Blanc De Poulet Au Lait De Coco Et Curry

Wall mural

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Eco Water-Based InksOur prints room odorless, ecological, et safe parce que le children with vivid colors from organic dyes.

Trusted nous over 2000+ customers.We sent wallpaper murals venir over 33+ countries! anywhere where Fedex can delivery we can à faire it!

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Ultra smooth et durable mural ideal pour home, apartment et office. Any kind of graphics printed nous ULTRA MAT look stunning et the couleurs remain stable for up venir 20 years! auto material provides brillants print quality et contains ne sont pas PVC, so cette is breathable. Thé wallpaper has année adhesive layer, which is ready à la immediate use, even by unskilled persons. Approx. 215 µm thick. Approx. 195 g/m2 heavy

Key benefits

easy to assemblehighest print qualitycolors continue to be stable for up venir 20 yearsfireproof (Class A)easy removal

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Wall-Grip Self-AdhesiveOutside & Insidehigh-tack Adhesive


Designed for

excellent color reproduction et photorealistic publish qualityhigh adhesive strengthhigh-tack adhesive cinématique suitable parce que le a variety du difficult substratescan be applied nous flat and slightly bent surfacesespecially for applying nous smooth et slightly unstable indoor et outdoor surfacesstability up to 5 year in outdoor applicationsfor special surface like plastic containers or surfaces which are exposed venir higher mechanically wearuniversally suitable for application where higher adhesion is required

Product Features

100 µm polymeric,opaque PVC filmhigh-tack, permanently elastic acrylic adhesiveenvironment friendly, water-based formulationhighest colour brilliance and dimensional stabilitythe investissements paper of our relax liner comes from a PEFC certified sourcefire classification according EN 13501-1(class b – s1, d0 / solid flammable)B1 audit certificate according din 4102-1

Advantages / special Features

coated through a high-tack water-based, age-resistant andpermanently elastic acrylate adhesivematte smooth surfacedue to the high adhesive toughness a very reliable solution forsignmaking- and graphics industrysuitable pour longer ax in- and outdoor applicationsoutdoor trust (unprinted) up to 5 year – depending onapplication area et purpose exterior bonding conditions météorologiques clean and dry surface up to -10°C/ 14°Fpossible

End-use temperature

-30°C bis +50°C22° F à +122° F

Wallpaper Mural Vinyl Premium Mat is greatest brilliance, photorealistic print quality et good scratch resistance with non-woven construction for less complicated removal from substrate. Is Designed à la high humidity choose bathroom, or à la high traffic emplacement like restaurant with antibacterial shields, or room à make soundproofing et more warm de one dessus thickest background in thé world. Auto wallpaper is the best combination de the world venir get best quality, with excellent flexible et resists material nous scratch. Straightforward put nous the wall and 10 years warrantyGeek Details:a weight de approx. 350 g / m2,thickness of approx. 470 μm,easy venir keep thé wallpaper clean (washability),- auto wallpaper has année antibacterial protection system Bio-Pruf (reducing the formation of uncomfortable odors, mold, aesthetic problems on the surface),fire classer according to EN 13501-1: B-s1, d0- hygienic certificate