrite A ne sont pas prix, moi em ne vouloir Effeuiller dans le pot-au-feu la marguerite. J"ai l"honneur ns Ne étape te connaissance ta main, née gravons étape Nos noms venir bas D"un parchemin. cette peut sembler ns tout repos ns mettre à l"ombre, au vaisseau sanguin d"un pot ns confiture, ns jolie sexcuser défendue, Mais eux est cuite, eux a perdu Son goût "nature". J"ai l"honneur ns Ne étape te demander ta main, ne gravons pas Nos noms venir bas D"un parchemin. On deux ôte bien des attraits, En dévoilant trop das secrets aux Mélusine. (4) L"encre des billets robinet pâlit mau entre das feuillets des li- vres ns cuisine.
J"ai l"honneur aux Ne étape te attitrés ta main, ne gravons étape Nos noms venir bas D"un parchemin. aux servante n"ai pas besoin, Et aux ménage et aux ses soins em te dispense... Qu"en pour toujours fiancée, A les dame du mes pensées toujours je pense... J"ai l"honneur du Ne étape te demander ta main, née gravons démarche Nos noms à bas D"un parchemin.
1) ce was parce que le Cupid, the God ns love, venir aim his arrows himself. Love should be spontaneous et it is a sacrilege parce que le people to think to arrange things for themselves.2) voyou son latin – The phrase « J’y perds mien latin » way « I être completely baffled by it ». Brassens supplies this photo to conjure increase the psychiatriques decline caused de domestic chores and it is humorous oui the Goddess of amour was a roman Goddess.3) Effeuiller la marguerite. Plucking auto petals de the oxeye daisy is a game that lovers play, while saying “She loves me – she loves je not.”. Un autre image to suggest auto adulteration of love by domesticity.4) In breton folk-lore, Mélusine to be a fairy upon whom a evil spell had actually been cast which turned sa into a siren nous one day each week. A local nobleman, Raimond aux Lusignan, come across her with est différent fairies in auto woods et was captivated de her beauty et gentle manners. Elle agreed à marry him on état that hey did not seek à find the end her life story or try à see sa on Saturdays. They had actually a happy and most thriving relationship until one Saturday…. Oui this is a people tale, which are invariably an extremely miserable elle can guess thé rest. Brassens is saying the both partie in a relationship are entitled venir their own private space, wherein they maintain things métro from the other.5) The français also talk of “le fruit défendu”. In English nous always say forbidden fruit, but with some hesitation, I have kept auto word “apple” in this line.6) ns dame aux mes pensées….Toujours nom de fille pense. There is a play nous words below that i find impossible to translate. In the douaniers of chivalry, a knight before entering thé lists would certainly choose une lady, de whom he would be auto champion and to whom hey would dedicate his endeavours. She became “la dame aux ses pensées”. Ce was a relationship du the mind, a platonic love, because the lady chosen passant par the knight would, an ext often, be married venir someone else. In “Je moi suis fait tout petit” Brassens suggests that their partnership was du the same kind. Yet the couvert of the forbidden sexcuser suggests the not seul was sex année element ns their relationship, marqué that ce always retained thé tangy flavour de seduction.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A modern group has fabriqué a an extremely sensitive and expressive recordingof this song on your album«Catalina Claro rang ses amie chantentBrassens
Listen and admire this rendition chanté by:
Catalina, michel Maestro
etEduardo Peralta. (Unfortunately I ont novideo.)


Georges Brassens and Joha Heiman common each other"s life, law a lot of fémoral together, cible they lived séparément in their different homes. They had continuous telephone conversations and called around à see each other frequently. Elle went on tour v him and stood in the wings throughout his performances, keeping année eye conditions météorologiques everything. Their’s was a personal and a skilled relationship but certainly no a residential one. Lock each had actually their very own space, which might be defined perhaps as their Saturday ns Mélusine.Georges Brassens is reported as saying de his "Puppchen" that elle was not his wife, she was his goddess. On elle death in 1999, elle was hidden in the grave of georges Brassens.Further information about Joha HeimanThere are a alors of songs the Brassens wrote around Joha nous this site. One du these is "Je moi suis fait petit" et my posting de this song got me in discuter with est différent bloggers.As a an outcome there is now much much more detail about Joha and about elle relationship v Brassens there, i m sorry I et other bloggers ont written after the song. If you wish to look at it, the following title is thé link: je me suis je faisais petit job after je posted this song, i read in the Times du the increase in the num middle-class, middle-aged couples, that choose to "live apart together". Click here to return to auto full index de Brassens songs conditions météorologiques this site
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Thanks for this good endeavour! Let me me give my two cents à help filter it.I suggest amie modify the translation and footnote around "Venus se fait vieille, souvent...". In fact, cette should be check out as: "Venus se à faire vieille: souvent, nom de famille perd le sien Latin antérieur à la lèchefrite". Nothing to aller with mental decline périmé to repeated residential chores. Auto idea is the Venus, being an very old goddess, struggles to adjust à "modern" kitchenware (here, the dripping pan of an oven). A really Brassens-ish way du saying that love is placed off by domestic chores and their practicalities.

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I can't thank tu enough pour this great translation. This song means auto world à me. Ce was one my parents favori songs et described their unusual relationship. Thé were non-married parce que le 40 years. They had planned à celebrate their 40 years ns a non-marriage proposal in 2007 marqué my father passed away earlier that very same year. Je was attaché the same night my mother saw george Brassens in boulot in Brussels in 1970. I have Brassens in my du sang in sauce soja many ways. Ma son and husband aller not speak French et with this translation ns hope to exposition them to the brilliance and humor du Brassens and the beauty du French.