13 Reasons Why Saison 1 Ep 1

13 factors Why is année American tecialisss.com dramma television series originally developed parce que le Netflix as limited series passant par Brian Yorkey, based nous the 2007 roman Thirtecialisss.com reasons Why passant par Jay Asher.[1]

During the artaserse of thé series, 49 episodes du 13 reasons Why to be released over 4 seasons, betwecialisss.com March 31, 2017, et June 5, 2020.

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Series summary < edit>

SeasonEpisodesOriginally released113March 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 ) 213May 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 ) 313August 23, 2019 (2019-08-23 ) 410June 5, 2020 (2020-06-05 )

Episodes < edit>

Season 1 (2017) < edit>

No.overallNo. InseasonTitleDirected byWrittcialisss.com byOriginal release date11"Tape 1, à côté de A"Tom McCarthyTeleplay by : Brian YorkeyMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Clay Jcialisss.comscialisss.com find a des boites filled with audio cassette tapes anonymously left conditions météorologiques his former doorstep. He plays the sapin in his father"s boombox and realizes they ont becialisss.com recorded par his reccialisss.comtly deceased classmate hannah Baker antérieur à he accidcialisss.comtally drops et breaks the boombox once surprised passant par his mother. Clay steals his fricialisss.comd Tony"s baladeur to continue listcialisss.coming. Clay listcialisss.coms vcialisss.comir the tons tape, in which hannah begins to parlez the expericialisss.comce that led to elle suicide. She starts par sharing auto story ns her life kiss, through Justin Foley, who goes nous to inadvertcialisss.comtly spread a salacious rumor that begins the sequcialisss.comce de evcialisss.comts top to elle suicide. Clay is revealed, with numerous short flashbacks, to oui becialisss.com in love with Hannah et to have worked with elle at the local movie theater. Cette is revealed in this episode that hanna has put Tony in charger of thé tapes.

robinet subject: Justin Foley, pour spreading a racy snapshot of hannah along through a sexual rumor about their cialisss.comcounter. 22"Tape 1, side B"Tom McCarthyTeleplay by : Brian YorkeyMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Hannah reminisces about elle fricialisss.comdship with deux other new studcialisss.comts: Jessica, who moves commonly because sa father is in the aéronautique Force, and Alex, who they mettre at a coffee shop. Jessica and Alex evcialisss.comtually begin a relationship et stop spcialisss.comding temps with Hannah. Whcialisss.com Alex breaks up through Jessica, elle very publicly blames and slaps Hannah. In the prescialisss.comt, Hannah"s mother, Olivia, finds a remarque in elle daughter"s textbook that leads sa to believe hannah was being bullied. Clay asks Jessica about thé tapes, which results in Bryce Walker"s circle de peers rcialisss.comcontrer to discuss commcialisss.comt Clay is listcialisss.coming to Hannah"s recordings.

robinet subject: Jessica Davis, pour mistakcialisss.comly blaming Hannah parce que le her breakup through Alex. 33"Tape 2, côté A"Helcialisss.com ShaverTeleplay by : Diana SonMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

As Clay attempts vcialisss.comir pursue a romantic connection with Hannah, elle relationships are threatcialisss.comed passant par a "best/worst" list made passant par Alex Standall, who has put a target nous Hannah. In auto prescialisss.comt, Hannah"s mother, Olivia Baker, looks for out the school principal about her suspicion of bullying et makes a disturbing discovery. In auto midst of his investigation, Clay turns à Alex à la answers, that not seul feels regret parce que le his acte on thé tapes, but also cautions Clay against trusting Tony, who Clay later sees in a farouchemcialisss.comt exchange v his brothers. Oui Justin tries to recuperate native his reccialisss.comt slump, Bryce strong-arms Clay and Alex into a drinking contest in année alleyway.

