With that is long, sunny days, summer in france is dreamy. Whether elle like sunbathing listening to thé sound de the waves, discovering the richness of français culture, jaune following a gourmet trail, france has got cette all!


Holidays nous the beach

The beach is probably auto most popular holiday cible for french people – from tiny creeks à family beaches to seaside resorts through casinos and a lively nightlife; over there is choice parce que le every taste. Thé Atlantic is reputed to be cooler water through waves et popular through surfers, whereas thé Mediterranean (being a sea, not an ocean) is warmer and less agitated.

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Being France, holidays at thé seaside marche with delicious dinner made of seafood along the beach. In every seaside town et city, elle can be sure venir find restaurant serving delicious fresh fish et shellfish, et since night falls seulement un around 10pm in summer, tu can gain the food “en terrasse”, watching thé sun collection over thé sea. Conditions météorologiques busy beaches, elle can likewise find young toutes les personnes walking around, selling churros and ice creams.

Going camping

Although many toutes les personnes like renting a loger or a flat, going camping is a really popular way de spending holidays in France, et it is no unusual à la families to revenir to thé same page? ˅ year after year, conférence up with friends they’ve fabriqué on auto campsite the year before. Si the camping is big, there will be animations and parties organised – as well as “pétanque” competitions!

Going camping is a big part du the popular culture. The comic French movie “Camping”, avec the french actor et comedian franck Dubosc is one ns the most famed movies in France et is representative of this lété way of life. The la phrase “Ben alors, nous n’attend pas Patrick?” (so what, you’re no waiting à la Patrick?) is a renowned line from the film, et many français people usage it as a joke. This is definitely a recadrer reference elle want venir have.


Cultural holidays

France is a nation with a riche culture, and wherever amie go, over there is constantly a historic jewel waiting to be learnt about. Of course, urban are full with fascinating monuments et museums, native Paris’ well-known persienne to Montauban’s musées Ingres about the eponymous french painter born in this city, à the central Juno beach in Normandy, dedicated venir the ns Day landings.

With thé gorgeous Châteaux de la Loire, auto stunning village of Mont-Saint-Michel built on année island, as well ont the numerous castles, manoirs, churches and medieval communities that period the french countryside, france oozes with history – whatever an ar you go to, there will constantly be something venir see.

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Active holidays

The français countryside is perfect to échapper the rat race and soak in auto tranquility of nature while exercising. The montagnes of thé Alps, Pyrénées et Massif quartier général offer great hiking, cycling et rock climbing opportunities, while the many rivers traversée the whole country are ideal pour canoeing and swimming.

France is a la campagne country, which means a diriger part ns is just fields (of gorgeous lavender, wheat and sunflowers) et forests, v plenty of walking tracks.

Gourmet holidays

Gastronomy is in auto roots of français culture, et every region has its nourriture specialities, dubbed terroir. Périgord is renowned à la its fabulous duck meat, cooked ont magret et confit oui well oui foie gras, when Lyon is considered oui the capitale of français gastronomy, through specialities such as quenelles and many different charcuteries. Numerous “routes gastronomiques” ont been created par local travel offices, allowing gourmet tourists à discover thé area’s specialities like thé “route de foie gras” or “route du l’olive”.

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Of course, “routes ns vin” (wine routes) exist as well. These room in every wine-making region and they provide tourists thé opportunity venir discover thé different types du wines du each area passant par going v vineyards, meeting the producers et tasting. In Bordeaux, les Cité du Vin, a huge musée dedicated to wine was opened up recently and is worth a visit pour every wine lover.


The le meilleur thing with france is that you don’t ont to choose only one joli of vacation – tu can combiné them all! Seaside cities room perfect pour swimming and sunbathing, but they are additionally full ns history and gastronomy – et only a short conduire from inland la france with even an ext treasures à enjoy!