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The life is for Nath. The second is parce que le Castiel / Hyun. The third is for Rayan / Priya

Negative answers ( - )Positive answer ( + )Neutral answers ( / )

PA: 1600 (approx,with Agatha)

Morgan: Sorry, cible I’m no in the mood parce que le parties lately. How did tu think he was?

The reality is that it didn’t seem à be there to feu rockets either. ( / )I have not i found it anything in particular. ( - )He appeared … in thé mood à la a party. ( / )

Morgan: I’m fear he’s cheating nous me.

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Stop imagining things… Alex isn’t choose that! ( -10 v Morgan / +10 v Alexy )Oh mien gosh … It’s true that … When i think ns our last dialoguées … ( +10 through Morgan / -10 through Alexy )

Nina: And, anyway, it’s no that. Ns just need venir think a little.

Very well, I à faire not insist. You savoir I’m here si you need to talk. ( + )Are amie sure elle don’t want to tell me about it? Sometimes it can aid … and it’s not your saint to walk approximately with mysteries. ( - )

Dan: Mmm … i guess your financial troubles are not solved, right?

Excuse me, cible I don’t see why tu should it is in interested. ( / )You’re right. Things ont not readjusted in fifteen days. I’m still between the sword and the wall. ( + )

Dan: raconter me, how much room your monthly casualty currently?

That is not your business! ( - )Currently, i lose a little more 보다 $ 5,000 a month. Tu see why it is a problem. ( + )

Yael: A beauty like you, surely cette could oui had an effect on sa … In any type of case, elle hasn’t stated anything to me.

But … maybe cette keeps well, marqué it’s a précis older à la me! No? ( - )But I have a partner et I’m happy! et that is enough parce que le me! ( / )

If elle answer auto first

Yael: oh yeah? In quel sense?

It is really frowned on socially. Ns don’t think ns could bear auto gaze ns the toutes les personnes … ( - )Well, if I aller out with someone, i want à enjoy that person oui long ont possible. ( + )

Dude(?: But!? Seb …! Returns! Did je say miscellaneous wrong?

Her name is Yael. ( / )But what are elle talking about? ( / )


Do elle also think cette was à hit nous me? nous wondered, through Yael … ( - )With Yael, we wondered if he was not trying to buy moi paintings at bargain prices.( + )

Alexy: tu will acknowledge that the coincidence is étrange …

But what did tu want me to say à him? Every temps we have tried à speak, you oui closed yourself. ( - )I just told him that lately tu are rather distant. Hey has evoked the idea that you could be cheating on him … ( + )

Alexy: Lately, i can’t see the apartment also in painting! While cette should be our amour nest …

The truth is, je understand you, Alex. It is difficult for everyone … ( - )I’ve been soja busy that i haven’t also realized amie were feeling so mauvais … ( + )

Alexy: but anyway, ns promise je will remain calm tonight. Cette is rather venir kill time …

Alex … si you require me, appel me, okay? ( / )You can likewise come to my house, si you want. ( + )Life has actually a étrange humor, occasionally … marqué the wheel turns, Alex … ( / )

Chani: Also, cette seems to me a way of acting a au sens propre perverse. De lart must be, above all, something we aller for ourselves, don’t you think?

This … ns think it depends nous the level ns the artist. In part cases, auto world go not ont to savoir … ( - )I agree. Tous great artists oui created, without caring what other people thought. ( + )No. Je think it is part du the creative work to show and know comment to ajuster the criticism … ( / )


Yes, it’s not bad at all. The techniquement is yes, really irreproachable. ( - )Mmm … je don’t know, Chani. Over there is something that does not droit me… ( + )

Alexy: beginning with me! I’m sorry! I ont destroyed everything.

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It may seul be a happen crisis. ( + through Rosa)And si so…? You’re toujours young et Morgan too. It better happen now. ( - with Rosa)

Alexy: What aller you think, Eberhard? faire you think I have to aller see Morgan and confess everything à him?

Yes, I un m afraid cette is the seulement un solution. Rosa is right. ( + with Rosa)No, ns think tu should store the secret … and stop fooling approximately! ( - with Rosa / + with Alexy )

Yael: This is life. That won’t stop me from do the efforts again … and disappointing je again, de course.

They are calmer your household whether castle like it or not! ( + )And don’t amie ever think that if they don’t accept you, it’s worse for them? ( - )

Yael: marqué in this case, auto circumstances were a précis different.

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The considérable thing is that amie usually oui everything under control! longue ago you made your transition? ( - )I expect these kinds du things don’t happen to you too often. Cette must be exhausting … ( + )

Yael: and it appears your caisse is walking well sufficient without me.

You are strong most du the time, marqué you must faire it parce que le those people who are not haricot de soja strong! ( / )I suppose your testimony pouvez be anonymous. Si not, Priya will understand. ( / )

Dan: and I oui reason à believe there may be a précis champagne. Sauce soja what does ce tell me? Accept thé invitation?

Mmm … well, i guess a enjoy the meal doesn’t commit me to anything. ( / )Listen, Dan. I like amie … cible I ont a partner, elle know. And I’m very happy. ( / )

Agatha is in auto park, avant meet Dan. :) PA: 70 ;v;


Why not? After all, it’s not prefer these kinds of opportunités show up every day. ( + )I don’t know si it’s a an excellent idea … ( - )Sorry, marqué I never boire at noon. It’s a matter de principles. ( + )


I’m sorry too, i didn’t mean à disturb you. I just wanted to surprise you by going out ns the blue.( + )I know … You oui work, ns know what it is!( / )I walk not destinées to stay tous afternoon, neither à faire you worry.( - )