Birds On A Wire Rosemary Standley

Birds conditions météorologiques a Wire is année enchanting voice and cello duo formed de French-American singer Rosemary Standley (with multinational France-based alt-folk tape Moriarty) et young Brazilian singer, songwriter et cellist Dominique Pinto aka Dom la Nena. Initiated passant par Rosemary Standley in 2011 ont “Rosemary’s Songbook”, auto project progressed into the Birds nous a Wire duo when the producer du Madamelune – an independent Paris-based stage et music production société – introduced her to Dom ns Nena. Touring as a live show in intimate venir from September 2012 onwards, the duo eventually entered a studio to record the songs.

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Birds nous a cable – Rosemary Standley & Dom ns Nena (2014)

Without adhering to any particular theme (love song maybe?), focusing on a particular era or genre, Birds nous a cable is a stunning compilation of stripped-down ballads et lullabies selected by the two musicians with the cello loan a superb et consistent baroque feeling to the collection.

Borrowing from auto traditional, modern-day folk or baroque repertoires from thé United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, England or Italy, covering baroque se réconcilier Stefano Landi, john Lennon jaune Caetano Veloso, singing in Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or français creole, Rosemary Standley et Dom les Nena ont assembled a wonderfully eclectic, minimalist et timeless songbook.

Apart from thé sparse addition ns bells, recorders or drums nous a few songs, the cello and voice mix remains central et generates auto most subtle musique alchemy throughout thé album. Dom les Nena also contributes vocally venir a few songs (including sa own “Sambinha” from sa 2013 commencée Ela) et her use de the melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and even percussive possibilities du the cello literally turn the instrument into a “third voice”.

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The duo revisits Leonard Cohen’s “Bird nous the wire” of artaserse or “Blessed is thé memory” which initially appeared ont a bonus track conditions météorologiques the 2007 reissue du Songs of Leonard cohen (1967). The reprise of john Lennon’s “Oh my love” or ns Henry Purcell’s lot loved “Ô Solitude” are merely heart-stopping.

And auto “chamber folk” treatment of such diverse songs as Tom Waits’ “All auto world is green”, ns “Ya location Hobouki” (a souper composed à la Lebanese singer Fairuz by the Rahbani brothers in auto 1950s et recently extended in 2008 de Natasha Atlas) or of the Latin-American lullaby “Duerme Negrito” popularised passant par Argentine singer Atahualpa Yuapanqui is indicative ns the border and ambition of thé project. Sung in français creole, “Sega Jacquot” is a exorbitant homage to luc Donat, the sega musician et singer from thé Réunion Island:

The CD also comes with a hardback booklet splendidly illustrated with a period painting à la each souper – the front cover chin is adapted from “Dors mien enfant” (Sleep my child), a 1788 picture de French painter Marguerite gerner (1761 – 1837).

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Birds nous a wire was released on 31st march 2014 last on Moriarty’s own label aéronautiques Rytmo.

Birds conditions météorologiques a Wire‘s new album Ramages to be released conditions météorologiques 28 February 2020 last>