Hello et welcome to our live coverage of stage 13 du the Tour aux France. Today is arguably the hardest de the course with 4,400m du climbing in the géant Central.

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As thé CN blimp takes elevation yet again, the riders space signing nous in Chatel-Guyon.

Everyone is concerned about thé 119km stage. Auto GC contenders à la the intended battle on the steep final climbs, your teammates who will play a vital faire un don role, and even auto sprinters, who will ont to journey hard à finish inside thé time limit.

Jumbo-Visma is last venir sign on, v Primoz Roglic in auto leader"s yellow jersey.

He leads Egan Bernal (Ineos) de just 21 seconds et has gained tous of them via temps bonuses. Today"s phase is expected to see a fight parce que le the temps bonuses marqué also accumulate some diriger attacks.

Team Sunweb have also signed on. Lock are conditions météorologiques a high after your impressive combined performance and Marc Hirshi"s solo victory yesterday.

To review our complete stage 12 report and see our huge image gallery et full results, click below.

Tour ns France: Third temps a charm for Hirschi in Sarran


This is today"s stage. It rolls with the french countryside tous day et then top into the extinct volcanoes du the massif Central.

Chatel_Guyon - Puy Mary cantal 🏁📏 191,5 km🎬 Discover auto 3D route of this long and hard day nous the saddle.🎬 Découvrez le parcours 3D du cette démarche des volcans !#TDF2020 #TDFunited pic.twitter.com/zPgTPeWOG3September 11, 2020

Remi Cavagna de Deceuninck-QuickStep is the local Enfant ns Pays, the local rider.

remicav "I live 400m away from here.You"ve got to be in auto front here. It"ll be tough à la me in thé final. I"ll oui to be in the front and there"ll be a battle soja I"ll do my best"#TDF2020 pic.twitter.com/ZHzYoZGal7September 11, 2020

The riders ont rolled out ns Chatel-Guyon parce que le the neutralised start. They face à face 6.9km avant the depart fictif.

World champion Mads Pedersen requirements some mechanically help venir adjust his stem. Hey grabs auto allen key and does cette himself.

This is de nouveau look at what thé riders face. Like the television journalists interviewed, we expect a actual battle for the phase win and amongst thé GC contenders.

Here we go! thé flag drops and the phase is under way.

We are expecting instant attacks.

🚩 here they go! stage 13 is underway!🚩 und c"est parti, la artaserse est sortie !#TDF2020 #TDFunited pic.twitter.com/T8peFH6yH2September 11, 2020

Five riders ont got a gap and Tejay van Garderen is there parce que le EF but other riders are chasing them.

These images show how significativement today is. Jumbo et other teams warmed-up nous rollers before the start, haricot de soja they were ready parce que le the fast start.

🇫🇷 #TDF2020 important GC day with de nombreux of climbing. That means rollers avant the start. Pic.twitter.com/OtOsuW49K0September 11, 2020

Martin, Alaphilippe and De Marchi and others join thé front group cible the peloton is chasing. Bora is nous the front et want to comprendre into auto attack.

Alaphilippe ups thé pace in the attack, trying venir shake out any type of weaker riders.

Behind Esteban Chaves is leading thé chase and several riders space spat out of the back. This is currently painful.

There five riders left up front now: rémi Cavagna (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Benoît Cosnefroy (AG2R-La Mondiale), Simon Geschke (CCC), Julian Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-Quick Step) and Dan vigne (Israel étoiles Up Nation).

But there command is seulement 15 seconds.

The peloton is lined out and spread throughout several groups. Some of sprinters room trying hold on and survive.

These are auto five marqué the peloton is at 20 seconds, auto elastic has actually not snapped just yet.

Groupama-FDJ et others ont missed thé attack, sauce soja they will chase.

After a high-tempo start, 5 riders ont managed à stay in thé breakaway: après un départ complet rapide, 5 homme tentent de établir l"échappée :🇫🇷

Thomas ns Gendt (Lotto-Soudal) is trying to join auto attack and is chasing solo. He visages a tough task, they"re not going à wait for him, marqué he would add some puissance to thé attack.

But de Gendt is caught, regardless of Jumbo make the efforts to block the peloton. A arme à feu rider breaks their grip nous the race et leads auto chase.

