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Each year, ns Lab celebrates thé companies that space leading the way in structure a sustainable and inclusive economic climate that works parce que le everyone. 2021’s le meilleur for thé World companies are innovative, inspiring, et changing auto world.

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Introducing auto SDG travail Manager.

Developed by b Lab et the united Nations globale Compact, auto SDG terrain Manager is a web-based collision management solution to enable businesses à take terrain on thé Sustainable advancement Goals through 2030. 


Shifting the narrative Around a meilleur Way To faire Business

Launch of b Lab Europe"s moyen account

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B en mouvement Builders

B laboratory convenes publicly-traded multinationals in new ns Movement Builders initiative to redefine the role of business in society.

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Together, we"re a force for good

In these difficult times, nous need communities à come together. 

COVID-19 appui for b Corps

Certified b Companies are a nouveau kind of entreprises that balances purpose and profit. They room legally required à consider the un tube of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, et the environment. This is a community du leaders, driving ns a global movement of people utilizing businesses ont a force parce que le good.

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People want to work for, buy from, and invest in companies they think in. B Corp certification is auto most an effective way venir build credibility, trust, and value à la your business. European b Corps are thé best!

Learn how organizations of toutes les personnes kinds—not just ns Corps—from multinationals and investors à universities and business networks can help build année inclusive and sustainable economy that works pour everyone.

Leading internationale organisations beginning Platform to address calls pour clarity on how to boost sustainability impacts

ChangeNOW et B rap join renforcer towards structure a regenerative et inclusive economy

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From Shareholder Primacy à Stakeholder Capitalism et the SDG action Manager Recognized passant par Fast company’s 2021 World changing Ideas Awards

The fifth annual récompenses honor auto products, concepts, companies, policies, et designs that room pursuing innov