Abbaye Royale De Celles-Sur-Belle

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the Abbey ns Celles-Sur-Belle is THE recadrer place à visit in the pays Mellois area.

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To whet her appetite parce que le a visit, this is a quick history ns the abbey. It toutes les personnes started v a précis monastery in auto 11th century which became and independent Augustinian abbey in the 12th century.The hundreds Years’ war weakened the building cible the Abbey climbed from auto ashes thanks venir Louis XI. Fight with thé full force of the Wars of Religion, it was later revitalized when Henri ns La Rochefoucauld to be Abbot. This repair was auto work of architect françois Le Duc, known as ‘Toscane’, in between 1676 et 1682 who created the splendid buildings conditions météorologiques see aujourdhui !Discover this wonderful 17th century ensemble of convent buildings and toutes les personnes the secrets ns its construction oui you go around.

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There is a wonderful musée on the first floor du the Abbey consisting of a replica ns a monk’s cell, thé Abbot’s chamber, a room housing a modèle of thé abbey and different rooms where sacred objects and ecclesiastical vestments are conditions météorologiques show in addition to detailed explanations.Finally, the détective novel « secret d"Abbaye en Poitou » by alain Bouchon is collection at the splendid Abbaye Royale ns Celles-Sur-Belle so complete her reading passant par a visit or inversement ! 



Round éteindre your visit through a stroll through auto abbey gardens, a garden ‘à les Française’, design in thé 1990s according to des plans imagined de the architect francis Le duc in thé 17th century. After visiting the abbey, stop to admirer the church of Saint-Hilaire at Melle, a UNESCO World heritage Site. Visit thé Mines d’argent des rois Francs, (Silver Mine) clock a 3D film and have a guided tour du the underground galleries.Don’t forget to appel in at the maison des Fromages du Chèvre at Celles-Sur-Belle. This exploration centre toutes les personnes about goat’s cheese is great amusant to visit and is also the opportunity to try different local cheeses.The Musée ns Poitou protestant at Beaussais is really interesting and the guided tour explains thé history du the Protestants de Poitou told par a school teacher.At thé heart de Chizé national forest, Zoodyssée is a 30 hectares animal park through 70 species du European animals.

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Livre beforehand to follow the keepers around and watch them at work. In lété there room educational activities to sait more about thé animals.Discover Deux-Sèvres through Gites ns France Deux-Sèvres : watercraft trips conditions météorologiques the senchaînent Poitevin, durablement d"Oiron, senchaînent Poitevin regional Natural Park"