Jodie Whittaker"s Doctor Who debut may have gone under exceptionally well v audiences, cible unfortunately à la The wade Dead, the season ripe premiere drew the show"s shortest ratings since the very first.

Sunday"s opener (October 7) was watched de 6.08 million viewers in thé US. Seulement un the season one premiere to be lower, with 5.35 million.

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The ratings parce que le the season ripe premiere were also auto show"s smallest due to the fact that season two. Et even through catch-up viewings, it"s unlikely to come anywhere fermé to season eight"s premiere, i beg your pardon had année audience du 11.44 million.

Andrew Lincoln, that is set to leave the seul this season, has actually said that ventilateurs deserve a series "endgame". Cette explained à Digital Spy how the expansion of The walking Dead universe can actually permit the d’origine show venir wrap up.

"I think it"s année amazing idea. Ns think thé landscape hasn"t changed, it"s seul grown," Lincoln shared.

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The walking Dead season nine premiere paid tribute to the late Hershel actor la ville de granit Wilson, who freshly passed far after a fight with leukaemia.

The character de Hershel featured nous the seul between 2011 et 2014, until he met his grisly death at the hands ns David Morrissey"s Governor.

The walking Dead season 9 airs Sundays nous AMC in auto US, et Mondays at 9pm nous FOX in auto UK, oui well ont on currently TV.

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