The exciting Ashley Jensen (Catastrophe, Ugly Betty) stars as unlikely amateur detective Agatha Raisin in four brand-new, feature-length installments du this quintessential British-village mystery. “A amusant cross in between Bridget Jones et Midsomer Murders” -The times (UK).

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Agatha opens her own détective agency, but potential clients aren’t precisely breaking down the door of elle new office. In search of new business, Agatha and James visit Ivy Hall, a loger said venir be haunted since thé English civil War. Are the strange sounds et unexplained footsteps heard at night important supernatural, or is who trying to scare thé obnoxious owner out of sa home?

A scathing article in the paper harms Agatha’s business, until Charles’s wealthy friend hires the agency venir investigate death threats against her daughter. After disaster strikes the daughter’s rendez-vous party, Agatha enrolls in danser lessons venir try to outmaneuver thé culprit.

The des boites grows more complicated when a would-be assassin die in Agatha’s kitchen, cible who was auto target: him or Agatha? Toni continuellement her search for the lacking dog, and Charles et Roy pull année all-nighter in thé pub.

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Tensions between Agatha et James run high ahead ns a smooth jazz night at Barfield Hall. Climate a mrs James was seen saying with turns up dead at Agatha’s cottage, et James disappears. Working through James’s sister, can Agatha find elle love and clear his name?
Unbeknownst à Agatha, Charles help James, who is still nous the run from thé police. Agatha attends the viewing du the victim’s life will, and her list ns suspects grows much shorter when a charity auction transforms deadly.
To take her mind off her breakup with James, Agatha and the gang venture out to the Winter Fayre, where the highlight du the night is the roast pig on a spit. Thé event turns right into a la criminalité scene, however, when the main course turns out à be a tattooed human torso. Recently promoted facture is placed in calculé of auto investigation, cible he receive strict instructions not à discuss it with Agatha.

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After Agatha’s tons is threatened et a decapitated head is mailed to sa home, facture suggests they tous stick together. While bill investigates missing farm machinery, Agatha concerns that Charles is ending up being too fermer la porte to Sarah.
ProductionCompany PicturesRéseauAcorn TVAvertissement relatif venir contenuTabagisme, consommation du drogues, consommation d'alcool, contient ns langage grossier, contenu à caractère sexuel, plus…contient des scènes violentes