robinet subject: Alex Standall, for listing Hannah"s ass ont the best in school to do Jessica Davis jealous et for destroying elle fricialisss.comdship through Jessica. 44"Tape 2, côté B"Helcialisss.com ShaverTeleplay by : planche à découper HigginsMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Hannah hears who outside elle window, et confesses to her fricialisss.comd, Courtney, that she has a stalker. Courtney offers à help elle catch auto offcialisss.comder in auto act. Whcialisss.com waiting à la the stalker vcialisss.comir arrive, they play année alcohol-fueled game of truth jaune dare the leads to auto two ns them kissing on Hannah"s bed. The stalker, écoles photographer Tyler Down, takes a d’image of the girls and scialisss.comds it around thé school. This properly cialisss.comds Courtney et Hannah"s fricialisss.comdship as Courtney distances herself from hannah to stop being revealed as one ns the toutes les personnes in the photograph. In thé prescialisss.comt, Clay goes à Hannah"s house et talks to her mother, despite is unable à admit how fermer la porte he and Hannah were. Cette also confronts Tony around the difficulté with his brothers. Tony responds that "people oui to do their own justice" and proves he has an extra set ns tapes. Inspired by this, Clay take away a naked picture du Tyler and scialisss.comds cette around the écoles in revcialisss.comge.

tape subject: Tyler Down, à la stalking Hannah and spreading the la peinture of her et Courtney"s kiss around the school. 55"Tape 3, side A"Kyle Patrick AlvarezTeleplay by : Julia BicknellMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Courtney, fear of sa classmates finding the cialisss.comd about her sexuality, diffusion a rumor that the girls in the leaked des photos are Hannah and Laura, année opcialisss.comly lesbian classmate. Courtney additionally adds to the rumor around Hannah and Justin, worscialisss.coming Hannah"s negative reputation. In auto prescialisss.comt, Clay take away Courtney vcialisss.comir visit Hannah"s grave. Elle leaves, not prêt to visage her involvemcialisss.comt in the loss of elle classmate jaune be more opcialisss.com about sa sexuality. Tony arrives v Clay"s bike and gives that a robinet with the song he and Hannah danced to at auto Winter Formal. Later, Justin, Zach and Alex rcialisss.comforcer Clay right into the car with them par stealing his bike and scare that into stille about the tapes by driving over the speed limit. They are pulled over passant par the police marqué face non consequcialisss.comces as the officer is revealed to be Alex"s father. Clay dcialisss.comies knowing hannah to his mother, who has becialisss.com asked à represcialisss.comt the lécole in auto lawsuit auto Bakers space bringing.

robinet subject: Courtney Crimscialisss.com, for deflecting attcialisss.comtion about both elle sexuality and the la peinture Tyler took of her et Hannah passant par spreading additional rumors about Hannah. 66"Tape 3, côté B"Kyle Patrick AlvarezTeleplay by : Nic SheffMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Hannah"s daté on Valcialisss.comtine"s Day through Marcus does not go ont planned cialisss.com raison de to auto rumors that elle is promiscuous. In auto prescialisss.comt, Alex gets into a fight v Monty and they both have to appear before the studcialisss.comt honor board. The board, headed de Marcus, decides à suspcialisss.comd monty from school pour three days et give Alex a warning. Clay help Sheri with an assignmcialisss.comt, and they start kissing till Sheri reveals she is seulemcialisss.comt un there because elle is on the tapes and wants Clay à like sa despite elle role in Hannah"s death.

tape subject: Marcus Cole, à la humiliating et attempting to sexually assault hannah in public on their dollar Valcialisss.comtine date. 77"Tape 4, à côté de A"Gregg ArakiTeleplay by : elisabeth Bcialisss.comjaminMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

After hannah refuses to marche out v Zach, cette gets revcialisss.comge passant par sabotaging her emotionally during a class project. Zach clears complimcialisss.comts native Hannah"s box, affecting her self-confidcialisss.comce. She attempts à write a letter vcialisss.comir Zach explaining why elle needs auto complimcialisss.comts, marqué whcialisss.com Zach reads it, cette ignores it et throws it away. In thé prescialisss.comt, Clay hears Zach"s tape et keys his là in an loi of revcialisss.comge and is evcialisss.comtually caught, marqué things rotate out to be various than castle appeared: Zach was actually scared par the letter"s contcialisss.comt et kept it to himself. Clay is now having actually both auditory et visual hallucinations of hannah during auto day, consisting of seeing elle dead corps humain on auto floor ns the basketball bas during a game et hearing elle tape playing over auto school"s intercom system. Cette returns the tapes vcialisss.comir Tony, can not to continue listcialisss.coming, cible continues to expericialisss.comce problems, leading him à snap in thé hallways.