Jumbo and other GC teams seem happy to let the du repos go away. None de the riders space a threat to auto yellow jersey.

However auto teams the missed the move will certainly chase, their directeur sportif ne sont pas doubt on the gyeongju radio informing to importer themselves up the road and in thé action.

The Col de Ceyssat start in 5km. It"s 10km long and so have to be decisive in deciding si the five-rider break sticks jaune is chased down.

The 5 attackers lead thé peloton passant par 1:30 but there space 13 chasers in the middle.

The pause leads de 1:45. There is a coporation, groupe of chasers but Pinot is conditions météorologiques the move from the peloton too. This quick start is going à hurt everyone.

As the climb hurts, marc Soler (Movistar) is trying to marche solo throughout to auto Alpahilippe five.

Behind there are est différent attacks from thé peloton. Barguil is auto latest venir try, ont behind the sprinters room distanced.

Sagan joined the chase to try à be increase front parce que le the intermediate sprint after 111km it was a super ask et indeed, Sagan has faded and dropped back to the peloton.

Soler have the right to see the five attackers now but other chasers are additionally trying to get across.

Half means up thé Col du Ceyssat, Soler joins rémi Cavagna et Julian Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Benoît Cosnefroy (AG2R-La Mondiale), Simon Geschke (CCC) et Dan guttin (Israel Start-Up Nation).

Behind Dani Martinez (EF) has actually gone bataille to join the sapin group de chasers.. However they"re 1:00 behind et will need venir make a vast effort. To marche across.

Jumbo room leading thé peloton and seem happy à let thé six-rider break et for some de the chasers à make à them.

Benoît Cosnefroy (AG2R-La Mondiale) has been to reduce from thé attack et has reduce back to the suivre group. He"s leading the KOM competition cible will likely échouer out on any of the 36 points up parce que le grabs today.

Cosnefroy seulement un has 36 points and so could see his jersey under threat from today.

The 5 attackers are remi Cavagna et Julian Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Simon Geschke (CCC) and Dan guttin (Israel Start-Up Nation).

The chasers space not closing the gap and could shortly be caught de the peloton.

This is thrilling racing from thé very start. It"s a sign de what could come later on.

EF room trying venir split auto chasers, with Hugh Carthy functioning hard parce que le Martinez.

Sivakov is through them, oui is David du la Cruz.

Now Carthy et Martinez press nous alone ont the summit de the Col du Ceyssat nears.

The two EF riders space 50 seconds behind the attack at thé summit. Thé chasers are being closeup of the door down by the yellow jersey group.

The five attackers are trying to recover on the descent of the Col ns Ceyssat. Cette has to be a painful opened hour de racing.

⛰ the 5 leaders reach auto Col ns Ceyssat with an advantage de 1"20"" over auto peloton. 🇩🇪
simongeschke scores 10 points.⛰ les 5 leaders passent à Col aux Ceyssat avec 1"20"" d"avance dessus le peloton. 🇩🇪 Simon Geschke affixe 10 points. #TDF2020 #TDFunited pic.twitter.com/ayrxz3IrqQSeptember 11, 2020


Julian Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-Quick Step) went nous the strike from the start (Image credit: Getty Images)

As auto roads widen, Carthy and Martinez are pulled back passant par the suivre group.

They"re at 45 seconds marqué are being chased passant par the peloton at 1:20.

The gruppetto has developed behind and is at 5:00.


The du repos turns right et begins the Col de Guéry climb. It"s 7.8km longue at 5%. Ce could see thé chasers caught par the peloton.


Jumbo has actually eased up on the front of the peloton after 50km ns high-speed et very intense racing. They take food and chat, v their écart going up à 2:30.

We will currently see if the chasers join renforcer with thé five attackers to form a solid breakaway.

The pace eased when jaune jersey Roglic stopped pour a natural break. That was a sign to thé peloton venir ease up et they did.

The chasers room Pavel Sivakov (Ineos Grenadiers), David aux la Cruz (UAE Team Emirates), Nicolas Edet (Cofidis), Neilson Powless (EF education First), roche Rolland (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) and Warren Barguil (Arkéa-Samsic).

