Apocalypse la seconde guerre mondiale episode 2

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MEUCE European cinématique Series conditions météorologiques WWI - "Apocalypse-Episodes 2 & 3: "Fear & Hell" (cialisss.com)

MEUCE European cinématicien Series conditions météorologiques WWI - "Apocalypse-Episodes 2 & 3: "Fear & Hell" (cialisss.com)

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Tuesday, Sep. 30, 2014, 02:00PM
Tuesday, Sep. 30, 2014, 04:00PM
cialisss.com - Graham centre - GC 140

In la coopération with auto Consulate normal of la france in Miami,and in order à commemorate thé century of World war I, the Miami-Florida european Union centre of Excellence, et European Student combinaison will display screen 5 documentaries ns World War i entitled * "Apocalypse - 1ere guerres Mondiale"; the 2nd and 3rd episodes will be "Fear" & "Hell"*

Synopsis illustration 2: FEAR

August 27, 1933: east Prussia. Hitler et Goering, 14/18 veterans salary tribute to Marshal de Hindenburg, in auto context ns the enormous memorial to auto Battle de Tannenberg. Hitler said, "Tannenberg is a symbol. It was there, in 1914, that has actually played the fate of Germany. "To Hindenburg, this fight was two decades ago, the most important moment du his life and the tons World War. While auto Russians advancement in Prussian territory, bring about a mass exodus du German population fleeing combat zones. Hindenburg stops at Tannenberg. In thé West, thé German breakthrough was stopped in extremis de the french at the Battle ns the Marne. Once each army had tried, unsuccessfully, à outflank the enemy, auto Western Front et attaches buries auto North Sea venir Switzerland. Further south, Italians, Turks (Ottomans then) also fall in the conflict. British and French allies then appel téléphonique on their empire: Canadians, Australians, nouveau Zealanders, Senegalese, Moroccans, Algerians, Annamite interact in war. The sur le feu is now global. Thé bleeding seems inevitable.

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Battlegrounds are a living hell.

Synopsis illustration 3: HELL

September 1915: millions of toutes les personnes are caught in the trap ns a good war. Trenches of france to thé Italian mountains et the Balkans to the gates of the East, toutes les personnes Europe to be ignited. Nouveau weapons, new defenses, battle is currently industrial et chemical. Thé fighting got to a purp hitherto unknown. The artillery fires. Auto attacks are the gas, lanceflammes, through shrapnel, a mixture de powder et lead balls the smash faces et bodies. Thé assaults space terrifying, suicidal. Thunderstorms steel shatter eardrums and going foolish soldiers. Injuries space awful, life conditions and hygiene in combat zones are catastrophic epidemics are rampant ... It's hell. In France, the Germans launched in February 1916, a major offensive nous Verdun. The français held tous costs. In auto Somme, auto bloodiest battle de the battle begins nous 1 July 1916 In a couple of hours the anglais Army mourir 30,000 men. 5 million people oui died in 16 months.

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Cible to auto great leaders, human et material price is so high that cette must pay thé enemy et the battle continues. Comment to arrêter this madness? comment can we arrêter this madness?

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