Aeroport de nice cote d azur

Nice coast d’Azur international Airport, the second busiest plane in france after Paris-Orly, is situated 5.9km away from Nice terrondissement in auto Alpes-Martitimes Department de France.

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Passenger terminal renovation at Nice côte d’Azur international airport began in January 2015. Photo courtesy de Aéroports ns la coast d’Azur.

Nice côte d’Azur international airport has two passenger terminals. Photo courtesy ns Aéroports aux la côte d’Azur.

thé terminal remodeling is being completed in deux phases. La peinture courtesy ns Aéroports aux la côte d’Azur.


Terminal 2 renovations space expected à be completed de May 2017. La peinture courtesy de Aéroports de la coast d’Azur.

Nice côte d’Azur internationale Airport, the seconde busiest airport in la france after Paris-Orly, is located 5.9km far from Nice arrondissement in the Alpes-Martitimes Department of France. Auto airport is spread out across an area ns approximately 370ha et is owned et operated passant par Aéroports du la côte d’Azur (ACA).

The airport spans année area du approximately 370ha and is owned and operated par Aéroports de la coast d’Azur (ACA).

The airport served 12 million passengers, and handled 169,934 plane movements et 15.4t of freight in 2015.

The airport’s two passenger terminals are being renovated to expand auto passenger capacity and improve facilities. Auto renovation to be initiated in January 2015 et is expected venir be totally completed in 2017.

Terminal features ns Nice coast d’Azur international Airport

The airplane has deux passenger terminals. Terminal 1 has actually a arme à feu floor space de 52,000m² (560,000ft²), 25 gates and an annual passenger capacity du 4.5 million, while Terminal 2 has an annual capacity de 8.5 million, an 57,800m² (622,000ft²) area et 29 gates. Both terminals provide aéronautiques services venir Schengen et non-Schengen passengers.

“The airport’s two passenger terminals space being renovated venir expand thé passenger capacity et improve facilities.”

The passenger infrastructure in Terminal 1 include an eight-room entreprises centre and a conference room with a capacity of 250 people. It also includes shops, restaurants, ATMs, bars and free internet facility. Thé airport is equipped through SITA’s beacon an innovation which it is provided location-specific information pour passengers v a new airport app.

The airport also includes a freight terminal v 30,000mt a année capacity.

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Details ns the passenger terminal renovation

The renovation entails redesigning thé existing buildings, and extensions to create a passenger path, bigger operating areas, greater traffic capacity and a much more dynamic sleeve area. Auto overall retail région area at thé terminals is much more than double from the existing 1,226m² (13,196ft²) à 2,631m² (28,319ft²).

The renovation is being completed in two phases with the tons phase comprising extension of Terminal 1 airside publicité space to 3,553m² (38,244ft²) et renovation of centre security areas et travel retail magasin layouts. Renovations on Terminal 1 were completed passant par May 2016 et the terminal officially opened in juin 2016.

Terminal 2 renovations will certainly include including a 4,300m² (46,284ft²) area to auto eastern side ns the terminal et doubling thé retail et waiting areas. Renovations space expected venir be complete by May 2017.

Baggage handling systems at Nice coast d’Azur international Airport

Future Terminal 1, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, France

Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport in la france laid the life stone parce que le the incarcération of future Terminal 1 in December 2014.

Other contractors connected with thé renovation

In April 2015, Aelia was contracted to provide alcohol, tobacco, perfume, cosmetics and gastronomy at both passenger terminals à la eight years. Dufry et Relay france were contracted à provide gastronomy, and regional food and chic mémoire respectively.

In February 2015, SSP was awarded a €180m ($205m) contract venir operate ten food and beverage offerings at the airport à la 11 years.

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Nice côte d’Azur international airport runways

The airplane has two runways and two helipads. The tons runway (04L/22R) is 2,570m-long et paved v bituminous and concrete. The second runway (04R/22L) is 2,960m-long and is likewise surfaced through bitumen et concrete.