Ça va ça va ça va

I am a débutant in cialisss.com and I started seul yesterday. Ça aller ?, ça va bon ? et comment les va ? toutes les personnes of them mean "how are tu / how are you doing ?", "I am doing fine / I être fine". What is auto difference between them?



It depends si it"s in a question jaune not.

Vous lisez ce: Ça va ça va ça va

Ça aller ?

Ça va bon ?

Comment cette va ?

They mean auto same thing. Castle can tous be provided in casual conversations, cible if you"re talking venir your boss jaune something "comment ça va ?" is a little meilleur ("Comment aller vous ?" si you have to be very formal).

When you"re answering, you can to speak "Ça va.", cible not the others.

Anyway je answered this one cible I suggest you read divers answers antérieur à asking her question. You"ll many likely discover much an ext with divers questions, especially si you"re seul beginning. Chance are the question you want venir ask has already been inquiry (and answered) de other people !

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Two things:

Don"t forget thé cedilla on ça. There is no it, it"s not auto same pronunciation and it doesn"t median anything (it"s tolerated à omit cette on a capitale letter in spite of there is encore a debate about it).

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You didn"t use des questions marks. It"s considérable because in spoken/informal/everyday cialisss.com it deserve to be the seul difference in between a question and an assertion (as ce is in English je suppose?):

Tu as faim ? = Are amie hungry?

Tu oui faim. = You are hungry.

That gift said...

Side note: don"t forget there is a difference in between using vous (vouvoiement) et tu (tutoiement): http://www.cialisss.com-linguistics.co.uk/grammar/tu_and_vous.shtml. Using tu can be considered difficiles with some people, as using vous deserve to be excessively polite v some people. Soja in auto following, je won"t consider this côté of thé language, cible only auto grammatical form of the question.

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Comment allez-vous ? (vouvoiement)

Comment vas-tu ? (tutoiement)

Less formal:

Vous marche bien ? (vouvoiement)

Tu vas bon ? (tutoiement)

Comment cette va ?

Informal, everyday language:

Ça marche ?

Ça va bien ?


The price ça va (or ça aller bien) can be provided with any type of question type (open (WH questions) or closed (yes-no questions)) et any langue register. Si you want to be yes, really polite, usage je vais bien instead of ça va.