There are le3 EF in auto group and they are seulement 35 seconds down nous Rémi Cavagna et Julian Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Simon Geschke (CCC), Dan martin (Israel Start-Up Nation) and Marc Soler (Movistar).

Max Schachmann (Bora) and Romain Sicard (B&B) ont also acquired into the chasser group as the Col du Guéry hurts.

They are at 30 secs now. Conditions météorologiques could soon oui a front attack de 16 riders.

Valentin Madouas (Groupama-FDJ) has also managed to join the suivre group after a solo effort.

He join Pavel Sivakov (Ineos Grenadiers), Lennard Kämna (Bora-Hansgrohe), Warren Barguil (Arkéa-Samsic) Hugh Carthy, Daniel Martínez, Neilson Powless (EF education First) Nicolas Edet (Cofidis), David du la Cruz (UAE Team Emirates), calcul Rolland (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept), max Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe), auberge romaine Sicard (Total habitent Energie).

They are seulement un 10 seconds behind auto five atttackers: Simon Geschke (CCC Team), marc Soler (Movistar Team), Julian Alaphilippe, rémi Cavagna (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Dan martin (Israel Start-Up Nation)

We ont one super attack now, with the peloton at 5:30.

The attackers room Julian Alaphilippe, rémi Cavagna (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Simon Geschke (CCC Team), marc Soler (Movistar Team), Dan guttin (Israel Start-Up Nation), Pavel Sivakov (Ineos Grenadiers), Lennard Kämna (Bora-Hansgrohe), Warren Barguil (Arkéa-Samsic), Hugh Carthy, Daniel Martínez, Neilson Powless (EF education First) Nicolas Edet (Cofidis), David de la Cruz (UAE Team Emirates), calcul Rolland (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept), max Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe), romain Sicard (Total directement Energie) et Valentin Madouas (Groupama-FDJ).

As the summit ns the Col ns Guéry nears, Rolland surges away venir take hautement points. Could he become a threat venir Benoît Cosnefroy.

🚴‍♂️ thé chasers have joined thé leading group. Nous now ont one 17-man breakaway.🚴‍♂️ esquive poursuivants oui rejoint les groupe de tête. L"échappée la honte à présent 17 coureurs.#TDF2020 #TDFunited pic.twitter.com/9pVytayUedSeptember 11, 2020

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The peloton is now 6:00 behind thé attackers, with Tony guttin riding tempo parce que le Jumbo.

The yellow et black "killer wasps" room lined the end behind him, through Ineos behind them.

The riders enjoy thé descent marqué will soon be climbing again on this roller coaster stage.

Next increase is auto Montée du La Stèle. It"s 6.8km long at 5.7%.

🇫🇷 #TDF2020The case in the gyeongju is now an ext clear. Auto 17 leaders oui a 5"44" écart over thé peloton i m sorry is led by Tony et Amund. Pic.twitter.com/nu8pXjHLaKSeptember 11, 2020

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The attackers start the Montée du La Stèle climb and Hugh Carthy edges away. This is the life shakeout ns the 17-rider attack.

Carthy has actually been joined de Valentin Madouas (Groupama) et they leads the other 15 attackers de 30 seconds.

Perhaps pour team tactical reasons, Carthy has actually eased up et slipped back to auto attack group.

Madouas has actually pushed nous alone et reaches thé summit first.

Back in the peloton, thé sprinters and especially green jersey wearer sam Bennett is fighting à stay on.

The Irishman is pushing a big gear and could shortly be dropped nous the Montée aux La Stèle climb.

The peloton reaches auto summit of the Montée aux La Stèle part 7:00 back on the attackers.

with 100km à race, they ont time et road venir pull them back marqué that will count on if the GC riders want to fight pour the temps bonuses.

There are 8,5 and 2 secs up pour grabs nous the penultimate Col de Neronne, v 11km venir go, v then 10, 6, 4 seconds awarded at the summit finish de the Puy Mary.

What a battle this stage is à la
Sammmy_Be vert jersey
LeTour #TDF2020 pic.twitter.com/nAKAxrdMrhSeptember 11, 2020

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Jumbo-Visma are in regulate in thé peloton.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The riders deserve to enjoy flatter, descending roadways now marqué the climbs will soon revenir with the Côte du l"Estiade.

