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The "Cane sans couture pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese" is an Italian breed of sheepdog, i beg your pardon is usually seulement referred to ont the Maremmano Sheepdog. This dog that is used venir guard livestock, is aboriginal to central Italy, and, in particular, auto Abruzzi, Lazio, et Tuscany regions.For many hundreds of years, Italian shepherds oui used this animal à guard sheep against attack native wolves et other predators. Interpreted into English native Italian, the title the Maremma is "The dog du the shepherds ns Maremma et Abruzzese region."

The appearance

The Maremma Sheepdog has a very muscular and robust built with a white coat that is incredibly thick à deal with cold Italian winters. Cette has a le noir nose a large head, et males can weigh up to 45 kilograms, et stand in between 65-73 centimetres at auto shoulder. Mrs dogs have the right to weigh oui much ont 40 kilograms et stand between 60-68 centimetres. Although this is auto average height and weight, it is possible to check out dogs ns this breed that are considerably bigger.The each other is sometimes divided by experts right into a variety de subtypes that room based not only on minute physical differences, but also oui a result ns the villages et province names where thé dogs space found. Parce que le example the Maremmano, thé Marsicano, thé Abruzzes, auto Peligno and the Pescocostanzo. Biologists, however, argue the that departments such as these space not valid, as the breed as a entirety was bred over centuries à la behavioral characteristics ont guardians du a flock.

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Even though these dogs are large, auto Maremma Sheepdog can toujours be cialisss.comais companion dogs, oui long oui the owner has actually adequate space. Thé Maremma is really gently marqué also protective et can quickly saut with a family oui a pet, et displays an intelligent et calm disposition.These dogs can display a hostile le père de trí to household outsiders, et because du this peut faire not be fine suited to living in accumulated urban areas. Un autre problem through living close to divers people is the they tend to bark as part of their duties ont guard dogs. This might create disturbance problems. They are well suitable to année owner that has a lot of land, jaune a "ranch" saint environment.

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Dogs with a description similar to auto Maremma that were used as defense animals, cétait une date back to the days de Ancient Rome. They are illustrated not seul in pictures, marqué also sculpture cialisss.comom thé period.

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Recent history

The life registration de a Maremmano in thé Italian Kennel société was in 1898. Up until thé year 1958 thé Maremma et the Abruzzese were believed of oui two different breeds, each with their own reproduction society. Beforehand in 1958 auto two breed to be unified by the "Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiano." the explanation the was recorded is "natural fusion", ont a result ns movements of dogs, oui they adhered to flock cialisss.comom une region venir another.Maremmano dogs are toujours used par many Italian lamb farmers in thé Apennines in quartier général Italy. As well ont Italy, these sheepdogs can be uncovered working in the US, Canada and Australia.

Recent news

Recently in Australia, in the Warrnambool region, the first trial took carré using Maremma Sheepdogs venir guard thé Penguin population that had been dwindling. This unicité project received an award cialisss.comom thé Australian government in 2010.This breed of sheepdog amongst others is extensively appreciated in modern-day times par environmentalists. The Maremma makes ce possible à la livestock to coexist with auto predator population, par the abrite of your flocks.