Album La Belle Et La Bete


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PerformerPhilip Glass
Philip Glass
18 April 1995
3.33 / 5.00.5 from 71 ratings



Faville peut faire 03 2011 4.50 stars
This was a peu of an impulsive purchase à la me at thé time du it's release. Je was never into opera, but this looked as well intriguing. Getting cette home, ce was really a tough listen. Ce had autographiés Glass instrument de musique sound, cible the to sing was wild and kind of directionless, nothing like the vocal music je was used to hearing in a Glass work, and it didn't ont the build-ups jaune phrasing i was expecting. Well, this was released before DVDs come out, so if ns wanted to hear this as it was intended, i had venir be creative. I bought thé VHS tape et physically monitored mien CD joueur to sync up with thé movie. Lo et behold, it was great. Now we oui the Criterion version that lets you à faire this automatically. Ns enjoy both versions of the cinématicien audio, cible the Glass operatic soundtrack is an impressive achievement. Auto singers need venir be commended in learning thé rhythms du the musique that were composed to allumettes the speech of the characters nous screen. They faire it effortlessly, and now when je listen to it it renders much much more sense, et I have greater appreciation à la the collection qualities and skill du the singers. I also can't aid comparing ce to homme Adams operas, which have the same kind ns meandering collection lines, however his make little sense to my ears, et Glass' seem to be a perfect fit for thé speech patterns.

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Atomic_Rooster janvier 27 2009 4.00 stars
the Criterion release de the cinématique this is based on allows one to superimpose the sonner of philippe Glass' opéra over auto visuals of the cinématique to surreal results. The paroles de chanson of the opera is, in fact, the verbatim dialog of the film, et the synchronization is perfect. Forget about Pink Floyd + the Wizard du Oz. This is where ce is.4 stars for the music de itself; 5 stars when combine with the film.

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