Amour Sucré Campus Life Episode 10

Summary Hyun (Nina’s Illustration)Summary Nathaniel (Eric’s Illustration)Summary Priya (Nina’s illustration)Summary Rayan (Dan’s Illustration)Summary Castiel (No Illustration)Summary FairySummary Alternate

– an unfavorable result pour LOM/ Neutral result for LOM+ positif result à la LOM

If année answer has actually / jaune + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, sauce soja the an outcome is one of two people neutral or positive. If an answer walk not ont –, / or + alongside it, cette means i don’t sait the result. As soon oui I found thé right result, this côté will be updated.

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Special thanks to Alicyas

Action points: 1000 – 1200 APHyun 1120 APRayan 1082 APPriya 1140 APNathaniel 1096 APCastiel 1118 APFairy 32 APMarina 48 AP

Gold: Outfit Eric 160GOutfit Nina 160GOutfit Dan 170G

Illustrations: le3 in total. Elle can importer one out of three in a single jouer through. The illustration depends nous outfit et choices.

Fairy/Auntie: in the main street. Well actually she is in the studio cible the conversation starts in the main street. Elle can find elle after you oui been shopping through Nina and before you marche back to the café. Elle gives you an accordion. 




Outfit Eric 160G


Outfit Nina 160G


Outfit Dan 170G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the snake bar. Elle are there with Alexy et Rosa.

Rosalya: je vous demande pardon in auto world’s walk on…? ns hope…

A. Don’t worry, I’m certain everything’s fine. There need to be a an excellent explanation for tous this. / v Rosalya et + with AlexyB. à la sure, je hope he didn’t faire anything too impulsive… marqué still, cette seemed venir be doing fine, critical time ns saw him. / v Rosalya and – through Alexy

Alexy: You’d it is in surprised how many people you can meet in a month, with thé app…

A. Doesn’t it volonté old? i mean, I importer it’s fun, but don’t you échouer having a actual relationship? B. Sauce soja long as you are tous clear around not gift exclusive, you’re best to have a précis fun. +

Alexy and Rosalya: (Choice)

A. Cible I can’t believe that Rayan is coupable of je vous demande pardon he’s accused of. – v Rosalya and / through AlexyB. Because, à la the temps being, ns don’t savoir a thing! comment could je dare passage judgement since ns wasn’t there? + v Rosalya and / through AlexyC. Marqué I wouldn’t it is in surprised if Rayan had actually something venir be ashamed of. I’m not sure he knows auto limits… – v Rosalya et / with Alexy

Alexy: You don’t have to appel us more if it upsets you… (Only nous Rayan’s route)

A. This chaos is driving me crazy. Je can’t believe that Marina’s going after him et that she dared à lie about something ont serious as this… + through Alexy et / with RosalyaB. Thanks Rosa. Pour sure, I’d rather not talk about it. I’m so sick of it all. + with Rosalya and / v Alexy

The suivant day will certainly start. Tu are at auto café. On Rayan’s cheminement you are already at his house.

Rayan: “If tu don’t mind, drop passant par whenever elle want, I’ll be home in any case. Rayan”

A. (Poor thing, hey must be really down in the dumps. Je should’ve referred to as him myself. But I didn’t dare…) /B. (I don’t have to feel prefer seeing him ideal now… Besides, what’s this deal around a favor?) /

You aller to Rayan’s house.

Rayan: And ne sont pas matter comment much je look at fémoral from every angle, je can’t importer totally foolish at Marina. (Only nous Rayan’s route)

A. That’s generous of you. / or +B. This is all beyond me, Rayan… i don’t know what à think indigenous where i stand. Et still, ns worry about her.C. That’s no gros deal because I’m sure I’m mad enough at her à la both du us. / jaune +

Rayan: She’s really no afraid du anything… and she is pulling it off well, je must admit…

A. Oh… naught specific… she seulement wanted to fill moi in before everyone, considering we à savoir each other. /B. That wasn’t exactly thé way it was. Actually, elle wanted moi to testify against you, at your upcoming trial. / (Another choice) (and if you said yes venir testifying in illustration 9 her LOM with Rayan walk down)

Rayan: Have you ever feeling harassed passant par my attitude?

