Accident Sur Le Tour De France

The les accidents has sparked a debate around safety et spectator conduct at the Tour aux France, where fans are allowed to line the roads, cible has additionally inflamed passions et led to widespread abuse of the woman nous social media.


Kristian Sbaragli et Bryan Coquard lie nous the ground after crashing throughout the tons stage ns the Tour du France. AP

An arrested cycle spectator who brought about a massive pileup at thé Tour du France has told investigators elle feels embarrassing of her "stupidity" and is worried about auto huge auditeur interest in elle case, a prosecutor said conditions météorologiques Thursday.

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The 30-year-old woman, who has actually not been named, to be arrested nous Wednesday, five days after the accidents on Saturday the left dozens du cyclists education cuts and bruises and one with fractured hands.

Wearing a bright yellow coat, elle was caught on caméra during the sapin stage ns the course in northwestern Britanny holding increase a gros cardboard sign with thé words "Go! Grandpa et granny" in front ns the cyclists.

Riding conditions météorologiques the outside de the tightly packed peloton, German cyclist Tony martin was unable venir avoid colliding with the sign et the occurring pileup dirige to a five-minute delay as riders et bikes were untangled.

"The deviner has expressed elle feelings ns shame and fear about the consequences of her act," locale prosecutor camille Miansoni called reporters at a press conference that was presented live by some français TV channels.

"She said she is concerned about auto media type for what she has called elle "stupidity"," Miansoni added from the ville of Brest.

The worst Tour aux France durgences I"ve ever seen

— daniel mcmahon (
cyclingreporter) june 26, 2021

The accident has sparked a debate about safety et spectator command at thé Tour aux France, where ventilateurs are allowed venir line auto roads, but has also inflamed passions et led venir widespread abuse du the woman nous social media.

Local officier de police chief Nicolas Duvinage stated that an appeal pour witnesses posted on Facebook commander to more than 4,000 messages, some du which "were verging conditions météorologiques incitement à violence".

"We need à stay reasonable and calm conditions météorologiques social networks," he told auto press conference. "The devine has some personal vulnerabilities and we need to avoid a lynchages in thé media or conditions météorologiques social media."


Prosecutor Miansoni explained that auto woman had actually gone venir watch the race with sa partner as it passed several kilometres (miles) native their patrie in la campagne Britanny.

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The un message on sa sign -- which elle showed in the direction of television cameras, meaning her back to be turned to thé riders -- was intended pour her grandparents that were watching nous TV at loger like des millions of other french people.

Miansoni added that she had ne sont pas previous criminal record et a decision would be made shortly nous whether to charger her with placing others in attention through negligence and causing unintended bodily harm.

A la poêle just brought about a MASSIVE durgences at thé very beginning ns the Tour ns France 😬

— Blake harms (
wxblakeharms) célibataire 26, 2021

Earlier on Thurday, the organiser of thé Tour aux France race said cette was withdrawing its legal complaint versus her.

"The incident has to be blown out of tous proportion," director croyant Prudhomme said AFP. "So we"d like to calm things down now that the message has got across that auto roadside ventilateurs need à be careful."

Martin, a six-time Tour du France phase winner, had previously called pour a major punishment.

"Not seulement un did she fail à stick around et help us volonté up from the floor, elle didn"t existing herself to auto police or present elle excuses," auto 36-year-old called German tous les jours Bild.

Martin, who competes parce que le Team Jumbo–Visma, is calmer in the Tour marqué Spain"s marc Soler is one du the riders who had venir leave after the crash in which hey fractured both hands.

Soler told Spain"s La Vanguardia journaux on Wednesday hey intended à lodge année official complain about thé woman.

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"People come venir the race to mess around et at thé end of the job they go home toutes les personnes right, but we cyclists pay à la it with our bodies," hey said.