(Image credit: Getty Images)


Bardet et perhaps Quintana space involved.

Uff. Barde went down hard. He"s back nous his cycle chasing but that must oui hurt.

Quintana is likewise going again et chasing in a small group with Bardet. But they are 1:00 back nous the peloton.

Bardet does not seem injured jaune blooded. No does Quintana.

The peloton seems to have eased, to sportingly wait parce que le them.

Bauke Mollema (Trek) was additionally caught in auto crash. Sadly cette has been forced à retire.

The pause reaches auto intermediate sprint alloue and sweeps up the points, with Alaphilippe taking maximum points.

The écart to the peloton is up à 8:00 ont Bardet et Quintana comprendre back nous after auto crash.

This was the moment of the crash. Ouch.

🇫🇷 A autumn in the peloton saw a scare pour local lad 🇫🇷
romainbardet, cible he and the others including
NairoQuinCo have managed to set off again.🇫🇷 Romain barde a chuté avec d"autres coureurs à lintérieur
NairoQuinCo. Cette sont repartis, entourés de leurs équipiers.#TDF2020 #TDFunited pic.twitter.com/bLkQNYR403September 11, 2020

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🇫🇷 A fall in thé peloton witnessed a scare à la local lad 🇫🇷
romainbardet, but he et the others consisting of
NairoQuinCo ont managed to set éteindre again.🇫🇷 Romain bardet a chuté avec d"autres coureurs parmi eux
NairoQuinCo. Cette sont repartis, entourés de leurs équipiers.#TDF2020 #TDFunited pic.twitter.com/bLkQNYR403September 11, 2020

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The peloton rôle through the Intermediate sprint alloue some 8:00 behind the attack.

We have the right to see that bardet crashed nous his best side, ont did Quintana. They oui some young cuts et road rash et some tears in your jersey and shorts.

Due to the COVID-19 rescheduled season, it"s de nouveau busy day of racing, with stage 5 de Tirreno-Adriatico. It is also auto opening TTT stage du the women"s GiroRosa in Italy.

Here conditions météorologiques cialisss.com conditions météorologiques will oui full reports, results et photos indigenous both races.

To read more about Mollema"s abandon, click below.

Bauke Mollema crashes out of Tour du France

(Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Egan Bernal is spotted par TV in the peloton. He is v his Ineos teammates et jokingly indicates cette is suffering par holding the end his tongue and putting his thumb under his chin.

Is cette joking jaune serious? hey seemed venir be joking marqué we will find out conditions météorologiques the final climbs.

Jumbo-Visma collection the la vitesse in auto peloton nous the Côte de l"Estiade. Thé bunchis 8:52 down nous the escapees, who will be fancying their chances of fighting out thé stage win amongst themselves.


Julian Alaphilippe, remi Cavagna (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Simon Geschke (CCC Team), marc Soler (Movistar Team), Dan martin (Israel Start-Up Nation), Pavel Sivakov (Ineos Grenadiers), Lennard Kämna (Bora-Hansgrohe), Warren Barguil (Arkéa-Samsic), Hugh Carthy, Daniel Martínez, Neilson Powless (EF education First) Nicolas Edet (Cofidis), David aux la Cruz (UAE Team Emirates), roche Rolland (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept), max Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe), auberge romaine Sicard (Total habitent Energie) and Valentin Madouas (Groupama-FDJ)

Peloton at 9:00

Pierre Rolland win Valentin Madouas venir the mountains points atop thé Côte ns l"Estiade. They were the seul two masculin from the du repos to démontrer any attention in contesting auto prime. Julian Alaphilippe, roi of the montagnes in 2018, was heureux to sit in auto group et leave them venir it.

There are three much more classified climbs conditions météorologiques the ordre du jour today – auto category 3 côte d"Anglards-de-Salers, the tough classification 2 Col ns Neronne et the définitif haul to auto finish at Puy Mary.

There is plenty of rugged and rolling action amid those categorised ascents. Dan Martin, Julian Alaphilippe, max Schachmann and the rest of the escapees room working ensemble smoothly parce que le the temps being et one would expect them venir maintain a joined front until they volonté a parcelle closer to thé Col du Neronne.

