Au service de la france saison 1 episode 1 streaming

At auto height de the Cold battle in 1960, andrew Merlaux join the french Secret Service and contends with adversaries both foreign et bureaucratic.

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Paris, 1960. André Merlaux is hired as a trainee at the french secret services under thé seasoned eye ns several elite agents and a fantastiques colonel.

Moulinier and Jacquard cause a diplomatic difficulté while make the efforts to prendre a high-value target. Merlaux meets the enchanting Sophie.

When année African state needs independence, Merlaux gets his first gros assignment and discovers a passion parce que le politics.

Joining Jacquard in Algeria à la some real-world training, Merlaux faces the darker side ns a spy's tons for the sapin time.

On a mission to Moscow with Merlaux, Calot stirs up trouble with thé CIA. Marie-Jo's upcoming promotion creates a mini-crisis at auto office.

While the senior agents compete for the role ns assistant director, Merlaux tries to la honte out quel Sophie means par the ax "modern woman."

Moulinier, Jacquard et Calot marche on strike to protest the loss ns a bonus. Ban from seeing Sophie, Merlaux dives right into his work and uncovers a plot.

After finding out that Merlaux is toujours seeing Sophie, the colonel sets a trap parce que le him under auto guise du a high-stakes bataille mission.

Sent to Algiers à intercept a terrorist, Moulinier and the others aller to extremes to wrap up thé mission and make ce to a rugby match.

Determined to flush out the mole in the sous la terre service, Moïse borrow a lie detector from Mossad, which immediately puts the colonel on edge.

The hunt parce que le the mole awakens Calot's paranoia, the colonel discovers just comment much Moïse knows around his past, and Merlaux opens up up venir Sophie.

Determined to importer rid ns Merlaux, the colonel sends him à Algiers to stake out auto mole, toutes les personnes the while plot a devious surprise.

Amid increasing Cold battle tensions, thé clueless revendeur agréé trigger a séries of international crises, et André goes rogue conditions météorologiques a ordre of his own.

Calot, Moulinier and Jacquard fly à Cuba à rescue a absent agent, seulement un to find elle doesn't desire their help. The colonel lays a trap à la Moïse.

As france votes on Algeria's future, Jacquard hatches a crooked scheme, andré works to free Moïse, et Sophie springs a surpris on her family.

The colonel orders his henchmen to take the end André, Marie-Jo uses sa baking à gather intel, et a delegation indigenous Quebec asks the agency pour help.

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A shocking announcement leaves andré confused. After laughing éteindre Calot's warnings about the Cold War, Moulinier ignites a major internationale crisis.

During a mission to Algeria, auto Colonel's strange behavior prompts Jacquard to take a drastic step. André makes la communication with a mysterious figure.

While Jacquard et Moktar transport auto bomb -- et the unraveling colonel -- across auto desert, Moulinier drops head over heels parce que le his target.

Tasked with choosing a nouveau president for année African nation, Moulinier complies with his heart. Meanwhile, andrew faces yet an ext grueling tests.

Ahead of a visit from auto Kennedys, deux CIA agent try to stamp out any hint du communism at auto agency. The colonels sics a surveiller team conditions météorologiques Irène.

While Calot schools his colleagues in auto curious ways du the eastern bloc, andré tours auto nerve center of the KGB.

The colonel threatens to reveal Moïse's métro if hey doesn't deliver andrew within 36 hours. The shoe incident leads à historic repercussions.

While auto real mole attempts à eliminate André, Moïse revenu some leverage de his own, and the colonel seeks a solution venir his wedding problem.

Hijinks et revelations abound as andré hops a former in Algeria in search du the secret Yannick -- with thé other agents in nom est pursuit.

Hugo BeckerWilfred BenaïcheChristophe KourotchkineKarim BarrasBruno PaviotJean-Édouard BodziakMathilde WarnierJoséphine ns La BaumeMarie-Julie BaupAntoine GouyJulie FarencStephanie Fatout
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