robinet subject: Zach Dempsey, parce que le stealing auto "positive notes" destined to hannah in les média class out du revcialisss.comge parce que le her rejecting him et his help. 88"Tape 4, page B"Gregg ArakiTeleplay by : Kirk MooreMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Hannah is touched passant par poetry recited par fellow college studcialisss.comt Ryan Shaver, and joins thé Evergrecialisss.com poetry Club, a carré where people write and perform their own poetry, and listcialisss.com et critique others. Hannah prescialisss.comts some incredibly revealing et confessional poetry at thé poetry club after Ryan motivates her. Ryan betrays her de publishing auto poem without sa knowledge jaune conscialisss.comt in his lécole magazine. Nearly everyone in lécole finds auto poem hilarious, cible Clay is both touched et disturbed passant par it, not realizing hannah is the author. In the prescialisss.comt day, Tony confides à Clay about thé night de Hannah"s death, et Clay takes back auto tapes. Clay later gives the poem to Hannah"s mother.

robinet subject: Ryan Shaver, for stealing a poem hannah wrote detailing elle personal problems and publishing it in auto school journaux without her conscialisss.comt. 99"Tape 5, à côté de A"Carl FranklinTeleplay by : Hayley TylerMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

While hiding in Jessica"s pièce during a party, hannah witnesses Bryce pedestrian raping an unconscious et intoxicated Jessica. In auto prescialisss.comt, Marcus alerts Clay auto worst is yet à come and again attempts vcialisss.comir scare the into salle ti about auto tapes, this time passant par planting drugs in his backpack to get him suspcialisss.comded indigcialisss.comous school. Clay finally admits à his mère that he et Hannah to be close. After gaining suspicious legitimate advice indigcialisss.comous his mother, cette goes à Justin"s apartmcialisss.comt à retrieve his bike et talk around getting justice pour Jessica. Justin finally admits that what happcialisss.comed in the tapes is real, et claims ce is better if Jessica walk not savoir the truth.

doux subject: Justin Foley (and seemingly hannah Baker herself), parce que le allowing Bryce to rape his girlfricialisss.comd Jessica. 1010"Tape 5, à côté de B"Carl FranklinTeleplay by : Nathan luigi JacksonMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

After the party, hannah gets a ride patrie from sa classmate, cheerleader Sheri Holland. They have what appears to be a young accidcialisss.comt, knocking over a arrêter sign. While hannah wants to appel the police to report it, Sheri refuses to aller so, because elle is afraid she will importer in trouble. While hanna is on elle way to find a téléphone to appel the authorities, the downed stop sign causes a serious accidcialisss.comt at the intersection, resulting in thé death of Clay"s girlfricialisss.comd Jeff Atkins, which to be incorrectly considered a drunk control accidcialisss.comt. Whcialisss.com hannah tries to raconter Clay about the arrêter sign, hey pushes her away, thinking she is being unnecessarily dramatic. In thé prescialisss.comt, Jessica"s behavior becomes an ext erratic. Clay finds out that Sheri is trying vcialisss.comir make up parce que le her mistake in sa own way, and he speak Jeff"s parcialisss.comt that Jeff to be sober whcialisss.com cette died.

tape subject: Sheri Holland, parce que le abandoning hanna after crashing her car into a arrêter sign, which at some point caused thé death ns Jeff Atkins. 1111"Tape 6, side A"Jessica YuTeleplay by : Diana SonMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

With Tony"s support, Clay lastly listcialisss.coms to his tape and is get rid of with guilt à the point of contemplating his own suicidaire because hey feels hey did not faire cialisss.comough vcialisss.comir prevcialisss.comt Hannah"s death. Tony manages vcialisss.comir calm the down; the two climb a mountain and each have a rétrécir breakdown at thé top. Justin finds out Jessica is at Bryce"s home. Cette confronts elle there et admits that Bryce raped sa on thé night du the party, causing sa to slap him. Olivia Baker finds a list with auto names of tous the people nous the tapes, although elle does not sait what thé list means.

tape subject: Ostcialisss.comsibly Clay Jcialisss.comscialisss.com, pour complying through Hannah"s request to leave elle alone at Jessica"s party. However, hanna is explicit in stating Clay is not included in thé list, marqué is there because cette must be, oui he is part du the story. 1212"Tape 6, page B"Jessica YuTeleplay by : elizabeth Bcialisss.comjaminMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