The Jumbo-Visma-led peloton crests thé summit du the Côte aux l"Estiade part 9 minute down on the break.

Sam Bennett was distanced just near the top du that climb but the green jersey has two Deceuninck-QuickStep teammates à la company et he should latch ago on avant the road climbs again.

A delegation indigenous UAE Team Emirates has actually joined Jumbo-Visma conditions météorologiques the front de the peloton - a signal, perhaps, ns Tadej Pogacar"s intention on this afternoon"s steep finale.

Ineos et Egan Bernal, meanwhile, are heureux to monitor in auto wheels à la now. Sivakov is up thé road in the break but the 9-minute écart means that hey could be of limite use à Bernal later in the stage unless he is ordered almost venir a halt venir wait parce que le his leader, in thé manner du the late Michele Scarponi"s sacrifice nous behalf de Vincenzo Nibali on the penultimate day of the 2016 Giro.


Julian Alaphilippe, rémi Cavagna (Deceuninck-Quick Step), Simon Geschke (CCC Team), marque Soler (Movistar Team), Dan guttin (Israel Start-Up Nation), Pavel Sivakov (Ineos Grenadiers), Lennard Kämna (Bora-Hansgrohe), Warren Barguil (Arkéa-Samsic), Hugh Carthy, Daniel Martínez, Neilson Powless (EF education First) Nicolas Edet (Cofidis), David aux la Cruz (UAE Team Emirates), calcul Rolland (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept), max Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe), auberge romaine Sicard (Total direct Energie) et Valentin Madouas (Groupama-FDJ).

Peloton at 9:50

This is auto quiet antérieur à the storm, with thé riders in the break carefully watching every other avant the final shakedown.

The GC riders et their teammates are also biding their time pour the final climbs.

The break is nous the coast d"Anglards-de-Salers climb, the fifth of the 7 climbs in the stage.

It is only 3.5km long cible climbs at 6.9%.

Neilson Powless (EF education and learning First) has actually edged clear nous the climb, opened EF"s tactics parce que le the finale.

The ont three riders in thé 17-rider attack with Martinez auto protected rider for the finish.

Behind the peloton has actually hit auto 10:00 mark. Thé stage will currently surely be won from thé breakaway today.

Now Ineos has actually taken end at auto head ns the peloton.

They are also starting their finale strategy.

Max Schachmann go after Neilson Powless.

In the break, most divers riders are waiting et watching.

Alaphilippe has decided venir use Cavagna venir lead the chasser up thé Frenchman.

Neilson Powless (EF education and learning First)is first to thé summit of the coast d"Anglards-de-Salers.

Voir plus: 8E De Finale Coupe Du Monde Féminine, Coupe Du Monde Féminine Fifa

Schachmann is 20 seconds behind him, with marc Soler also nous the move. How amazing Alaphilippe is waiting à make his move.

The différent riders in the attack are seulement un 10 seconds down conditions météorologiques Schachmann.

Schachmann join Powless up front as the easlier slopes du the rise towards the finish begins.

The peloton, at 10:00, is nous the top de the ahead climb.

Despite lot debate around team strengths, Ineos room outnumbering Jumbo at the front de the bunch ideal now, 7 riders à 6.

The Col aux Neronne comes through 15km à go cible the road rises all the method now.

The Col du Neronne is seul 3.8km long marqué is steep at 9.1%.

It is followed very quickly par the rise to the finish at Puy Mary nous the Pas aux Payrol.

It is steady at 5% à la 3km marqué then kicks increase at 11% in the final 2km.

This is what thé riders will visage in the final 15km. Le noir means over 10%!

(Image credit: ASO)

Both thé Giro Rosa and the mountain stage at Tirreno-Adriatico have finished.

If you want to know more, head over to our stage report pages for photos, results et more.

The la vitesse is increasing in the break et in the peloton. Nous will have two thrilling gyeongju today, both on one finish.

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)
(Image credit: Getty images Sport)

Ouch. Powless cracks under Schachmann"s speed. Thé German surges on alone, his head rocking under effort.

The rest de the break is 1:00 behind him. Auto strongest climbers will oui to relocate soon or ce will be also late.

Schachmann"s mouth has actually dropped open ont he walk deep.

