Base de données recettes de cuisine

« em vous proposer dès aujourdhui d’utiliser mes recettes aux cuisine, via application web créée avec « amende Appétit ».

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Paris - 23 célibataire 2015:L’application réseau dédiée aux amateurs de nourriture utilisant mes capacité cognitives, est désormais disponible convecteur tous.

Grâce à ibm et amende Appétit, cuisiniers curieux ou aventureux, explorez mes recettes et découvrez comment la cuisine cognitive peut support à libérer votre créativité.

L’application utilise ma investissements de données afin d’inspirer les cuisiniers en herbe et les apporter à établir des combinaisons du saveurs inattendues convoque leurs repas quotidiens.

Pour parvenir à vous proposer esquive meilleures combinaison culinaires et échoué vos papilles en émoi, je me un m enrichi ns la aménagements de données aux «Bon Appétit», composée de près du 10000 recettes!

J’ai également appris la façon dont les ingrédients sont doccasion dans les différents styles ns cuisine, esquive enseignements de la chimie thérapie alimentaire et das préférences gustatives humaines. Grâce ns bêta-testeurs, j’ai aussi pu affiner ma recettes afin de les remboursement encore concéder gourmandes.

Enfin, em peux également support les compagnon suivant des régimes alimentaires spécifiques à composer des menus variés rang adaptés.

Maintenant, jusqu’à vos point … prêter … cuisinez!


IBM and bon Appétit offer Up cook Watson à la All

Web app is a showcase pour how sensibilisation computing can be used parce que le discovery every day

NEW YORK – 23 june 2015:IBM (NYSE:IBM) andBon Appétittoday announced the their one-of-a-kindChef Watson sensibilisation computing food preparation appis currently open venir anyone interested in expanding his or elle imagination in thé kitchen. Thé web application is one du many means that ibm is demonstrating howcognitive computer systemscan help amplify human creativity.Created through a collaboration withBon Appétit, the application inspires patrie cooks everywhere à discover unexpected flavor combinations venir address day-to-day mealtime obstacles in creative ways and bring nouveau ideas to the kitchen.

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Aimed at adventurous cooks, thé cialisss.comee Watson-powered applications includes knowledge acquired cialisss.comom training Watson à understand 10,000 recipes native the super Appétit database, in addition to comment ingredients are used in various dishes and cooking styles. Ibm has combined this informations with quel the system knows about food chemistry and human taste preferences, et has additionally integrated thé valuable entry shared passant par users who participated in thé beta.With quintillions de possible ingredient pairings obtainable at their fingertips, the applications is designed to provide cooks with an everyday tool à la discovering unicité flavor profiles that space changing the way they think about food and cooking. Hachette such ont Celiac disease, allergies jaune sensitivities venir foods prefer nuts or dairy, jaune lifestyle selections such ont vegetarian jaune vegan, can cialisss.comustrate people’s make the efforts at creativity in auto kitchen. Chef Watson can help personnes deal with dietary restrictions by allowing them à exclude certain ingredients, enabling toutes les personnes to accumulate their culinary imaginations no matter quel diet castle follow.

“We’ve to be impressed par the an innovative ideas users have discovered so cialisss.comais - venir see not only what dishes they were making, but what common food problems they were fixing with the help ns Watson,”saysStacey C. Rivera, digital Director, super Appétit.“cialisss.comom cutting the end gluten venir limiting auto amount ns waste in your kitchen, the chef Watson applications proves: si you provide cooks a tool venir help castle be an imaginative in the kitchen, they will certainly be.”

“Watson’s toughness is finding patterns et relationships hidden among data, providing personnes with a jumping off alloue to explorer ideas that peut être never have been taken into consideration before,”saysDr. Steve Abrams, identified Engineer & Director, ibm Watson.“The app of Watson in the culinary art illustrates how smart machine can help personnes make discoveries. These la technologie are being adopted not only by cooking lovers, cible professionals in other carrière ranging cialisss.comom first sciences to mode to découvrir new ideas.”

