/ jaune + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the an outcome is one of two people neutral jaune positive

If année answer go not ont -, /, jaune + next to it, I oui no idea what auto result is. In the case of answers wherein multiple toutes les personnes are present, I’ve seulement un listed + et negative effects and for who so si nothing is listed parce que le them, climate it’s neutral. 

~ method the conversation is translated and may vary from auto official English release.

Vous lisez ce: Amour sucré campus life episode 4 rayan

Action Points: 2,000-2,300

Illustrations: Five total, one for each love interest. Tu can possibly get up venir 2*** in a seul playthrough depending conditions météorologiques who you chose to go to the boulot with: Castiel (Only si you went à the concert with Chani jaune Rosalya), Nathaniel and ambre (Only si you went to the concert with Nathaniel – need at the very least 55 LoM), Rayan (Only si you went venir the concert with Chani jaune Rosalya – need at least 65 LoM), Priya (Only if you went venir the apparence solo with Priya – require at the very least 60 LoM), and Hyun (Only if you went venir the concert with Hyun – need at least 65 LoM).

You will be may be to change who you went to the boulot with during free Replays de this episode, cible if you want to permanently change who elle went with, amie need to do a story Replay de Episode 3.

*At auto moment, auto LoM amounts are not known à la certain–it’s just based nous estimates du current faisabilité LoM’s and people failing at under 50.

**Similarly, Castiel’s seems to ont some unknown variable. I have heard personnes getting ce with one of two people outfit et with both Chani and Rosalya. What je personally go to get it was: marche with Rosalya, choose Priya’s outfit, never ever spied nous Yeleen at any type of point, and didn’t look at Chani’s notebook. Ns haven’t heard du anyone gaining it if they went with Hyun, Priya, jaune Nathaniel.

***Some people ont managed to get Castiel’s personnage with Rayan’s outfit which also meant castle could get Rayan’s as well in thé same playthrough. Elle can discover more information on going v Rosalya pour this end here and an ext information on going through Chani for this over here. The said, i will say i personally to be unable to get the illustration when going through Chani–I chapitre not à spy et the seulement un difference is ns did not ont Castiel set as my ex or any type of crush set whatsoever. It walk seem an extremely likely the conditions to ont a chance to get both are pour Castiel à be your ex and to not aller any spying, but ce is calmer being looked into.

Currently, ce seems many people oui been having actually the meilleur luck by going through Rosalya et picking Priya’s outfit, so if you’re trying for Castiel’s et having issues, that’s quel I’d recommend. I have heard personnes had success doing auto same point with just Chani, but mixed things on the outfit. 

Auntie: After picking to skip course to marche to auto library (sadly, yes, you ont to), head to thé Bedroom halls in the Dormitory antérieur à going to the Library and she’ll seul up there.


Outfits: Priya’s (and also Castiel’s?), Rayan’s, Nathaniel’s et Hyun’s – je vous demande pardon outfits show up depending nous who elle went à the boulot with:-If elle went v Nathaniel jaune Hyun: Nathaniel’s/Hyun’s Outfit & Rayan’s Outfit-If you went through Priya: Nathaniel’s/Hyun’s Outfit & Priya’s Outfit-If tu went through Rosalya or Chani: Priya’s Outfit & Rayan’s Outfit

For Castiel, ce currently seems that tu need to aller with Chani or Rosalya and pick Priya’s outfit, though, some have managed to get it v Rayan’s.

Candy wakes up and has a beaucoup of think about lécole thus far. Yeleen lets Candy à savoir there is a test today which Candy totally forgot. Yeleen is once again snarky et then has actually a téléphone call.

Yeleen: What? cible you promised me!

A. (I wonder that she’s talk to…) -5B. (It’s nobody of ma business; i’m going to aller meet up v Rosa et Alex.) /

Head out du the dorms to thé campus venir start do your means to thé dining hall. Candy will text Chani to see si Yeleen to be telling thé truth.

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At the dining hall, elle meet up v Rosalya.

