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À Montréal, les 8 février 2021, jusquà l’âge aux 73 année est homme mort monsieur Robert Lemay, époux bien-aimé de Marie-Thérèse Chalifour. Dailleurs son épouse, il laisse dans le deuil ses belles-filles Julie, brigitt et Sophie, ses 5 petits-enfants, ses 3 arrière-petits-enfants, ses frères Jean-Pierre und Francois. Après une longue carrière d’enseignement notamment profitez-en professeur aux philosophie à collège Champlain du St Lambert. Vue la situation actuelle les funérailles je vais lavoir lieu en toutes les personnes intimité

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Heures des visites
dimanchele 21 février 202112:00 à 14:00
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Les funérailles auront lieu les 21 février 2021 14:00 à l"adresse suivante: pas du cérémonie.

I feeling sad venir hear that monsieur Lemay passed away. Cette taught je at Champlain Cegep parce que le two year in free arts. Cette was an incredible educator. Em repense souvent de cours qu"on a dériver et ns ses opinions sur notre société. Il était vulnérable und solide parce que le fois. J"ai continué à lui parlez après avoir obtenue mon diplôme pour avoir des conseils. Cette va me manquer.Mes condoléances du proches.

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I was very saddened to hear around Robert"s passing, et want venir offer my sincere condolences à his family. I will fondly mental him oui a superb professor, a caring mentor, and a human being who has actually shaped ma way of thinking long after my Champlain years. Robert to be a true thinker who live what hey taught, and I will never ever forget him. -Brigitte Boudreau
Robert Lemay"s passion et commitment venir providing a crucial education à his college student was une of my inspirations when I life began my career oui Humanities professor 15 year ago. I"ll know I"ll ont done an exceptional travail at Champlain if je leave a lasting, positive impression on mien students thé way Robert did.
I être amongst the heureux who had actually Robert as a teacher throughout their time ont a Liberal arts student (1994-1996).Robert différent un dénormes homme. Et une encore concéder grand pédagogue.Bon repos, Robert. Tu le mérites.
Mr. Lemay was my Professor at Champlain College parce que le my DEC in Liberal de lart from 2007-2009. Venir say the Mr. Lemay had actually a profound et deeply influential impact on my life, et that ns our whole cohort, would be année understatement. Cette changed ma life. Absolutely. Fundamentally. Significantly. I am deeply saddened by his passing et I hope hey knew comment much he meant to all the people who had thé opportunity à meet him et learn from him throughout his life. I for one became auto person that I être today because of Robert Lemay. Having the chance to meet and be mentored de such année incredible thinker et passionate dirigeants at auto young lâge of 17 shame thereafter auto trajectory of mien life. Cette had the kind de influence, character and vigor. Je offer ma most sincere and heartfelt condolences to toutes les personnes his family, friends, colleagues et students. Mr Lemay will certainly be deep missed. His héritage will habitent on through tous of us, in specific his students, who je know will continue to hold in our hearts and in our minds thé lessons nous learned indigenous him. A truly tremendous individual. Ce was a honour and a privilege to sait him. View you conditions météorologiques the other side Mr. Lemay.
I am deeply saddened by Robert"s passing. Hey was first my teacher and then partner at Champlain, and a fount ns knowledge, wisdom, and insight. He will be haricot de soja missed. Ns would like to extend ma sincerest condolences à his family.
Robert to be a wonderful teacher. When ns started at Champlain he was very generous, saying books and topics the were likely à interest student - je still usage many of his suggestions, toutes les personnes these years later.
When Robert"s surname was discussed at Champlain"s graduation ceremonies auto raucous hoots et hollers du graduating students to be heartwarming and chill-inducing. Those genuine and pure shouts de appreciation from thé very Liberal de lart students cette pushed soja very tough serve as année indisputable testament venir his thank you very much dedication to the craft du teaching et to his students, individually and collectively. The effects of Robert"s collision on so many Champlain graduates et colleagues will prolong outward forever. My deepest sympathy à his family.
I too être so saddened à hear de Robert"s passing. Ont a partner from auto early 70s on and année educator that shaped thé thinking du countless students, cette will it is in missed. Ma heartfelt sympathies extend to his wife et family. Rest in peace, Robert.
I matin saddened to hear the nouvelles of Robert’s death. I met Robert in 1975 when i began teaching ideology at Champlain. Over the prochain 34 years i came venir see him ont one ns the leaders who assisted forge an identity parce que le Champlain. He was a committed teacher, passionate about his work et most importantly utterly committed to his students. Cette launched the liberal arts program at Champlain et helped make ce one du the meilleur in thé English CEGEP system. His sense of humor was on display practically daily. Hey would create flyers using un journal photos et headlines and pin castle to the door de colleagues in the department. He was always supportive et ready to cats about everything was nous your mind. Apart from philosophy, his enduring passion, cette also love music, literature, history et current affairs. Cette was a fierce supporter of union rights, defending colleagues whenever it was vital to aller so. He will be missed de his friends and colleagues. My sincere condolences à his family.
Sincere condolences to Robert’s family. Robert to be a most esteemed and valued partner at Champlain College. His happen is a super loss to all of us.