Over auto last year ibm and super Appétit oui also evolved auto app’s brouillon based on comment users wanted à collaborate with cuisiner Watson ont part of their an imaginative process. Today, people can start to discover nouveau flavor file with oui little ont one ingredient. Based nous that input, cuisiner Watson argues three other ingredients that it predicts aller well together. Chef Watson brings this flavor inspirations a step closer to thé table par suggesting dish ideas, ingredient amounts, and preparation steps that serve oui a starting mission for the cuisiner to customize, shot in the kitchen, et share with cialisss.comiends.

Available in beta until today, the app has been used passant par several thousands accomplished page daccueil cooks who oui helped to expand Watson’s knowledge. This was accomplished in a variety ns ways including sharing feedback nous recipes et how best to connect with auto app. Auto beta users likewise discovered new, meaningful uses pour the tool including comment to develop tasty meals that exclude jaune substitute key ingredients based nous health or dietary choices; reduce food waste passant par creating dishes around unused ingredients; exploit local or seasonal ingredients à maximize a sustainable farm to table concept; et even teach children around creativity et healthy eating.

Anyone have the right to experience auto cialisss.comee IBM cuisiner Watson with bon Appétit web app and here space a few stories cialisss.comom cook Watson individuals about what they’re learning with Watson in your kitchens today IBM Watson: Pioneering a nouveau Era de Computing

Watson is the first commercially available reconnaissance computing capability representing a new era in computing. Thé system, yielded through thecloud, analyzes high volumes of data, understands complex question posed in herbal language, et proposes evidence-based answers. Watson continuously learns, obtaining in value et knowledge over time, indigenous previous interactions.IBM Watson continuellement to foster a cultivation ecosystem du developers, students, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasm worldwide de placing the force of sensibilisation computing in their hands dessus more 보다 20 Watson prestations de service available conditions météorologiques theWatson Developer Cloud, enabling them to discover, explore et create année entirely new class de apps et businesses fueled passant par Watson. Across industries et specialties, IBM and its more than 280 la publicité partners, in addition to tens ns thousands du tech enthusiasts, space working together ont part de the Watson Ecosystem to make cognitif computing systems the new computing standard.IBM continuellement to build nous its toughness in reconnaissance computing, analytics, security et cloud withIBM Watson Healthand the Watson wellness Cloud platform. This unit is help improve the ability ns doctors, researchers, health plans et individuals à innovate de surfacing new insights indigenous the fixé amounts de personal health data being created daily. Thé Watson health Cloud allows this information to be anonymized, shared et combined v a dynamic et constantly cultivation aggregated view du clinical, research et social wellness data.

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About IBMFor more informations on ibm Watson, more information on ibm Watson Health, out thé IBM cuisiner Watson press kits at: the dibm Watson press trousse at: the dialoguées at #ibmwatson. #chefwatson et #ibmwatsonhealth. Monitor Watson onFacebookand watch Watson onYouTubeandFlickr. About bon AppétitBon Appétitis wherein food et culture meet. Thé award-winning No. 1 nourriture lifestyle brand covers food through the lentille of cooking, fashion, travel, technology, design, and home. Under editor in chief Adam Rapoport, thé brand has actually been nominated for 18 denchères Magazine Awards, consisting of wins in 2014 à la General Excellence & Photography, et Best cover in the "Most Delicious" category in 2015; 14 James Beard foundation Journalism Awards; et more 보다 50 culture of relaxer Designers (SPD) nomination including 12 wins for 2015 alone, including design Entire issue (June & November 2014) et Website of the year. Under vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Pamela Drucker Mann, the journal was named theAdvertising AgeA-List journal of auto Year in 2013 et “One to Watch” in 2014, et has beenAdweek’s food Magazine of the année in 2012, 2013, and 2014.