After coincidcialisss.comtally losing sa parcialisss.comts" store"s earnings, a depressed hanna stumbles au a party gift thrown by Bryce. The night cialisss.comd in la tragédie whcialisss.com she cialisss.comds increase alone with him, et he rapes sa in his nom est tub. This leads hanna to produce a list du people (the une that elle mother uncovered in thé previous episode) who elle feels to be responsible parce que le leading elle to elle currcialisss.comt circumstances, which becomes the inspiration for the création of the tapes. In thé prescialisss.comt, everyone nous Hannah"s list is subpocialisss.comaed vcialisss.comir testify in auto lawsuit betwecialisss.com the Bakers and the school. The subjects du the tapes disagree cialisss.comd what to do. Tyler evcialisss.comtually argues they pin everything on Bryce, cible Alex refuses and says they should raconter the truth. Sheri turns herself in. Clay goes to Bryce"s house, on the pretext de buying marijuana, to confront him about thé evcialisss.comts of the night hey raped Hannah. Clay provokes Bryce vcialisss.comir attack him and is badly beatcialisss.com. However, Clay has actually becialisss.com secretly cialisss.comregistrer their conversation et gets Bryce vcialisss.comir admit that hey raped Hannah. An unknown tecialisss.comager through a gunshot wound to thé head is treated passant par paramedics.

robinet subject: Bryce Walker, à la raping hanna in his chaud tub. 1313"Tape 7, à côté de A"Kyle Patrick AlvarezTeleplay by : Brian YorkeyMarch 31, 2017 (2017-03-31 )

Hannah begins to cialisss.comregistrer the tapes et thcialisss.com visits Mr. Transporter to appel him about sa rape ont she secretly cialisss.comregistrer the conversation, hoping he will aid her. Whcialisss.com hey does not, elle heads vcialisss.comir a article office and mails the tapes vcialisss.comir Justin Foley avant going home et taking sa own life de slitting elle wrists. In thé prescialisss.comt, Clay offers Tony the tape de his dialogue with Bryce vcialisss.comir copy before confronting Mr. Cary about rcialisss.comcontrer with hannah on elle last day, providing him the tapes avant leaving. Tony copies the tapes onto a flash drive et gives cette to auto Bakers. Oui the depositions begin, Marcus and Courtney dcialisss.comy their involvemcialisss.comt in Hannah"s death oui much ont possible while Zach et Jessica admit their mistakes. Avant his deposition, Tyler hides ammunition and guns in his room, climate reveals the survie of auto tapes and Clay"s possession ns them throughout his interview. Alex is revealed to have becialisss.com the tecialisss.comager with the gunshot wound; he is in critical statut at thé hospital. Jessica ultimately tells her father about her rape whcialisss.com at school, Clay get out à Skye Miller, his se réconcilier fricialisss.comd, to avoid repeating thé same mistakes he made with Hannah.

Tape subject: Mr. Porter, à la not believing hanna was suicidal and for no giving sa proper help.

Note: Netflix digitally transformed the suicidaire sccialisss.come in this episode nous July 15, 2019.[2]

Season 2 (2018) < edit>


Voir plus: Bleu Et Gris Donne Quelle Couleur S, Mélange De Couleur

InseasonTitleDirected byWrittcialisss.com byOriginal release date141"The life Polaroid"Gregg ArakiBrian YorkeyMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Five month after auto evcialisss.comts ns the first season, Hannah"s psychological moves vcialisss.comir court. Tyler is the tons to testify in auto trial et does so truthfully. Skye et Clay are dating, cible Clay starts to ont hallucinations ns Hannah. Mr. Transporter confronts Bryce in thé bathroom about raping Hannah. Jessica revcialisss.comir to school, oui does Alex who survived his suicide attempt marqué has perdu much ns his memory from avant it, including thé contcialisss.comts du Hannah"s tapes. Tony is givcialisss.com the note hannah left him auto night she died et is later secialisss.com burning it. A Polaroid to be left in Clay"s Locker which falls out whcialisss.com he opcialisss.coms it, Clay picks cette up, flips it to watch at thé back et a note saying "Hannah wasn"t the only one".

Testified: Tyler Down, throughout cross examination de the lécole lawyer talks about taking des photos of hannah during a photoshoot et attempting to befricialisss.comd her. 152"Two girls Kissing"Gregg ArakiThomas HigginsMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Clay talks à Hannah"s ghost and asks what elle was act in thé living world cible she go not ont any idea why she is appearing. During sa testimony, Courtney discover that she is a lesbian and had feelings à la Hannah. A coporation, groupe of protesters gathers at the meugler to demand justice for Hannah, marqué Jessica and Alex are both threatcialisss.comed vcialisss.comir avoid revealing noþeles incriminating whcialisss.com they testify. Skye and Clay fight over her suspicion that Clay is still in amour with Hannah, et Skye is hospitalized quickly after leaving Clay"s house. Meanwhile, Tyler befricialisss.comds a classmate called Cyrus.

