The denonavr platform enables you à control Denon Network Receivers from loger Assistant. Cette might be the your machine is supported passant par the Denon platform.

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Known sustained devices:

Denon AVR-X1000Denon AVR-X1100WDenon AVR-X1200WDenon AVR-X1300WDenon AVR-X1400HDenon AVR-X1500HDenon AVR-X1600HDenon AVR-X2000Denon AVR-X2100WDenon AVR-X2200WDenon AVR-X2300WDenon AVR-X2400HDenon AVR-X2500HDenon AVR-X2700HDenon AVR-X3000Denon AVR-X3200WDenon AVR-X3300WDenon AVR-X3400HDenon AVR-X3600HDenon AVR-X3700HDenon AVR-X4100WDenon AVR-X4300HDenon AVR-X4400HDenon AVR-X4500HDenon AVR-X6500HDenon AVR-1912Denon AVR-2312CIDenon AVR-3311CIDenon AVR-3312Denon AVR-3313CIDenon AVR-4810Denon AVR-S650HDenon AVR-S710WDenon AVR-S720WDenon AVR-S750HDenon AVR-S960HDenon DN-500AVMarantz M-CR510Marantz M-CR511Marantz M-CR603Marantz M-CR610Marantz M-CR611Marantz SR5006Marantz SR5008Marantz SR5011Marantz SR6007 - SR6012Marantz SR7007Marantz SR8015Marantz NR1504Marantz NR1506Marantz NR1602Marantz NR1604Marantz NR1607Marantz NR1710Other Denon AVR receivers (untested)Marantz receivers (experimental)

If your model is not nous the list then give ce a test, if everything lieu de travail correctly then add it to thé list par clicking nous the Edit attach at thé bottom du this page.

If you have something else using the IP contrôler for your Denon AVR 3808CI, such ont your URC controller, cette will not work! there is either a bug or security issue with some models whereby only one device might be controlling the IP functionality.


Adding Denon AVR Network Receivers venir your loger Assistant instance can be excellent via thé userinterface, by using this mien button:

Denon AVR Network Receivers deserve to be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If année instance was found,it will certainly be shown oui “Discovered”, which amie can select to set cette up rightaway.

If there wasn’t any kind of discovered automatically, nothing worry! elle can set up amanual integration entry:

Browse to your patrie Assistant instance.From auto list, search et select “Denon AVR Network Receivers”.Follow the instruction on screen to complete auto set up.

IP address ns the device, e.g., Si not set, auto-discovery is used.


If True tous sources are displayed in sauce list even si they room marked as deleted in auto receiver. If False deleted la source are no displayed. Some receivers ont a an insect that marks toutes les personnes sources oui deleted in the interface. In this case, this option could help.

Specifies if zone 1 need to be activated. Région are displayed oui additional media football player with auto same functionality ont the henn Zone de the maker supports.

Specifies si zone 2 should be activated. Zone are displayed as additional media players with the same functionality oui the henchmen Zone of the device supports. Part receivers aller not soutien a seconde zone.

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Specifies si Audyssey settings have to be updated. This can take up venir 10 seconds à la some receivers.

A couple of notes:

An extr option for the control ns Denon AVR receivers with a built-in la toile server is using the HTTP user interface with denonavr platform.The denonavr platform médias some additional functionalities like album covers, custom input la source names and auto discovery.Marantz receivers seem venir a ont quite a comparable interface. Thus si you very own one, give ce a try.To remotely power on Marantz receivers with patrie Assistant, the Auto-Standby function must be permitted in auto receiver’s settings. Services denonavr.get_command

Denon AVR receivers soutien a facile text-based network interface parce que le sending regulates to auto receiver over auto network. Tu can accessibility this user interface via auto denonavr.get_command service. In addition, IR remote code can additionally be sentiment to this interface.

A list du network commands supported by the miscellaneous Denon AVR receivers can be uncovered here. A list du IR code can be found here.

To use these commands, call the denonavr.get_command service et append auto specific command to auto path /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?:

Service data attributeOptionalDescription
entity_idnoName ns entity à send command to. For example media_player.marantz
commandnoCommand to send à device, e.g., /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?VSMONI2

So for example, the above command /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?VSMONI2 will switch the HDMI to output 2 (if your receiver médias it). Sending année IR codé works auto same, soja the command /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?RCKSK0410370 will certainly toggle muting.

The denonavr platform supports the défaut media player controls such ont turn_on et volume_up. Therefore calling the prestations de service media_player.turn_on is equivalent venir calling denonavr.get_command with auto command /goform/formiPhoneAppDirect.xml?PWON. See media_player for more details.

services denonavr.set_dynamic_eq

Enable or disable DynamicEQ setting.

Service les données attributeOptionalDescription
entity_idyesName de entity venir send command to. à la example media_player.marantz
dynamic_eqnoTrue/false pour enable/disable.
service denonavr.update_audyssey

Update Audyssey settings. This have the right to take up à 10 Seconds à la some receivers.

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Service les données attributeOptionalDescription
entity_idyesName de entity à send command to. à la example media_player.marantz

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