Schachmann tries venir recover and hold his speed nous the rolling road. Ce will importer very steep soon.

He leads auto Alaphilippe chasers de 1:15.

Marc Soler is the tons to advice in the chase group.

The race parce que le the stage win is on!

🇫🇷 #TDF202015 km to go. Go
MaxSchachmann !!! pic.twitter.com/w1g6tlUu5TSeptember 11, 2020

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Now Martinez surges. Kamna goes through him oui Alaphilippe fades. He"s done.

The pursuit de Schachmann is on marqué Kamna deserve to sit on and wait. An excellent tactics passant par Bora.

Schachmann opens his jersey et puts his tongue out oui he suffers out front.

Behind Ineos calmer boss auto peloton, riding for Bernal.

They"re approaching thé Col aux Neronne. Hold onto your seats, auto fight à la yellow is about to explode.

Alaphilippe kan het tempo fourgon Martinez niet aan en haakt af pic.twitter.com/QAwxnYvjdKSeptember 11, 2020

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(Image credit: Getty images Sport)
(Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Schachmann crosses auto summit du the Col ns Neronne some 40 seconds ahead de Martinez et Kamna.

Schachmann deserve to recover on the 3km ns flat roads and then has venir suffer again nous the steep climb to thé finishline.

🇫🇷 #TDF2020 12 km to go.
MaxSchachmann in auto lead, followed par
lennardkaemna and Daniel Felipe Martinez. What a race💪 pic.twitter.com/8kge4pGJPySeptember 11, 2020

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The speed is hurting auto GC group. Yates and G. Guttin have been distanced.

Bardet has actually been distanced too.

The gyeongju is nous in auto GC coporation, groupe too.

Ineos are encore setting the pace marqué Jumbo et Roglic room there.

Now Carapaz surges.

But cette is pulled back et passed par Kuss, Dumoulin and Roglic.

Bernal is at nous Pogacar"s wheel.

There are seulement 10 or so riders in the GC group.

But non attacks yet nous the steep climb du the Col aux Neronne. Cette will surely toutes les personnes come down venir the final 2km du the final climb now.

Adam Yates has combated back on with a good show de defiance.

Schachmann is still solo out front. Martinez and Kamna are at 20 seconds. This will be close for Schchmann.

There room 14 riders in auto GC group marqué Martin et Bardet will surely shed time et slip down thé GC today.

Pelo Bilbao is leading thé GC group to distance Martin et Bardet à help Landa rise in thé top 10.

Schachmann pushes on, offering his all. Marqué the définitif 2kms at 11% will kick in soon.

Martinez has a great joie here cible has Kamna nous his wheel.

Jumbo take over in the GC group ont they also aller over auto top du the Col du Neronne.

Martinez et Kamna can see Schachmann.

🇫🇷 #TDF2020 7 km.
tom_dumoulin setting thé pace in the yellow jersey group ont they cross the top du the Neronne. The dirigeants is now conditions météorologiques the Puy Mary. Pic.twitter.com/sGY50OkqOESeptember 11, 2020

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Here we go! Schachmann starts thé steep 11% climb to auto finish.

Schachmann seems venir be fading.

Behind G. Guttin is fighting to importer back on.

Martinez et Kamna join Schachmann. Bora require a new tactic.

Kamna kicks but Martinez is quick to join him. Schachmann is dropped.

Kamna and Martinez will certainly fight à la this in thé uphill acceleration to thé line.

They slow and so Schachmann gets earlier on.

Last km!

There are big crowds here, part sadly without affronter masks.

Martinez leads into the définitif hairpin turn.

It"s a 700m straight ride to thé finish now.

It"s Martinez en v Kamna now.

Kamna kicks first marqué Martinez is conditions météorologiques his wheel.

500m à climb.

350m venir go.

Behind thé GC battle has exploded.

Kamna et Martinez sprint it out.

Kamna kicks first cible Martinez passes to win!

Behind Bernal has been distanced in the GC battle.

Roglic et Pogacar room together, through porte et other chasing. Bernal is more back. Cette could shed a chunk ns time here.

Landa and Lopez space chasing Roglic et Pogacar with Porte.

Bernal seems à be suffering.

Last Km for GC riders.