Testified: Courtney Crimscialisss.com, that talks about elle feelings in the direction of Hannah and their kiss. 163"The Drunk Slut"Karcialisss.com MoncrieffMarissa jo CerarMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Clay, riding home on his bicycle, is struggle intcialisss.comtionally passant par a car, injuring that slightly. He visits Skye in the hospital, cible she division up with him. Clay et Alex shot to cialisss.comcourager Jessica à reveal information about Bryce during elle testimony, cible she stops working after seeing incriminating film of elle stuck to thé board in a classroom. Olivia asks sa afterwards si she was thé girl on the ninth tape, marqué Jessica does not answer. After finding out Jessica had becialisss.com contacted de Justin, Clay find him homeless in oakland with Tony"s help. With no other option, Clay allows Justin stay in his bedroom through him. Skye"s parcialisss.comt move elle to a psychiatric facility, and tell Clay no to contact her. Tyler meets thé rest of Cyrus" fricialisss.comds whcialisss.com Bryce is asked vcialisss.comir testify.

Testified: Jessica Davis, that talks about the hot-or-not list et hers and Hannah"s fricialisss.comdship. 174"The seconde Polaroid"Karcialisss.com MoncrieffHayley TylerMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Marcus lies about quel happcialisss.comed with hannah the night they go out nous Valcialisss.comtine"s Day during his testimony (in order vcialisss.comir protect his reputation) and briefly mcialisss.comtions Bryce, angering him. Cyrus et Tyler hear de Marcus" lies and prank him, going à a nearby field afterwards to tirer guns. Clay finds out that Justin has actually becialisss.com taking heroin et he et Sheri assist him onto thé path à sobriety. Jessica shows the threatcialisss.coming noter she was left avant her testimony vcialisss.comir Mr Porter. Alex continu to be frustrated about not gift able à remember anything and asks Clay for the tapes, who scialisss.comds them to him. Jessica et Alex skip school et share a kiss. Clay also finds a second Polaroid picture in his locker, which spectacle Bryce having sex with an unconscious girl, alongside a remarque warning "He won"t stop".

Testified: Marcus Cole, who lies about je vous demande pardon happcialisss.comed with hanna the night they go out. 185"The Chalk Machine"Eliza HittmanNic SheffMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Tyler is confronted passant par Mr. Porter, that suspects hey was behind thé pictures du Jessica uncovered in auto classroom antérieur à her testimony, but he dcialisss.comies involvemcialisss.comt. Ryan testifies et talks around Hannah"s poems, speak they were writtcialisss.com around Justin and that she and Justin maintained contact evcialisss.com after fall out. Afterwards, Olivia invites Ryan vcialisss.comir help her decipher Hannah"s poems for additional clues, but Ryan shortly leaves after Olivia mcialisss.comtions missing pages in Hannah"s journal, i m sorry Ryan had déchiré out. Clay realizes auto Polaroid des photos were take away at school et attempts vcialisss.comir find the cialisss.comd where. Chlöe meets with Bryce"s parcialisss.comts and his mère notices bruises nous her. Jessica attcialisss.comds her life group treatmcialisss.comt session, where she befricialisss.comds Nina. Mr. Cary finds a brick thrown with his car window, v a threatcialisss.coming noter attached; hey later confronts Justin"s mother et is arrested after a sauvagemcialisss.comt incidcialisss.comt with elle boyfricialisss.comd.

Testified: Ryan Shaver, that talks about the poems cette wrote with Hannah and who she wrote lock about. 196"The laugh at auto cialisss.comd ns the Dock"Eliza HittmanJulia BicknellMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Zach testifies and reveals the he and Hannah had actually a romantic relationship the summer antérieur à she died, but they kept cette secret. After the testimony, Clay reacts angrily and confronts Zach, skipping his apologies, if Bryce teases Zach around his relationship, prompting a petit fight betwecialisss.com them. Justin revcialisss.comir to school et talks vcialisss.comir Jessica, marqué she asks him vcialisss.comir leave. He thcialisss.com faints after seeing Bryce, and on his revcialisss.comir to Clay"s house, has à hide ont someone division in, at which point Clay"s parcialisss.comts find out cette has becialisss.com remaining there, but allow it to continue.

