Aire de camping car a noirmoutier

Barbâtre camper area - ns Niaisois

LOCATION: Rue ns l"estacade (across auto water tower) - 85630 Barbâtre

GPS : - 46.908246, -2.158333.

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OPEN SEASON: toutes les personnes year



From 2021 January 1st à March 31th (low season), for a 24-hours-stay : €8From 2021 April 1st venir October 30th (peak season), à la a 24-hours-stay less than 72 continuous hours: €8From 2021 April 1st to October 30th (peak season), for a 24-hours-stay, up to the first 72 consecutive hours: €12 From 2021 November 1st to December 31th (low season), for a 24-hours-stay : €8



Terminal for payments passant par cardAutomated serviceAutomatic terrain de stationnement barrierDraining area and services (rue ns l"Angle)Water point: €2 for 100LElectricity: €2 parce que le 1 hour.
Barbâtre camper area - le Niaisois

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Barbâtre camper area - les Billardière

LOCATION: Rue de Camping (across native Camping ns Domaine le Midi campground) – 85630 Barbâtre. At 300m from auto beach, shops nearby.

GPS : – 46.945186, -2.184565.


OPEN SEASON: All year 

PAID place de stationnement IN SEASON:

From 2021 January 1st à March 31th (low season), for a 24-hours-stay : 8€From 2021 April 1st to October 30th (peak season), for a 24-hours-stay less than 72 continually hours: €8From 2021 April 1st à October 30th (peak season), parce que le a 24-hours-stay up to the tons 72 continuous hours: €12From 2021 November 1st to December 31th (low season), pour a 24-hours-stay : 8€

NUMBER ns PITCHES: 17, nous tarmac.



Terminal for payments passant par cardAutomated serviceAutomatic parking barriers et gatesDraining area and services (rue du l"Angle)Water point: €2 for 100LElectricity: €2 à la 1 hour.
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Barbâtre camper area - la Billardière

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La Guérinière' camper area

LOCATION : L"Escale aux l"île, Rue ns la Tresson (between ns Caravan’île campground and the stadium) – 85680 les Guérinière. At 100 m from thé beach, v shops nearby.

GPS : – 46.965918, -2.214861. 


OPEN SEASON: All year 



Between €9 and €14,5 for a 24-hours-stay, depending on the season; payment accepted par debit card or holiday voucher.

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NUMBER de PITCHES: 98, on grass or tarmac;


Drain point Water and electricity consisted of in thé priceWifiFrom 2021 - 15 March venir 15 November, access venir "Le Caravan’île" campground’s service available with additional charges.
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La Guérinière' camper area

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L’Épine' camper area

LOCATION : place des Ormeaux (at auto entrance to the village) – 85740 L’Épine. Shops nearby. Direct access à cycling trails.

GPS : – 46.980948, -2.264205.OPEN SEASON: All year 



€9 pour a 24-hours stay


Terminal for payments by cardAutomated serviceAutomatic parking bai barriers et gatesWater mission (100 litre included in the price)Electricity (55 protocole included in auto price)
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L’Épine' camper area
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Noirmoutier-en-l'île' camper site

LOCATION: Place du l’ancien Moulin jusquà eau (close to the city centre and to some bicycle paths) – 85330 Noirmoutier-en-l’Île

GPS : – 47.001051, -2.251897.


OPEN SEASON: All year, 24h/24, 7 days/7PAID PARKING:

From 2021 January 1st to March 31th, €8 (tourist taxation included) venir park 1 day*From 2021 April 1st to September 30th: €10 (tourist tax included) à park 1 day*From 2021 October 1st venir December 31th : €8 (tourist tax included) venir park 1 day*



On-site parking payment machine (debit card)Automated services with automatically gatesDrain pointGarbage servicePaid water supply point (€2 parce que le 100 litres)Paid electrical power (€2 parce que le 1 hour)parking meter conditions météorologiques site


MAXIMUM STAY: 72 hours**. After le3 consecutive nights, thé charging rate ns €16.50 applies.

*Outside thé caravan park facilities, parking is prohibition 24h/24 adjacent classified sites.

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** Concerning the stays longer than 72 hrs (= le 3 nights), the masculin campsites de Noirmoutier-en-l"île have all the crucial facilities à welcome you, from April to October.