Uran is behind Bernal, that is chasing alone.

Bernal is fighting venir limit any type of loses. He"s about 10 seconds ago now.

Roglic goes to auto front now et seems venir be accelerating à gain oui much time oui possible.

Bernal seems to oui cracked.

Roglic is rotate his means to the finish.

Bernal"s head drops. He knows he"s losing time.

Pogacar is suffering oui he tries venir stay v Roglic.

Roglic finishes v Pogacar. Start auto clock à Bernal and the others.

Landa finishes 14 seconds down. Bernal loser 38 seconds venir Roglic!

Bernal slumps over his bike. He went very, very deep to try to limit his losses.

EF correctly celebrate their stage win.

!!!!DANI MARTINEZ, quel A RIDE!!! Dani capped éteindre a day of incredible teamwork et showed énorme grit to take nous the two Bora riders nous the critical climb. Congratulations Dani! pic.twitter.com/TiRiBF5PV1September 11, 2020

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This is thé top ten parce que le the stage:

1 Daniel Felipe Martinez Poveda (Col) EF se mettre daccord Cycling 5:01:472 Lennard Kämna (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe 0:00:043 Maximilian Schachmann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe 0:00:514 Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ 0:01:335 roche Rolland (Fra) B&B Hotels-Vital idée 0:01:426 Nicolas Edet (Fra) Cofidis 0:01:537 Simon Geschke (Ger) CCC Team 0:02:358 marque Soler (Spa) Movistar Team 0:02:439 Hugh Carthy (GBr) EF pro Cycling 0:03:1810 David du la Cruz Melgarejo (Spa) UAE Team Emirates 0:03:52(edited)

The riders in the du repos dominated thé top ten marqué the super changes arisen in auto GC.

According venir our calculations, Roglic currently leads fellow Slovenian Pogacar passant par 44 seconds.

Bernal has actually slipped to third at 59 seconds. Uran is fourth at 1:10.

This is our new top ten conditions météorologiques GC:

General classification after stage 131 Primoz Roglic (Slo) Team Jumbo-Visma 56:34:352 Tadej Pogacar (Slo) UAE Team Emirates 0:00:443 Egan Arley Bernal Gomez (Col) Ineos Grenadiers 0:00:594 Rigoberto Uran (Col) EF pro Cycling 0:01:105 Nairo Quintana (Col) Team Arkea-Samsic 0:01:126 Miguel point of view Lopez Moreno (Col) Astana pro Team 0:01:317 Adam Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott 0:01:428 Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Bahrain McLaren 0:01:559 Richie Porte (Aus) Trek-Segafredo 0:02:0610 Enric Mas Nicolau (Spa) Movistar Team 0:02:54

Here"s the des moments Dani Martinez ns EF celebrate his phase win at Puy Mary.

(Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Here is a various angle.

(Image credit: Getty images Sport)

Bernal"s visage was full of dargousier in the critique kilometres. In contrast, Roglic seemed cool and in control.

The temps limit is 48:17, sauce soja even the sprinter"s gruppetto must not oui any difficulties today.

This the moment Martinez knew cette was going venir win.

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🚴 quel a day"s racing!Relive auto last kilometre and 🇨🇴
danifmartinez96"s breathtaking end up at the Puy Mary!🚴 Quelle pas aujourd"hui !Revivez le récent kilomètre avec le final époustouflant venir Puy mar et les victoire du 🇨🇴
danifmartinez96 !#TDF2020 pic.twitter.com/n1QEXr6TxPSeptember 11, 2020

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Dani Martinez climbs nous the podium à celebrate his phase win. Hey wears a team issue pink et purple face à face mask.

Timings seul that Roglic et Pogacar gained the following gaps in your GC rivals:

Porte (+13) Landa (+13)

Lopez (+16)

Bernal (+38) Uran (+38)

A. Yates (+40) Quintana (+40)

Bardet (+2.30)

G. Vigne (+2.46)

Indeed, negative G. Martin has reduce from 3rd overall à 12th at 3:14.

Martinez spoke ns his stage win.

“I had actually a week that wasn’t great, je didn’t ont good sensations because i was toujours struggling after ma crash but I knew ns could victory a stage toutes les personnes the same and now I’ve done it," hey said.

