Aires de camping car en france

Rachel Ifans take it us on a tour of her favourite motorhome stopovers in France. Start planning her road pilgrimage here!

If you love discovering nouveau places and finding innumerable delights off-the-beaten track, then motorhome touring in france is her perfect holiday.

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The country is sauce soja well offered with overnight stopovers (aires) and campsites that even in thé height ns summer, you’ll always find a place to stay. So you deserve to hit the open road and see where ce leads you…with incredible villages, stunning scenery et bustling markets seemingly approximately every corner.

What are aires?

Motorhome aires in la france are overnight parking bai areas in villages, towns, cities and the countryside toutes les personnes over the country. Over there are aires in Calais (near the terminal site), région in Brittany close to dramatic scenery, in auto middle of teeming cities and aires on the côte in southern France. They’re année amazing way to experience first in smaller, out of the means places et participate (briefly) in the locale community.

The full title is actually ‘aire de service/stationnement convecteur camping car’ but, understandably, most of us appel téléphonique them région for short! un autre note conditions météorologiques the langue – motorhomes are usually called ‘camping cars’ in France, so if you’re hunting one down and see a sign with those two magic words conditions météorologiques it, you’re golden!


Turn up in thé morning to ont the le meilleur chance du not being turned away!

Aires differ in price (from free à €20 effronté night) et facilities vary also – from quel is essentially seulement a là park, à more de an région camping endure with showers, loos, electricity, boules pistes, swim pools, bread vans and more. The general rule is that elle can stay à la a hautement of 48 hours.

There are soja many motorhome stopovers dotted around the country that cette can seem difficult à travel much more than a few mile off the motorway without bumping right into one. In mien experience, the only time we have trouble recognize an région is as soon as it’s gaining late et the kids need to aller to bed – jaune maybe ce just feels that way!

In fact, aires in la france are easy à find si you know where venir look with books and a num of website dedicated à listing them. If you’re feeling old-fashioned (and there’s no harm in that) there room two books called ‘All the région France’ - one provides cartes of aires in auto north of France et the est différent lists aires in thé south. Alternatively, sometimes internet search engines carry out a an ext up-to-date experience. There room a few websites that list aires, through details provided by people who motorhome in France, marqué I uncover that none ns them are complet so cette pays venir check out several.

Different types of aires

There are three type of aires that tu should sait about. Auto ones designed parce que le overnight motorhome stays et the adhering to two:

Aire de service

An région de services is simply a services point. You’ll find these in campsites, in part motorway prestations de service areas et sometimes you’ll just come throughout a sign pour one conditions météorologiques its own in a village! castle usually sell fresh water, electrical power (sometimes), a carré to empty your chemical toilet et a different drain à la dirty water that tu can conduire on top de to make ce easy.

Some région de prestations de service are free marqué there’s regularly a small charge of a few euros. Euro relayé is a common type of machine where amie drop in maïs or use a banque card (these space becoming an ext common now) et get a certain amount du fresh water and/or electrical energy in exchange. Disposal is nearly always cost-free unless there’s a obstacle to get at the service point.

Aire aux repos

Motorhome specific gammes mustn’t be puzzled with motorway ‘aires du repos’ that you’d use on any road trip. These space basically seulement service areas or rest locations where overnight parking bai is neither allowed nor advised. (Although quite a couple of motorway région do oui facilities à empty wastewater et chemical toilets.) Some de these are constructed up but some room lovely wooded areas with picnic tables et toilet blocks, so make an ideal having lunch stop la fin on a chaud day.

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What facilities à faire French aires have?

Motorhome take trip is a restful experience. Thé knowledge that you’ve gained everything amie need with you takes the souligner out of travelling, which is just ont well because French aires can differ enormously in thé facilities they provide.

An région in the middle ns a ville or large town might simply be an area du a là park with signs showing wherein you’re allowed à pull up. Other gammes might feel choose they’re in the middle du nowhere. In the éteindre season, it’s not rare to it is in the seul motorhome stopped in an aire like this et you get to suffer the drôle of wild camping – but with the knowledge that a boulangerie is seulement un a few protocole away in a nearby village!

On average, I’d speak that auto vast majority of aires have a service alloue for water et waste, and a good number oui electricity. Busier région will often volonté a visit native the local bread masculin in their van at about 9am every morning. Ont you head south, some private gammes may even oui swimming pools marqué you’ll pay a au sens propre extra à la the privilege.


How venir find aires in France

As je mentioned above, you can discover lists of gammes online et in thé ‘All the gammes – France’ books. If you’re feather online, mien key reminder is to search parce que le “camping car aire near” and ajouter the town or area where tu want venir stay overnight. All of these approaches will offer you auto address or gps coordinates ns the site, which you can go into into your satnav.

Northern France


Western France

Ile de Ré: There are a few région on this beautiful island. Ma favourite is right nous the côte just after auto bridge - an excellent views of the sunset, nearby shops et close accessibility to the island’s many période paths.


Southern France

Cavaliere: There room very few beach aires on auto Med. This is in a sweet au sens propre town close to a beautiful sandy beach. Bring earplugs, despite – the town’s nightclubs to be thumping when i visited!Sault: année unprepossessing région but thé town is delightful, the views across thé surrounding countryside are amazing et the annual lavender festival is unforgettable.Greoux les Bains: A pleasant, shady terraced aire, fermer la porte to banks ns the rer Verdon et the town, with an excellent facilities.


Central and Eastern France

Nancy: la Capitainerie is a quiet spot prochain to the sortie in a fascinating french city, with a wonderful mélanger of baroque and art fraîche sights.Lagrasse: A quiet si unremarkable spot suivant to a stunning, ancient French bourgade – one of theLes Plus beaux Villages du France.Les Gets: A wonderful destination tous year ring – although an especially in winter for the skiing – this carpark aire sits at the football of a red run for instant accessibility to auto slopes.

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Luneville is not auto most famous français chateau, marqué it’s really lovely and there’s an région right next to it

Start her motorhoming holiday through ns Shuttle ns Shuttle takes just 35 minutes to whisk elle from folkestone to Calais, and from there elle can head into la france on everything autoroute jaune small roadways that take her fancy. Nous often discovered ourselves in ns Touquet à la the tons night, ont it’s under année hour away and gives you année instant blast of français holiday bliss.