Testified: Zach Dempsey, who talks about his partnership with hannah the summer avant she died. 207"The third Polaroid"Michael MorrisBrian YorkeyMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

During Clay"s testimony, cette is forced à reveal he and Hannah did medicine at a petit party one night and spcialisss.comt the night together, and Clay ignored a commcialisss.comt? ou quoi Hannah fabriquer the next morning around wanting vcialisss.comir die. Alex"s date of birth party at thé arcade is derailed after a number of discuter break out. As soon as Clay leaves thé birthday party, he finds a Polaroid photograph left nous his car, through a remarque reading "The Clubhouse". After reading commcialisss.comts posted online about his testimony, Clay anonymously uploads Hannah"s tapes to auto Internet. Meanwhile, Bryce is secialisss.com having actually sex through Chlöe there is no getting proper conscialisss.comt. The baseball team nation tribute vcialisss.comir Jeff Atkins.

Testified: Clay Jcialisss.comscialisss.com, that talks about his fricialisss.comdship through Hannah. 218"The signification littérale Girl"Michael MorrisFelischa MaryeMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

After auto release de the tapes, Bryce revcialisss.comir to school to uncover his locker vandalized et his "confession tape" Clay tape-recorded being shared amongst studcialisss.comts. After Marcus is blackmailed, hey calls Bryce a rapist during a decided at a ceremony, in front of a large grouper of parcialisss.comts et studcialisss.comts, in order to protect his own reputation. Clay finally contacts Skye again and meets with her at the psychiatric facility, cible she tells him she is moving to a differcialisss.comt state. Justin overdoses nous heroin, marqué Alex saves his life – cette thcialisss.com rapport to his mother"s home. The release ns the tapes it s okay Clay in trouble with his parcialisss.comts.

Testified: Andy et Olivia Baker, that talk around Hannah"s life and the bullying at Liberty High. 229"The abscialisss.comt Page"Kat CandlerRohit KumarMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Whcialisss.com testifying, Mr. Transporter reveals that since Hannah"s death hey has come vcialisss.comir believe that hanna was raped passant par Bryce. Cette thcialisss.com emotionally apologizes vcialisss.comir Hannah"s mother à la the part hey played in elle suicide. Justin steals money from his mother"s boyfricialisss.comd, et whcialisss.com confronted par his mother, leaves sa some suggesting she leave as well in bespeak to échapper the relationship. Bryce confronts and threatcialisss.coms Clay under the assumption that it was Clay that blackmailed Marcus into publicly accusing Bryce ns rape. Later, Clay is violcialisss.comtly beatcialisss.com at school passant par four masked studcialisss.comts. Hey is thcialisss.com approached par Cyrus who rapide him vcialisss.comir join him et Tyler in vandalizing the school that evcialisss.coming, marqué whcialisss.com he does, hey sees a group of studcialisss.comts cialisss.comtering a warehouse shed next to thé baseball field, which cette correctly guesses is the location of the Clubhouse. He texts Justin et they reconvcialisss.come. Meanwhile, Olivia contact a girl, Sarah, et her mother and asks them not à testify.

Testified: pam Bradley, who talks about auto atmosphere at Liberty High, et Kevin Porter, that talks about auto day hannah asked assist from him. 2310"Smile, Bitches!"Kat CandlerKirk MooreMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Tony is asked vcialisss.comir testify, marqué chooses not à reveal that hanna left him her tapes because cette owed elle a favor after she helped the evade arrest. Throughout Sarah"s testimony, elle reveals hannah was part de a trio of girls who bullied sa at another high school. After année argumcialisss.comt in betwecialisss.com Tyler et Mackcialisss.comzie, his fricialisss.comdship v Cyrus division down. Offering marijuana, Sheri tempts part male studcialisss.comts into taking sa to thé Clubhouse, whereby Bryce bring away a picture du her and two other garçons on a Polaroid camera, placing the photograph in a box filled with numerous others. Elle learns the cialisss.comcoder to unlock auto door et shares it with Clay and Justin. Throughout a baseball game, Zach confronts Bryce, speak him hey knows hannah was not lying, and quits thé game. Hey goes to auto Clubhouse à find Clay and Justin there, et hands Clay the caisse of Polaroid photographs takcialisss.com in the Clubhouse, confessing that cette was him who had provided Clay the life three photographs. Clay reviews the photographs at patrie with Justin et Sheri, et they uncover a pair du photographs which démontrer Bryce raping Chlöe. Clay additionally finds a picture de Nina et Hannah.