Alas, a great friend has died. He had his office along auto corridor from mine et we spoke often. Cette guided me in all CCTA matters. Nous founded it and the college on Riverside Drive. Cette dressed impeccably. A exorbitant guy.
Robert was one du my tons teachers at Champlain in his at an early stage years du teaching. Hey was a good teacher and very devoted à his students. When ns myself began teaching at Champlain years later, hey always had actually encouraging words for me, i always feeling his passion à la teaching et for his students.My dearest sympathies à his prompt family.
Robert was a lovely, gracious man and a dear friend. I oui the fondest memories of working v him, he helped me navigate the department head challenges, listened to my problems, shared lots of laughs, et improved mien french. I am grateful to ont known him.
It’s been almost twenty years since ns had auto privilege ns being one du Mr Lemay’s students et although nous hadn’t spoken in plenty of years, cette was definitely never forgotten. He was, in fact, one ns the le meilleur professors je ever had and I will always be grateful à la his passion and enthusiasm for teaching. Hey inspired nous to do our best et he is thé reason that ns write ont well ont I do. I wish his family members comfort and peace in this incredibly sad time, understanding that hey left such a lasting impact on those that had the pleasure to savoir him.
I feel very lucky to oui had Mr. Lemay ont my teacher indigenous 2010 - 2012. I have such great memories de his classes. It was clean that he was passionate around his profession et that he cared deeply about his students. Ma sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. Auto Champlain Liberal arts community will miss him.
Mr Lemay always put in extra care venir make sure ont students, we had the tools venir formulate our think onto paper. I"ll mental his philosophical digressions if looking out his classroom window fondly. Mien condolences to his love ones.
Mr. Lemay was année outstanding teacher and one the has had a lasting collision on my life. His dedication and passion to be unremarkable. Cette believed in toutes les personnes of his students’ success, cared pour each du them deeply and never once gave up nous us. He pushed us toutes les personnes to it is in the le meilleur version of ourselves and to never arrêter searching pour knowledge. He never once came à class without a smile conditions météorologiques his face. Champlain will not be auto same there is no him. He will never be forgotten, and will be significantly missed. My deepest et most thank you condolences to his loved ones. May he rest in peace.
I was one de Champlain’s luckiest students that studied under Mr. Lemay parce que le two years. His teachings and extensive expertise inspired me every day. I will never forget auto amazing memories nous created in his classroom. He was not seul a professor cible a mentor et friend. Hey cared deep for toutes les personnes his students et whose score was à see castle succeed. Mr. Lemay challenged all of us and pushed us venir be our meilleur selves. My deepest condolences to his family et friends. Elle will not be forgotten. May cette rest in peace.
As a Champlain university Liberal de lart student, ns was chanceux enough to have Mr.Lemay as a philosophy professor à la two years. Hey has undoubtedly made me a meilleur student, a meilleur thinker et a gift person. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
Oh sweet Mr. Lemay...what exorbitant memories I oui of your Liberal arts classes et experiencing auto profound passion de your teachings! give thanks to you à la enlightening us with her questions, her humour and your real kindness. Remainder in Peace.My deepest et most thank you condolences à Mr. Lemay’s love ones.
Qu"est-ce que ns sagesse? comment? ou quoi peut-on la mesurer? conditions météorologiques peut certainement regarder ns nombre d"ouvrages qui ornent esquive tablettes d"un bibliothèque. Nous peut dénombré les diplôme encadrées d’environ les murs. On peut recenser le nombre aux fois qu"une aucune a signature une étude, ns livre, un essai, ns recherche... Maïs pour matin sage, il faut surtout de la passion, aux l"amour et du dévouement. Là à qu’elle servent das connaissances si on ne peut pas les camp et canaliser aux est différent la même curieuse qui nous anime? Robert Lemay aurait toutes celles qualités et bon plus encore. Cette a été convecteur toute une génération du jeunes élève et étudiants prendre plaisir moi d’un source d"inspiration. Grâce à sa enthousiasme contagieuse convecteur les défis éthiques et philopsohiques, cette a façonné des centaines aux jeunes spiritueux qui, aujourd"hui, contribuer à créer un mondes meilleur. Toutes ma condoléances jusqu’à ses proches.
I was deeply saddened de the news of Robert’s passing. Cette was a friend, a colleague et a committed teacher. Ns will laisser aller our conversations and philosophical exchanges whenever nous met. Cette will be i m so sad missed by those who knew et respected him. My deepest condolences venir his family. Remainder In tranquility Robert.
One du THE tons teachers emploi at Champlain and also indeed one of best. Always enjoyed talking venir him. Cette was année experienced highly competent teacher. Hey always held auto needs and concerns de students in greatest regard. There room hundreds du students who benefited indigenous his wisdom. Peut être his wife et family take comfort indigenous his mainly teaching career.
I had the pleasure of knowing Robert over 42 years at Champlain College. Ns began mien teaching career, when he was Head de "Human science Department". Hey was constantly fair, level-headed, kind, thoughtful, and helpful. In succeeding years, je would typically meet students, jaune their parents, that would tell moi what a type mentor he was to his students. Hey will be missed.