"When je won the Dauphiné, i had very good legs, and I recovered rather well à la the Tour. When auto Tour started my sensations were still good, marqué I fell and lost a bit of time. Mentally that was hard. Je let some more temps go et then ns tried to seek the end stages the suited me. Je managed venir win today."

"Today, i worked hard, je gave a de nombreux on the last climb when je was with thé two of them. I could view they had a bit less strength in the end, so je thought je could win cette in thé sprint."

Tadej Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates) was obviously happy v his day when speaking to français television.

“It was a really tough day, complete gas life hour, then thé peloton slowed under a signification littérale bit," hey said.

"When Ineos began pulling cette was really hard. Climate in the critique climb je decided to try and go. V Primoz nous managed à keep the distance and it’s was yes, really a good day à take part seconds."

"I experienced Primoz today was again merveilleux strong in thé final. Ce was hard venir follow in the définitif 500m. He’s in very great shape. I don’t know what will occur in thé Alps cible I will store fighting.”

Sam Bennett is the last rider to finish thé stage et os lives à fight another day et can continuez his battle with pet Sagan à la the green jersey.

Sammmy_Be has actually arrived v his
deceuninck_qst teammates!🇮🇪
Sammmy_Be est arrivé avec le sien coéquipiers !#TDF2020 pic.twitter.com/BIyHgMu7ZTSeptember 11, 2020

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Primoz Roglic was also happy with his day.

"I observed the final climb for the tons time marqué it"s a nice one, it"s steep. I saw it already from thé bottom due to the fact that right away thé road is short cible hard to come to auto top," hey explained.

"It to be a really joli day, I"m merveilleux happy. As long as you can avoir time, every seconde is à your advantage. Honestly i expected Tadej à be good avant the start of the Tour je knew he is excellent strong.

"We did nationals together and from critical year conditions météorologiques already saw hey can à faire really super things in thé Vuelta, so cette was no big surprise. I"m really happy at auto end we were two Slovenians at thé top.

"It"s not just me, I have the jersey, marqué our totality team - everyone demands to aller his travail - and all together so frais we"re act a really nice race."

This is Roglic and Pogacar oui they finish thé stage together.

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Lennard Kamna tried venir fight parce que le the stage victory cible could not jeu Martinez in thé mountain top sprint finish.

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"I wanted venir drop Martinez since I’m not auto fastest sprinter. But in the end hey was also really strong et so ns couldn’t à faire anything else. Je think i accelerated well marqué i to be standing encore afterwards," he said post race.

"It is what ce is. Je can’t change the result. Ns just hope je can possibly win one."

Bora"s number superiority counted pour little against Martinez"s sprinting superiority.

"It was great to oui Max up auto road, i could save power in the wheel in the valley because i didn’t need to pull and afterwards ns could continue to be in auto wheels. It was the le meilleur thing cette could ont done pour me and it also gave himself a big chance pour sure," Kamna said.

"I would seulement liked to ont like to finish it off."

Max Schachmann was disappointed after attacking solo and going close to victory.

"We wanted to win ont a team. I thought je could have a actual chance but Martinez confirmed his strength et so deserved venir win," he said sportingly.

"We made the tactical plan during auto stage et so ns knew hey (Kamna) was coming across et so knew hey had a good chance. Ce was close but it is like cette is.

"After mien crash et collarbone difficulty at il Lombardia, I’m emotion better and better. I’m happy mien old form is comes back. I’ll take two jaune three remainder days now et see comment my legs feel in thé last week."

Egan Bernal endured in the critique kilometre (Image credit: Getty image Sport)

Egan Bernal likewise talked after his ride, accepting his temps loss.

“I did my best, marqué the rather were stronger than ns was.I couldn"t aller more 보다 this," cette said.

"I felt really good toutes les personnes day. Ns looked at my numbers native today"s stage et they were almost my le meilleur ever.The rest just went faster.

"We ont to see what will take place in auto coming days. From now on i will watch at ce day de day. We must continuez to focus et manage our efforts.In any case, I"m not providing up.We have to keep conventionnel high et we faire our best."

After shedding time, Bernal also perdu the meilleur young rider"s jersey à Tadej Pogacar.

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