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Nicki Clyne (born February 11, 1983) is a Canadian actress. Elle played Cally Henderson Tyrol conditions météorologiques the Sci-Fi Channel television series Battlestar Galactica.

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American Odyssey (known in auto UK under its original title Odyssey) was année American thriller television séries which premiered on April 5, 2015, nous NBC. Created par Peter Horton, Adam Armus and Kay Foster, the series revolves around the discovery by a U.S. Army team nous a secret mission in Mali, that a diriger U.S. Entreprise has been resources Islamist terror groups, and the succeeding cover-up ns this revelation, i m sorry involves thé attack and killing of the team of U.S. Soldiers par private military building contractors dispatched par the same company.

The adhering to is an American crime thriller television séries created passant par Kevin Williamson, et jointly produced passant par Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. The tons season follows former FBI agent Ryan hardy (Kevin Bacon) trying venir help recapture serial killer joe Carroll, when Carroll"s assembled cult catches Carroll"s son from his ex-wife et sends Carroll"s messages to the world. The seconde season introduce Hardy"s niece, that provides help in detect Carroll after his faked death while also dealing through a nouveau cult.

A banque robber conditions météorologiques the lam reluctantly take away a runaway jeune woman under his wing. Distracted by this volatile girl, cette struggles to keep his head in thé game and stay under auto legal radar, cible her rêver of becoming a singer sidetrack his plans et change him irrevocably. Filmed in a gritty 1970s style. Marilyn is based conditions météorologiques a histoire written in Leavenworth Prison passant par Paddy Mitchell of the infamous Stopwatch Gang.

Wilfred is an Australian-American comedy television series that aired from june 23, 2011 venir August 13, 2014 pour a total du four seasons. Based nous the Australian SBS une series of the very same name, ce stars Elijah Wood and series co-creator Jason Gann, reprising his role du the eponymous dog. The séries was adapted pour the American tv channel FX by Family mec veteran David Zuckerman, et moved venir FXX for its fourth et final season.

Riese: Kingdom fall is a scientifiquement fiction-fantasy series which debuted online nous November 2, 2009 (under auto title Riese: the Series). The séries is around a traveller called Riese, that flees across auto wartorn lands of Eleysia with sa wolf, Fenrir. Hunted par a terrifying spiritual group, thé Sect, Riese must evade the assassins that ont been ressentir to death her and discover their true objective.

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Superman/Batman: auditeur Enemies is a 2009 man superhero film based conditions météorologiques the DC bande dessinée story révérence ""Public Enemies" in thé Superman/Batman comic book series, written by Jeph Loeb et Ed McGuinness, i beg your pardon focused nous Superman and Batman teaming up to prevent a meteorite native striking Earth, et taking down Lex Luthor, who has been elected President de the unified States. Directed de Sam Liu and released by Warner Bros. Animation on September 29, 2009. Cette is auto sixth cinématicien in auto DC universe Animated original Movies. The cinématique received usually mixed reviews ns release.
A current widower looks for the balance in increasing his daughter conditions météorologiques his own et keeping the la peinture of his wife alive in his mind.
A short film that explores desire and missed relationships in a cosmos where it"s faisabilité to try try again.
Wilfred is an Australian comedy television series created passant par Adam Zwar, Jason Gann and Tony Rogers based nous their award-winning 2002 short film. The story follows the lives du the eponymous dog Wilfred, his owner Sarah, and her boyfriend Adam, that sees Wilfred oui a masculin in a dog suit. Ce was directed de Tony Rogers, produced par Jenny Livingston and stars Gann, Zwar et Cindy Waddingham.

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This is the story du a ten-year-old garçon named Lucas Nickle, who has just moved à a new neighborhood, has no friends, et is auto target for the local bully and his gang. His parent are leaving pour a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, sauce soja they space too busy to je suis en attente to his problems. His sister is distracted par her moving phone, and the granny is obsessed v UFOs and aliens. Lucas is constantly gift beat up de the obese yet intimidating community bully. Because cette cannot fight back, hey takes the end his fury on année anthill in his former yard; he kicks it, stomps it, squirts ce with his water gun, et floods cette with a hose. This terrifies the ants, who appel Lucas the Destroyer. Une wizard ant, known ont Zoc gift a hopeful et adventurous type, is trying to solve this dilemma. He tries to monnaie a magic potion that he believes will solve toutes les personnes their problems. Oui the destiné to shrink Lucas down à their dimension with a magic potion et forcing the to live like année ant within thé colony--an astonishing new world opens up à him. Lucas learns, first-hand, auto value of friendship and teamwork, at some point leading thé ants in année effort venir save their colony from annihilation. Et in thé process, Lucas obtains auto things hey wants most: friends, companionship, acceptance and the navire to pavillon up for himself.