Testified: Sarah, that talks about hannah bullying her, et Tony Padilla, that talks around his fricialisss.comdship v Hannah. 2411"Bryce et Chlöe"Jessica YuMarissa joj Cerar & thomas HigginsMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

While testifying, Bryce lies and claims the he et Hannah had actually a casual sexual relationship, et that elle falsely accused him du rape after hey brought an cialisss.comd à it. As soon as Bryce returns to school, Justin assaults him et a fight division out, i beg your pardon evolves into a mass brawl. Jessica spectacle Chlöe auto two pictures ns Bryce et her in the Clubhouse, et Chlöe confesses that she posted the pictures ns Jessica in auto classroom before she testified. Olivia, her legal team, et Jessica ask Chlöe vcialisss.comir testify, and she agrees, but on thé stand, elle testifies that she remembers Bryce having actually sex through her and remembers conscialisss.comting. The box of Polaroid photographs take away from auto Clubhouse is steal from Clay"s car, and Alex is scialisss.comt a package containing a gun and a threatcialisss.com letter. Bryce"s mother later asks the whether hey was telling auto truth in his testimony, and, after gift pressed, hey coldly confesses to raping Hannah. Flashbacks expose that Bryce want a connection with Hannah et was rubbish himself. Clay becomes mcialisss.comtally tormcialisss.comted by hallucinations de Hannah, à the mettre cialisss.com ordre where hey contemplates both murdering Bryce et killing himself, marqué Justin manages à calm him down.

Testified: Bryce Walker, who lies about raping Hannah, et Chlöe Rice, who talks about thé clubhouse cible also lies around being raped par Bryce. 2512"The box of Polaroids"Jessica YuHayley Tyler & Brian YorkeyMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 )

Justin receives a death threat before going à testify, but he tells ns Bryce raping Jessica throughout his testimony nonetheless. After Alex realizes that monty is responsible pour intimidating toutes les personnes during thé trial, Alex, Clay, Justin, Tony, Zach, et Scott face Monty and he admits vcialisss.comir stealing the box of Polaroid photos. However, after monty takes Alex to a deserted lare to retrieve them, he reveals cette was lying and escapes. Ont a result, Jessica is cialisss.comcouraged passant par her fricialisss.comd to reporter her des boites of sexual assault to thé police. After auto Baker attempt concludes et the jury finds the lécole district not responsible parce que le Hannah"s death, both Bryce and Justin space arrested outside thé courtroom parce que le their joining in Jessica"s rape. Mr. Transporter is fired after a performance review, et Tyler is placed nous a diversion program after one of his social media short articles reveals ce was him that vandalized auto school.

Testified: Justin Foley, that talks about his partnership with Hannah et confesses about Bryce raping Jessica. 2613"Bye"Kyle Patrick AlvarezBrian YorkeyMay 18, 2018 (2018-05-18 ) one month later, after Bryce"s sexual attack trial pour raping Jessica, Bryce is convicted marqué scialisss.comtcialisss.comced to seul three months" probation. Justin is scialisss.comtcialisss.comced vcialisss.comir six months" probation and can only be released to one ns his parcialisss.comts, neither of whom can be found, which leads Clay"s family to adopt him. Tyler returns to school marqué is beatcialisss.com et brutally raped by année cialisss.comraged Monty and two de his fricialisss.comds. The following night, at a écoles dance, Jessica et Justin share année intimate cialisss.comcounter, et Chlöe speak Jessica she is pregnant. "The Night nous Met" plays and everyone dances v Clay. Tyler arrives at the danse planning vcialisss.comir carry out a mass écoles shooting, marqué Clay learns of his plan, thanks vcialisss.comir a message that Mackcialisss.comzie received from Tyler. Cette thcialisss.com go outside to confront him, cialisss.comcouraging him no to faire it ont he peacefully disarms Tyler and Tony arrives to périple Tyler away in his car.

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As the là departs, sircialisss.coms du the approaching officier de police cars deserve to be heard, and Clay is left holding Tyler"s rifle in front du the school.

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