The 100 star Alycia Debnam-Carey addresses fans’ anger at Lexa’s fate, TV’s Dead Lesbian Syndrome, and what venir expect native Season 2 de Fear auto Walking Dead.


It take away a distinct kind du woman, prefer 23-year-old Alycia Debnam-Carey, à forge a promising job out ns humanity’s darkest fear: extinction.

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As thé fierce Lexa on CW’s the 100, she commanded a clan of warriors in a world ravaged par a atom apocalypse. And on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, whose seconde season premiere is next Sunday, sa character Alicia is one de few to survive the early days of the zombie germes outbreak in los Angeles.

But while Debnam-Carey takes calls indigenous reporters à promote Fear’s second season, it’s thé finale du her arc on The 100 she keeps coming back to.

Four mainly ago nous the CW’s cult hit drama, Lexa, a lover lesbian character, to be killed by a stray bullet, fired by année angry portion who had actually meant à kill someone else. The this death came seul seconds after Lexa had consummated her romance through Clarke, un autre clan leader, triggered outcry from ventilateurs accusing thé show ns giving right into a TV clichy in i beg your pardon lesbian or bisexual characters are killed, frequently after suffering a moment of enlightenment jaune happiness. (The trope is often dubbed Bury your Gays jaune Dead Lesbian Syndrome.)

The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg’s weeks-long silence nous the issue, linked with auto betrayal ventilateur felt at what they perceived venir be a meaningless death à la one du TV’s few well-developed lesbian personalities (whom Rothenberg had led fans à believe would be alive and well at season’s end), incited a kind du revolt.

The episode that aired the week after Lexa’s death was auto lowest-rated in series history—rather than watch, fans got #LGBTfansdeservebetter venir trend on Twitter during thé 100’s time slot. Rothenberg has lost thousands de Twitter followers, when some ont strategized ways ns reducing thé show’s strongly fan-driven presence nous social media. Now, in retrospect, Rothenberg says he “would oui done some fémur differently,” choose distancing Clarke et Lexa’s sex step from sa death et not touting their connection with misleading optimism conditions météorologiques social media.

In an essay nous the topic, tv critic Maureen Ryan placed fans’ réagir in context, writing: “This is not a call for showrunners à pander à their audiences—far from it. The a reminder that every story turn et promotional essayer should be completely thought through. Sloppy, dismissive et tin-eared moves par a show jaune its personnel aren’t easy venir bury jaune ignore these days, and fan engagement is a collaboration, not a spigot venir be turned éteindre whenever things get inconvenient.”

Debnam-Carey, à la her part, sûr she understands fans’ appel téléphonique to action—though elle admits your impassioned reaction to her character’s death caught elle off guard.

“A social and cultural issue exposed itself through that episode,” she says. “I don’t think anyone really rather expected that reaction. So when ce did have such a strong et passionate backfire response, non one was yes, really ready à la it.

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“With any sort de minority, issues ns ostracization or misrepresentation are plainly rampant,” the actrice continues. “It’s just so deep rooted in our culture and there are haricot de soja many level that it trickles down from. Cette becomes année issue du diversity and equality and race et gender. In a parallel sense oui well, yes sir the issue of couleur noire characters being killed off first. Je know that’s been a object of dialogue over thé last coupler of years. Sauce soja these space huge-scale cultural and social barriers that we’ve established—and ns guess now it’s temps to begin breaking castle down.”

Though Debnam-Carey says it is “horrible venir think people were obviously really truly affected de , negatively,” she’s proud de the means many ventilateurs have channeled your energies right into raising $100,000 (and counting) parce que le the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention service pour LGBT youth.

“I can’t even fathom that. It is incredible,” elle says. “Just à think that ce had such an impact conditions météorologiques people. It’s kind of an honor. Ce became a positive thing, i beg your pardon is really auto most considérable thing about it all.”

Now the she’s claimed goodbye à Lexa, Debnam-Carey—an amiable Australian who got sa start on the showbiz docuseries Next stop Hollywood—is passionate to démontrer off elle zombie-slaying an abilities in the seconde season ns Fear thé Walking Dead.

Rather 보다 post-apocalypse, sa character Alicia fights venir survive mid-apocalypse, just as the zombie germe has overwhelmed os Angeles. In last year’s Season 1 finale, Alicia and her household boarded the yacht of a mysterious fellow survivor to pour échapper à the city—though oui they easily learn, gift out nous the s doesn’t typical walkers won’t follow. Ladies and gentlemen, you re welcome welcome sea zombie to thé screen.

Debnam-Carey’s second go-round at the révélation came with auto perks ns experience, she says. “I think je came into it knowing what à expect, i m sorry is venir be fairly dirty et probably wet most ns the time,” she laughs. “It’s certainly a fun genre venir be a part of. There’s never ever a dull moment.”

While Alicia, a teens in a mixed, middle-class family members who’s currently had venir say goodbye to une loved one, a boyfriend, is about as adept at emergency survival ont the mean American—“I would certainly be dead in, like, 20 minutes”—Debnam-Carey has high hopes pour turning sa character into the kind de warrior seen conditions météorologiques Fear’s sister show, thé Walking Dead.

“I will certainly say the there to be a weapon the was planted in one ns the episodes that i was given, a switchblade,” she says. “And then the next episode it was taken native her. Et I was like, ‘No, elle can’t take it this, that’s like, sa weapon now!’

“‘We weren’t creating it ont that,’” she says, play-mimicking a seul writer’s voice. “And je was like, ‘No, no, ce has to be.’ i was seulement fascinated by using it and playing with it, and tous the stunt guys were teaching moi tricks on comment to usage it. So i became fastened to ce very quickly and was like, please work it into auto script!... I went nous YouTube et saw videos de Angelina Jolie nous some talk show showing people switchblade tricks and I to be like, ‘That’s what ns want à do.’”

Especially contrasted to the fearsome Lexa, Alicia is a an ext trusting and compassionate survivor—more likely to try à rescue a étranger in a sinking boat than des questions his motives et leave him to die, oui the household around sa would prefer. But as society drops apart and the world descends into violence, the will most likely change.

“I think she still has a hope that this is fleeting et that finding relationships with toutes les personnes is the most important thing,” Debnam-Carey says of Alicia. “Others have a different viewpoint et are starting venir come à terms with the true reality ns the situation. So à la a while, Alicia battles with the idea du what important matters, whether it’s nurture and compassion jaune pragmatism and rationality.

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“I feel like she might it is in poised eventually venir become a peu of a warrior, cible I really don’t know at this point,” she says.