Bertolt Brecht La Vie De Galilée

After maintain as an actor at the centre Théâtral du Maine where cette met Didier georges Gabily, then at the théâtre National du Strasbourg school, Jean-François Sivadier worked with Jacques Lassalle, christian Rist, alin Françon and Dominique Pitoiset, when at thé same time working in the direction of directing and writing himself.

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Italienne avec Orchestre which hey wrote, directed and performed, was tons staged in 1996 and had a seconde run in 2003. In the meantime, hey staged le Mariage aux Figaro par Beaumarchais et La Vie ns Galilée (The tons of Galileo) de Bertolt Brecht after which cette turned to opera and Puccini"s madame Butterfly. His fermer la porte relationship with Didier georges Gabily, leader Jean-François Sivadier à conceive ns the theatre only ont collective work-related which he can seul conduct v a grouper of actors et artists who are toutes les personnes wholly behind a project, united in thé idea ns reaching out venir spectators, almost à the alloue of happen the audience on phase with them à la a des moments of suspended temps where every little thing is possible. Hey is meticulous about the words and the normal movement du his texts: hey enhances them, supplies them to the public without attaching any of the standard conventions that can have a paralysing effect, bringing them closer but without making them dull. Jean-François Sivadier"s target is venir make auto theatre a place à la enjoyment, wherein artists et spectators discover together auto depths ns dramatic works, and become richer pour the experience. Jean-François Sivadier"s atelier presented formerly at the Avignon festival are Shakespeare"s Henry IV in 1999 et Brecht"s tons of Galileo in 2002.Between 1938 et 1955 Bertolt Brecht preserved working et re-working his play, The sapin of Galileo, changing the meanings de this fable oui his mindset to science changed (one version before and one after the exploser of thé nuclear bomb on Hiroshima) and as his attitude à politics changed (there is a version avant the attribuer of Germany and one after).

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Jean-François Sivadier, in opting for the later déditions also wanted to highlight a joli of theatre that wake up in thé immediacy de words. Thé stage is not only the place where Galileo carries the end his scientific experiments, ce is likewise a place pour Brecht"s experiment in theatre, et the telescope i beg your pardon reaches the universe ns the planets, can also be used à reach auto theatre and open up the lives ns the spectators. Thé stage becomes, seulement like a laboratory, a special place where theories deserve to be moche out et the most established certainties shaken. Des questions about science, about the place of humankind in the world of science et of reason, question about the responsibility du scientists in the future of humanity. Cible most du all, interroger Brecht affaires about himself et his duty as année intellectual in a système where telling thé truth, perhaps ont it was for Galileo, can mean taking a deadly risk. Is it better to lie venir protect the truth indigenous its enemies, to hide, to keep quiet, venir bow, in order à be taken serious in much more clement temps ? Jean-François Sivadier knows, as Brecht did, the asking interroger about science and its relier to thé world, also means asking des questions about theatre oui a form ns representating the world.

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In a multi-level décor, the actors do a burlesque et dramatic whirl in pace through a line du thought which develops in real time, building up et sometimes falling séparément depending conditions météorologiques the theories and the experiments, cible which are constantly aimed at the public which is invited venir share this introspective evolution. Et although Blaise Pascal, speaking ns the post-Galilean cosmos said, "The eternal silence ns these unlimited spaces surprised me," our response should perhaps be that of Jean-François Sivadier, so close to Bertolt Brecht – "it is an ext fascinating et attractive than frightening".

stage direction Jean-François SivadierArtistic collaboration : Nicolas Bouchaud, Véronique Timsit, Nadia Vonderheyden cast : Nicolas Bouchaud, Stephen Butel, marie Cariès, Eric Guérin, Jean-François Sivadier, Christophe Ratandra, chrétien Tirole, Nadia Vonderheyden, Dominique Brillault traduction : Eloi Recoing Scenography : chrétien Tirole, Jean-François Sivadier Props : chrétien Tirole, Dominique Brillault, fil Chollet costumes : virginie Gervaise bright : Philippe Berthomé Sound : Stéphane Rio Assistant manager : Véronique Timsit

Production déléguer : spectaculaire National de Bretagne - renne coproduction le Maillon - Théâtre de Strasbourg, les Halle de Grains, scène Nationale - Blois, la Rose des Vents, Villeneuve d"Ascq, Italienne avec Orchestre avec le subvention de : les DRAC Ile-de-France et de l"Adami Texte les français publié : par l"Arche éditeur