Aude De L Amour Est Dans Le Pré

Aude, the farmer revealed in season 13 du “L’Amour est dans le pré”, in France, started the year v a gros sore.

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The candidates for the routine “L’Amour est dedans le pré” remain, à la the most part, complied with personalities, also after thé end ns the program. Cette is therefore ordinaire that the “bobo” du Aude, a candidat for thé 13th season in France, calls out to linternet users.

On Instagram, thé farmer has actually indeed published nous December 31 a image in which nous see a substantial hematoma above elle forehead. “Game ns the 7 differences: ma head on December 31, 2020 versus ma usual head. Who said 2020 ends Well? », Can we read in auto legend.

Needless venir say that this précis sentence, accompanied by the hashtag “urgencesostheo”, scared many linternet users. Et what à say when she published a new photo the next day with année even an ext impressive bruise?

Questioned par her concerned fans, the young maman finally told je vous demande pardon had happened: “A cow jostled me (my fault, ns did not think she was going à react choose that) et I dropped down there. Head sapin on the wall… Osteo rencontre tomorrow, target skull + jaw + cervical! », she confessed.

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Fortunately, despite thé pain, Aude takes it tous with humor: “Day 1 of the année 2021. Auto hematoma goes under into the eyes et I turn à Doliprane. Auto year has started fine ???? The seul advantage is that ma forehead wrinkles oui disappeared, ”she captioned thé photo.

We toujours hope that thé rest du his année will go better …


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