Rosalya: I got the impression he wasn’t used to drinking. Maybe hey overdid ce because hey was emphasize out…

A. Stressed out? Why? /B. I think he has his eye nous me. /

Alexy will then démontrer up.

A. After toutes les personnes we did à organize thé party? thé goal du which, passant par the way, was especially à la you to meet Morgan! +5 with AlexyB. Appel us more! /

Alexy: When we were saying goodbye, nous hugged, and he slipped his arms around mien waist, under my jacket. And we fabriquer a daté for thé Crowstorm boulot next week. That’s it.

A. You should’ve gone à la it, Alexy! /B. Castiel’s apparence solo should it is in interesting. +5 with Alexy

After some much more dialogue, Chani will seul up. Chani offers à help tu study in the library à save candy from sa doom.

If you page to aller with Nathaniel to the concert: 

Rosalya: What room are amie playing, ? i tried venir warn you marqué he no just have a mauvais reputation. There’s proof et he’s messed up in some really shady business. Tu should watch out.

A. Je know what I’m doing, Rosa. /B. Aren’t amie exaggerating seul slightly? /

Alexy: Not very big, no, cible there’ll be a pretty super crowd. Certain hope i see you! That’d help moi relax many likely…

A. I’ve never ever seen tu nervous favor this, normally you’re pretty moche back around this kind ns thing… /B. Seulement tell yourself he’s worried too, Alex. +5 with Alexy

After some more conversation, head to auto library venir meet up through Chani. You’ll run right into Hyun.

Hyun: Good, yeah, fine… Recovered since thé party?

A. You’re thé one je should be asking around that, right? +5B. Yes, really well, but the party was almost too short. /C. Yes. Tu didn’t importer too bored at the party, did you? /

A. Nothing? you don’t come venir walk around and look at the shelves, ns guess. /B. Je understand… It’s nice to oui some quiet temps without having à put increase with any kind of noise. /C. Quel are elle hiding in your bag? +5

Chani: Are you ready to discover the incredible history and myths about monumental de lart in thé Middle Ages?

A. Café glacé yes, ns can’t wait, that’s tous I’ve been looking front to. +5B. Many thanks again parce que le your help. /C. Je must admit, I ont a hard temps understanding your fascination for the subject. /

Chani: So, it’s no hard. We’re going to start through the ‘Roc-aux-Sorciers’, it’s one of mien favorites.

A. Not surprising. /B. Why’s that? -5

With that, it’s time à la your test! do your method to henchmen Auditorium.

“What significativement person promoted auto development of the art in the Middle Ages?”

A. (Louis XIV) -5 through ChaniB. Vercingetorix) -5 v ChaniC. (Charlemagne) / “What is the sacred livre studied passant par many arts historians for its sumptuous ornamental patterns?”

A (Book du Kells) / C. (The Avesta) /

“Which diriger artistic current grew under auto reign de Charlemagne?”

A. (Carolingian art) / C. (Anglo-saxon art) /

After a bit more dialogue, leave the auditorium et head to the break room à find Chani.

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Chani: So, je vous demande pardon about auto test? je saw amie sweating end it. Did amie manage OK?

A. Honestly, i haven’t auto slightest idea, we’ll just oui to wait et see. /B. Je had the le meilleur teacher around venir help me review, obviously ns aced it. +5C. Ns think je totally screwed up. /

A. Haha, ns didn’t realize ns was taking care of a real witch. +5B. I’d never ever heard du it. /C. I ont a hard temps believing in the kind ns superstition, but hey, why not? At the very least it’s different. /

As tu leave thé room, you will do it overhear Yeleen talk to another girl et you’ll have an option to follow castle to thé restrooms jaune not.

A. (Hmm… After all, yes sir nothing keeping me from going to the restroom, too, appropriate away, now.) /B. (There’s non sense trying to find out much more from Yeleen. Might oui well seulement head on to thé room.) /

If elle pick A, you’ll head towards auto restrooms et have this an option with Yeleen: