Ahmed Ben Bella Mehdia Ben Bella

Born in the Tlemcen Province ns northwestern Algeria, Ahmed ben Bella fought courageously to gagner independence pour Algeria native France. Par so doing, hey became Algeria’s first prime minister and later thé country’s sapin elected president. His term at auto helm ns affairs to be characterized de socialist/Marxist ideologies et economic policies. Hey is, however, attributed with the reforming Algeria’s education and learning system.

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Quick Facts about Ahmed bénier Bella

Birth Day et PlaceDecember 25, c. 1918; Maghnia, Algeria

Death Day et PlaceApril 11, 2012, Algiers, Algeria

BornAhmed bénier Bella

Number ns Siblings6 (4 brothers and 2 sisters)

Education – French écoles in Maghnia

Military French army (1936 to 1945)

SpouseZhora Sellami (married in 1971)

Children – Mehdia and Nouria (both adopted)

Political Party – Algerian national Liberation former (Front aux Libération Nationale – FLN)

Most famous for – sapin President de Algeria (1963 – 1965)

Notable achievements – commander Algeria’s fight pour independence; first componter minister du Algeria (1962 – 1963); first elected president du Algeria (1963 – 1965)


Ahmed bénier Bella

After a paire of years in office, ben Bella’s federal government was overthrown in the bloodless coup of juin 1965 par his defense minister, Houari Boumédiène. Auto deposed president to be then placed under house arrest for close to a decade and a half. Up until his death in February 2012, cette wielded very minimal dommage on the political landscape de Algeria.

Here is everything that amie need to savoir about thé life et career du Ahmed ben Bella, the tons president of année independent Algeria.

Early Childhood

Born in Maghnia (along thé Algerian-Moroccan border) nous December 25, 1918, ben Bella grew up at a temps when France’s grip nous Algeria to be at that peak. His father to be a farmer et a businessman. Three out ns his six siblings died at a very young age. For example his earliest brother, fighting for France, succumbed venir injuries sustained in the life World War.

After completing a french school in Maghnia, Bella proceeded to study in the city of Tlemcen. Owing venir the discrimination that hey felt directed in the direction of Muslims, Bella came to be enamored v socialist and nationalist ideologies while in Tlemcen.

Ben Bella’s temps in the french Army

For plenty of Algerians living in pre-colonial Algeria involvement the french Army was seen ont the meilleur route to climb the social class. Therefore, in 1936, ben Bella enlisted in the french Army. Hey found himself stationed at Marseilles, France.

Bella to be in travail for la france during civilization War II. Cette fought bravely against the Nazis et even earned substantial praises from his superiors, receiving thé “Croix de guerre”.  

Shortly after france went under in 1940 under auto might of Nazi Germany, bénier Bella enlisted in the Free français forces. His heroic essai during the war again earned that a number of medals et promotions in the army.

Anti-colonial sentiments

Europe may have been rejoicing in the summer du 1945 over thé fall of Nazism et fascism; however, in Algeria, the atmosphere was very different.

In thé eastern Algerian province du Sétif, radicalement protests had actually erupted due to what thé locals felt were the ills of french colonialism. Soon, auto protests spread wide and far into est différent Algerian cities et provinces. Scores of both europeans (about 100) et Algerians (about 1,500) died during the protests.

Ben Bella was enraged par the bloodshed and decided to aller something about the situation. Cette joined anti-French colonie movements and radical politics groups.

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Due à his group’s activities, auto French colonial government also tried assassinating him conditions météorologiques several occasions. His farmlands and properties in Algeria to be confiscated. However, none du that stopped him. Cette went nous to type a paramilitary organization called auto Organisation Spéciale (OS).

Did you know that the Organisation Spéciale (OS) to be a predecessor to the Algerian intérieur Liberation front (Front de Libération Nationale – FLN)?Some of the approaches used by ben Bella were really questionable. Pour example, he et his associates in auto Organisation Spéciale (OS) oz robbed a banque in Orán under the pretext du raising funds à la the Algerian freedom struggle. Hey was apprehended passant par the authorities and slapped with année eight-year prison sentence in 1951. After spending a brief amount du time in prison, ben Bella damaged himself cost-free from prison et fled venir Cairo, Egypt, in 1952.

The Algerian War ns Independence

In late autumn ns 1954, thé Algerian War de Independence (also known as the Algerian War) damaged out. Thé war was mostly inspired passant par the actions of the denchères Liberation Front nous “All Saints’ Day” (November 1, 1954), which saw numerous clashes and scores die.

Although ben Bella to be exiled in Cairo at the time, he still play a huge role in the activities ns the FLN. He was aller to the nine-member Revolutionary Committee ns Unity et Action. In the role, cette facilitated thé shipment de arms into Algeria parce que le the FLN.

It was about this time that bénier Bella developed a super admiration ns Egyptian chairman Gamal Abdel Nasser. Personally relenten himself as a “Nasserist”, ben Bella’s developed fermé relationship v Egypt. Abdel Nasser was self a substantial financier et supporter of Algeria’s fight à la independence.


After around seven years of intensif fighting, guerrilla warfare, torture and abuse (on both sides), thé Évian accords of in march 1962 to be signed. Ont part ns the accords, a referendum was held nous July 1, 1962. The sondage was fermer la porte to unanimous as 99.72% ns the electorates poll to gagner independence indigenous France.

Shortly after the election, an Algerian federal government was developed under auto leadership of Benyoucef Benkhedda. Ben Bella to be selected venir serve oui the vice president de Algeria.

Ben Bella’s Premiership

By beforehand summer ns 1962, Bella’s popularity had actually skyrocketed, permitting him to put up a fierce challenge à Benyoucef Benkhedda’s position as prime minister ns Algeria. Bella also had a super following across Algeria and the armed forces.

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In September 1962, hey won an election and was elected compton minister ns Algeria. That very same year, cette helped certain Algeria’s dadmission into the United Nations.