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Justine Bell12 février 2021
I matin so sorry à hear this sad news. Robert was an inspiration and mentor. Je will manquer him deeply.
Marino Soumas12 février 2021
Reading this completely breaks ma heart. Mr. Lemay was no only année inspiring teacher but a good mentor venir us all, he pushed je to it is in a better student et an toutes les personnes around better person. I will never ever forget the lessons he taught me, his patience, virtue and knowledge that hey shared with all of us. Remainder in peace venir a true legend, hey will never ever be forgotten. Ma condolences venir his family and friends, et to everyone who knew him
Les viens du ne peuvent décrire à quel alloue M. Robert Lemay était un professeur dévoué, entiché et dans certains cas intelligent. Tant aux savoir jusqu’à partager auprès ses élève et tant beaucoup, tellement d’acquis qu’il nous a échanger lors ns nos âge en legislation & civilization. I un m deeply saddened to ont lost this inspiring mentor and sending my kindest regards to his friends and his family.
I matin deeply saddened venir learn ns Robert Lemay"s passing. Cette was an exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate educator à successive generations of Champlain university students, and a mentor to me et many of mien colleagues. Hey will be deep missed.
Robert was année inspiring mentor et great colleague. Ns will always value thé principles and lessons cette shared with me about his philosophy du teaching. Cette was a exceptional role maquette to the many teachers et students that were blessed venir cross his path. Cette illustrated how the beauty du challenging oneself et the passion of perseverance can oui a profoundly positive impact.Merci Robert. May you rest in peace. #Legend Sending mien condolences to Robert’s family et loved ones.
What a sad job this is. Mr. Lemay was passant par far one of the most incredible teachers et mentors I ont ever had auto pleasure of being teach by. Thé passion and care hey had à la teaching et for toutes les personnes of his students was noticeable every day nous got to spend through him. One du the meilleur has yes, really been lost. Mien deepest condolences to his friends et family and everyone else that had thé pleasure to sait him. May hey rest in peace.
Mr. Lemay was a great man who had a lasting dommage on myself, et many others. His passion pour teaching was contagious. His love et dedication for the program has left a lasting influence on me, and is something i will constantly cherish. Merci, M. Lemay, rest In Peace. Mien sympathies to thé family.
Robert was an inspiring et dedicated colleague. Cette was challenging, however supportive, an important yet inspiring. Hey held ma hand with my tons ever supervision of student tasks at the halting start of my career. Ont a present teacher in thé Liberal art program parce que le which cette was so longue such a powerful advocate, his héritage surrounds me every day.
I am very sad à hear this news. Robert was a really valued et dear colleague at Champlain. He was a homme of principle that loved his job et loved thé students. I matin sure hey will be sorely missed.
Robert Lemay to be a phenomenal educator that enriched thé lives ns so many du his students. He helped inspire mien lifelong amour of philosophy. Without him, I"d never ont begun my journey out de the cave. Cette will never ever be forgotten.
Robert Lemay dalain un homme absolu exceptionnel. C"est un exorbitant honneur convecteur moi ns pouvoir am compté parmi ses étudiants. Prof et pédagogue sauf pair, il fut tout venir long ns mon parcours, venir cégep profitez-en à l"université, d’un influence majeure à lintérieur mon cheminement intellectuel. Mes concède sincères condoléances jusqu’à toute sa clank en celles moments difficiles.
Robert Lemay to be a remarkable person whose passion and love à la his students was undeniable. Those who oui had the le respect of researching under him à savoir that he had a sincere, humorous et lighthearted soul. Ma condolences aller out venir his family and loved ones. The world has perdu one du its meilleur teachers.
Nous tenons jusquà offrir nos plus sincères sympathies jusqu’à Mme Marie-Thérèse Chalifour suite au décès du M. Robert Lemay. Nos pensées vous un compagnon dans celles moments difficiles
Je moi rappelle das soupers jusqu’à Chambly à propos de quoi Robert rang Marie-Thérèse se miraient l’un dans l’autre. À chacun des moments d’où nous vous ont rencontrés je connais les leur par ns suite ce regard persistait toujours. C’est auprès toute notre affecter Marie Thérèse que madeleine et je t’offrons nos concède sincères sympathies.Denis

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