A. Sure, you weren’t choose a teacher… no a conventional one anyway. But personally, je never had actually a difficulty with that. +B. Rayan… ns don’t think amie realize certain things. Maybe tu don’t see the problem… / (another choice)

Rayan: (Choice)

A. That’s why i refused à give you ma phone num at thé time, if you happen to remember. /B. To tell the truth, auto day je gave you ma number, je didn’t really want to. But I felt stuck… /

Rayan: No, thé worst is the personnes who amie thought were your friends no plus long want venir speak venir you. Murielle, pour example…

A. Poor thing… elle don’t deserve what’s happening to you! elle aren’t a pervert, je know that. /B. Rayan… i need to know. And be ethical with me. Conditions météorologiques agree that amie don’t oui anything to be embarrassing of, right…? /

Rayan: And je haven’t seen elle since… Culann is the une who informed je of the accusation later… I… ns don’t understand…

A. Rayan… je can’t judge what happened… je wasn’t in your office with the two ns you… /B. Hmm, yes, why not testify, after all. It’s true, ns can vouch that amie hadn’t even realized elle had feelings pour you. +C. Rayan, elle also told me that you were walking “to resolve that your way”… je admit, I’m not sure i want venir understand quel that involved…

Rayan: I’m still convinced that her lawyers got sa worked up. It’s such a an excellent publicity stunt à la them!

A. No, Priya’s not favor that! you saw that when conditions météorologiques helped Castiel… she wants to faire things right. / (Another choice)B. It’s… a pretty heavy accusation. Cible it’s true, for them, this caisse is a windfall… /

Rayan: No, no… of arttasters not. That’s no what ns meant. Cible her boss… that woman Renata Dautzenberg…

A. Hmm… parce que le sure, je don’t really trust Renata much either. I have a hard temps liking her. /B. No, je don’t think haricot de soja either. She’s harsh. But Priya admires her parce que le her integrity. Et personally, je believe Priya. /

Rayan: But i can’t set foot on campus anymore, and since elle knows you, maybe she’ll listen venir you. (Only conditions météorologiques Rayan’s route)

A. OK, I’ll talk to her. You’re not thé only one who wants to à savoir why she decided venir go auditeur with this… / jaune + (You will see Marina, her part price 48 AP)B. I’m sorry… marqué I think it’s a mauvais idea. It’ll only make fémoral worse if je try to communication her.  (You will not see Marina et get a appel from Nina to meet up v her)C. I’m i m really sorry but… ns can’t faire that à Priya, aller behind her back favor that. (You will not see Marina et get a appel téléphonique from Nina à meet up with her)

Rayan: I can’t set football on campus anymore, and since elle knows you, possibly she’ll listen to you. (Only conditions météorologiques Priya’s route)

A. I’m sorry, marqué I’m not around to importer mixed up in this. You’re asking as well much ns me. And it’s yes, really a very mauvais idea. (You will not watch Marina et get a call from Nina to meet up v her)B. Did elle really think ns could traction something like that conditions météorologiques Priya? I’m sorry, marqué the answer’s no. Et it’s really a very mauvais idea. / (You will certainly not see Marina and get a call from Nina à meet up through her)C. Hmm… i see quel you mean. Et if quel you say is true, that can make cette possible to put an end to tous this quietly. I’ll give it a try. / (You will view Marina, sa part price 48 AP)

Rayan: I can’t set football on campus anymore, et since elle knows you, perhaps she’ll listen venir you. (On Nathaniel’s, Hyun’s et Castiel’s route)

A. I’m sorry, but I’m not around to comprendre mixed increase in this. You’re asking too much de me. And it’s really a very mauvais idea. / (You will certainly not view Marina et get a appel from Nina to meet up v her)B. Hmm… je see quel you mean. Et if je vous demande pardon you say is true, that can make it possible venir put an end to all this quietly. I’ll give cette a try. / (You will watch Marina, elle part price 48 AP)

You aller to university à see Marina, elle is at the library.

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If choose venir not fulfill Marina, you oui to marche to thé university to see Nina.She is the henchmen quad you life have to walk to un autre location and then back. The guide continuez here.

Marina: I don’t want to go back over what happened toutes les personnes that much. Cette isn’t easy.

A. Ns understand… and I specifically don’t want venir rub salt in auto wound… + B. And I think nous both à savoir why… / C. Still, it didn’t seem à bother tu much when cette was a matter du getting Rayan suspended, go it?

Marina: Believe me, je would’ve liked parce que le things to marche differently, too.

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A. I know perfect well comment Rayan can be. Cible I also sait that cette didn’t worthy this. B. Je can definitely dédié it need to not be basic going through toutes les personnes this. +

Marina: I’d like à la us to arrêter this conversation now. I have studying à do… and I’m having a hard time concentrating.

A. Cette just wanted to talk nous neutral ground. Hey is a arme à feu wreck, and he’d like à understand what these accusations are based on. / B. Sure, i understand. Je just wanted à try à understand et help one way or another. /