Aya Nakamura Victoire De La Musique

For this 38th edition de the victories ns music, singer Aya Nakamura has actually been nominated in thé female artist de the year category!

Friday February 12, 2021, the 36th edition of the Victoire du la music will take carré at the seine Musicale. A awareness which will certainly welcome the beautiful Aya Nakamura, auto headliner of the program!

Pandemic obliges, this year, thé Victoires du la musique will be held without any kind of public! However, the montrer will clear be transfer at 9:05 p.m. On la france 2 et France Inter. A program that have to pique thé curiosity du quite a couple of viewers!

And parce que le good reason, there will certainly be an extremely beautiful people conditions météorologiques stage! Stéphane Bern et Laury Thilleman, auto presenters ns the Victoire aux la Musique, will certainly welcome singer Aya Nakamura nous stage, for example! Indeed, the performer ns “Doudou” landed a nominations in thé female artist of the année category.

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In addition, for the very sapin time, 3 black women space nominated pour the Victoires du la Musique: Lous and the Yakuza, Aya Nakamura et Yseult!

“There are toujours a few fémoral to change, cible there is already much more diversity. I’m grateful parce que le every petit step, we’re going à make a difference in the longue term, “said Lous and the Yakuza. Ont for the beautiful Aya, the latter has actually not made a statement around it!

AYA NAKAMURA: HER ventilateur ARE LOOKING parce que le A live TO musique VICTORIES!

While scenes de this belles are very rarement … Aya Nakamura’s ventilateur hope that elle will take benefit of her presence at the Victoires de la musique to sing live! Indeed, linternet users are just waiting à la that!

“I’m going venir watch thé Victoire aux la musique … but just à hope to hear Aya sing!” Ella has actually a beautiful voice… je hope she will give nous this privilege! Or, “We want Aya to perform a song!” »Can conditions météorologiques read on the social network Twitter!

What’s more, thé Victoires du la musique will take carré without année audience à la the life time! In fact, 1,300 personnes could ont had auto privilege du attending the ceremony … marqué the Hauts aux Seine prefecture chose otherwise!

Despite this, internet users intend a show et quality service … ce remains à be watched whether thé beautiful Aya Nakamura will certainly sing jaune not!

“We had actually launched a late request to auto prefecture venir accommodate 1,300 people.

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Not parce que le the win themselves. But to help thé performing arts, i m sorry is looking pour solutions venir bring toutes les personnes back to theaters. »Jean-Yves de Linarès explained.

The aperçu manager ns the event added. “This inquiry was no accepted.

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We’re not making a super deal out de it. Conditions météorologiques will focus our evening on live! ”

So tous you oui to faire is take your pain patiently … i m sorry shouldn’t it is in difficult! Indeed, the démontrer will premiere morning at 9:05 pm! venir be continued!