A quel heure est le tirage du loto



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By signing up to the VIP (Very significativement Player), elle undertake venir comply strictly with the following rules et regulations. Any breach jaune non-observance de such rules et regulations will an outcome in automatic disqualification.


1. the contest will start nous the 30th November 2015 and will end nous the 31st December 2015.

2. A Winner jaune the Winners will be designated on a random basis, during a draw on the 8th du January 2016 under auto supervision of the GRA (Gambling regulatory Authority). Thé authority’s decision is final et cannot be contested in whatsoever way.

3. Only one entry based nous a valid téléphone mobile, téléphone portable number, unless otherwise stated, is allowed revenir participant.

4. Lottotech reserves thé right to publish auto names and other personal details de the winners for publicity or promotional purposes on its website et other channels.


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Winners will certainly be contacted through their mobile number et will it is in informed around when, how and where à collect your prizes.

6. ne sont pas cash alternatives to the prizes will certainly be offered. Thé prizes room not transferable.

7. In order venir claim a gift, all winners need to register with their precious details to thé www.loterienational.mu website. Si a winner gives fake or inexactitude information, their ingérence could be voided and he jaune she will not it is in able venir claim any kind of gifts.

8. the winners will ont six months after auto draw à acknowledge receipt ns their prizes. Any type of unclaimed compensation after 6 months from the daté of auto draw will certainly be remitted venir the intérieur Solidarity Fund ont per GRA.

9. participants agree to waive any kind of claim against Lottotech and its partners against any losses or damages de any type whatsoever in connection with this competition jaune the prizes that pouvez be won, oui well as any claim based on any alleged breach ns privacy rights.


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by signing increase to the VIP Club, an Entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.